9 Degrees

I woke up this morning, saw 9 degrees on my phone, and knew an outdoor run just wasn’t gonna happen.  Since I don’t currently have a gym and have not figured out the best solution for this dilemma, it means I have to get creative with my workouts.


IMG_0886 IMG_0884


So I heated up oatmeal for breakfast and sipped on some hot water with lemon (I recently read that this is a good thing to drink in the morning and find that I like it) before making a switcheroo.  Winter wear out…indoor gear in.




I drove the 30 miles to work…kind of.  About a mile from work there is a fitness center with a FREE indoor track.  I tend to forget about this option before and after work and really should use it more often.  By the time I got to the fitness center (traffic was BAD), the sun was shining making the weather seem much warmer than it was.




So I made the quick decision to stay bundled up and run along the nature path instead of going indoors.




This trail is really beautiful and has the perfect training hill!


IMAG1342 IMAG1343


I made my way to the hill slowly as I began to thaw out.  Then ran up/down 5 times to boost my heart rate and add some interval training.  19 minutes into my run, I could finally feel my fingers.  And the fresh air was a huge morning mood booster!  Although it was definitely COLD!




The view from the top is a nice reward after each push up the hill.  I had to pause and take a quick picture timeout!








I finished my 38 minute run with a 2 minute plank before showering, making a Starbucks run, and  then heading into the office for a long day of work.  I must admit that I had big plans to post a delicious chicken stirfry recipe tonight.  I also had plans to make it home before 8:30 pm, but that didn’t happen. So the BOY kindly made me plain chicken breasts in the oven which although they were tasty, are definitely not blog worthy. I’d much rather leave you with images from my morning run!