Hungry Day

I have been talking about this day for months.  Okay, not this day exactly but the weekend that the Hunger Games movie would come out.  I have to admit I was probably pretty late on the Hunger Games bandwagon, but I joined with full force and have read all three books. I loved them!  And by the time I finished book 3, the trailer for the movie was already out. 




A little confession, a coworker lent me the People Magazine special edition which I read cover to cover on Thursday night.  I learned that Jennifer Lawrence beat out tons of other actresses for the part by auditioning the scene at the reaping (which I have heard is very emotional) and many of the actors and actresses were fans of the book before landing their roles in the movie.  To eliminate any chance of disappointment, I made reservations at the fancy theater one town over earlier in the week (iPic Theaters). 




They were sold out of the best seats (pictured above), but I was able to get two regular, yet still slightly fancy seats for the 8:00 show.  The BOY and I headed out early for a cocktail and dinner.


IMG_2873 IMG_2876


Between the new movies and the basketball games, the theater’s bar/lounge was packed.  It is definitely a neat place to hang out before a movie, and it was still pretty crowded when we left at 10:30pm.


IMAG0817 IMAG0818


I promise I won’t spoil anything for your, but my initial feeling towards the movie…Well Done!  I thought the scenery was beautiful (I did not picture the forest that green), the costumes were exciting, the special effects surprising, the music was moving, the acting was good, and the story true to the book.  I had a few moments where I wanted to pause the movie and shout out to the audience back story from the book that was left out, but instead I just whispered it to the BOY.  I was interested to hear his thoughts having not read the book and just come along for the ride (aka to support my excitement).  He thought the movie was good but that the some of the emotional scenes were brief and could have been better supported.  I enthusiastically filled him in on missing pieces and plot plus Katniss’s every thought during our 10 minute ride home.  The movie is definitely worth seeing, but moves quicker than the book (especially in the arena), so I would recommend reading the books first.  I always find it hard when you get to read and feel all of the main character’s thoughts in a book and that can’t be translated to the screen.  However, additional scenes sharing more of the country’s history and the character’s thoughts were done well and followed the book.  Overall, it was a great movie, and I am even more excited for the next two!


It’s been a long day full of fun activity, so I am happily off to bed!


Did anyone else see the movie?  What did you think?