1 Week To Go

The TOUR is over, but sadly my class is not : (




Even though I’m back in class tomorrow, I stayed up a little later than expected tonight to watch the exciting finish to the Tour de France.  It was fun to view this impressive race over the past three weeks, and I have a whole new knowledge and appreciation for this international spectacle.  I am all hyped up for the Olympics and more importantly, my first (and most likely only) triathlon of the summer next Sunday!


Although this weekend has not been ideal for training (or blogging), I have been able to get in some bike rides (Hello Bike Commuter!) and runs.  I am slacking on the swimming (story of my life), but since there is no expectations or pressure for this race, I’m not stressed, just excited!


Speaking of stressed, spending 6 days in class (instead of my usual 3 day weekend) has been rough on me.  Luckily, the BOY was in charge of dinner tonight, and he prepared us an amazing dinner or shrimp fajitas.  He made one spicy version using a salsa pepper from my friend’s garden and one less spicy.


IMG_5809 IMG_5811


Both were incredible!  We combined them with grilled veggies…




And added in the fixin’s needed for a tasty dinner!




We even had enough leftovers for me to take for lunch tomorrow.  For dessert, we had a special treat.  The red, white, and blue bottle was awesome looking and the champagne even better!


IMG_5805 IMG_5804


Since I’m in charge of the course breakfast tomorrow, I made a fruit salsa and by request, some fig and date bars tonight before settling in to fold some laundry and finish the tour.




The fig bars also made a great dessert tonight!

I apologize for post of random thoughts, but that is just where my brain is at right now.  I think they call that fried!  Only two more days of class and then two more days of work and then we are off to Wisconsin for the triathlon weekend.  Hooray!



Race Countdown: 1 week to Triathlon Time!!!

Girl’s Night In

The BOY is away with his Dad on a Guy’s Weekend!  Which means…it’s Girl’s Night!!!


The day began with an awesome and sweaty BRICK followed by lunch at Which Wich? and some serious retail therapy with my Mom.  Let me tell you…I found Lucy carpis (that fit amazing) at TJ Maxx for $20.  I’m still in shock and if I wasn’t wearing my new PINK jamies (also on sale), then I might be parading around in my new Lucy pants right now!  I am planning to watch some cheesy mindless TV shows (thank you E! for always providing this) and maybe work my way through this season of Girls which I have saved on the DVR while enjoying my dinner before heading to bed early.


On the beverage front (because girl’s night definitely requires some wine), I decided to open up this Evolution Red wine.




The Evolution White wine is one of my favorite wines.  It is crisp and and fresh and perfect for summer.  So I was excited to find this lighter red at Costco last week and thought it would be fitting for girl’s night.




Before making my way to the kitchen to begin prepping dinner, I switched from Hollywood trash to Stage 7 of the Tour de France.  I picked up a beautiful piece of salmon at Whole Foods yesterday for tonight’s dinner.  The BOY is not a huge fan of salmon so it is usually my treat when I am on my own for dinner.




This was my first time using this salmon seasoning that I picked up my last trip to the Spice House.




I poured myself a glass of wine to enjoy while I worked on dinner. I thought about using my new ‘Crunk’ cup that my Aunt sent me.  Let’s be honest, this glass is awesome and it’s okay that you’re jealous!




But instead, I went with my portion control glass to avoid finishing the entire bottle and being in bed by 7pm.




As a side dish, I made sweet potato discs using another one of my favorite seasonings.  This one is especially good on sweet potatoes but also incredible on popcorn.


















The green beans came out of steam bag, which is kind of cheating, but tasty none the less.




And everything turned out sooo yummy and good!  Don’t judge me…but I ate my supper in front of the TV enjoying the stunning views of France (and fun international accents) during the tour.  I don’t know many of the players, but as I said this morning, their athleticism amazes me.  I love the team aspect of this race.  How each rider has his specific role to support the benefit of the team or team leader.  And, there is one guy from Chicago.  Impressive!!!




I have been looking forward to banana soft serve for dessert all day, so I didn’t wait long after dinner to make some.




Have you tried this before? You just throw a frozen banana into your food processor (and I added in a splash of vanilla and some vegan chocolate chips) and blend until smooth.




Then enjoy this sweet (and somewhat healthy) frozen treat!




In the mood to get creative with your dinner time dessert???  You can also add in PB, nuts, white chocolate, frozen fruit, butterscotch, and/or honey. It’s a sweet way to end your night!  The only thing missing from my evening is my old partner in crime (Emmy, we miss you every day!) and maybe Magic Mike on DVD : )


Pinned Image



Sweet Dreams!

How do you like to spend your quiet nights at home?

Who’s tried homemade softserve banana ice cream?

Ode to My Bike

Is anyone watching the Tour de France this weekend?




I was actually at my dentist yesterday morning, having a massive cavity filled when he asked if I was watching the tour.  I actually bought my road bike from my dentist, so biking is a shared interest of ours. This probably sounds a bit odd except for the fact that the BOY’s mom has worked at this office for almost 30 years and the dentist is also a friend.


I really haven’t been watching much TV, but I was excited to come home and turn on the Tour while enjoying a relaxing day at home catching up on emails, cleaning, and appointments.



What amazes me most is how fast these guys can go, along narrow roads, up and down hills, through obstacles, while maintaining close contact with each other.  And on top to this they can easily stretch, pass food back and forth, or hang out to a car for a doctor’s visit.  It’s crazy how comfortable these guys are on their bikes!


IMG_5523 IMG_5524


I became interested in the Tour de France through one of my all time favorite spin instructors a few years ago.  She used the Lance Armstrong training program to build endurance on the bike, and she guided us through different stages during the course of the race.  It was so fun and exciting!  While I was watching in awe of these riders, it got me thinking about all of the good memories and adventures that I have had on my bike(s) over these past 3 years.  It’s crazy to me that up until June 2009, I hadn’t owned a bike since junior high.  Now, I own two!  What a luxury!


I am so thankful to my bikes because they offered me countless opportunities for exercise and adventure.  Here are a few of my favorite biker memories!



Buying My First Bike (and having to take it home on the train)





3 Years of Bike the Drive






My First Triathlon











Biking Around Green Lake





Buying a Road Bike





Countless BRICKS





The Olympic Distance Triathlon





Biking Across Door County





Exploring My Neighborhood





Meeting Other Bikers






Ok, so I just might be slightly obsessed with my bikes, but what can I say, I LOVE to ride!

Thank you bikes for motivating me out the door, keeping my heart and legs strong, and always being there for an escape when I need one!




And a thank you to the BOY for always safely attaching my bike to the car!  He is the best bike concierge ever!






Are you watching the Tour de France?  Where has your bike taken you?