Random Wordy Wednesday and a Recipe



So although I have blogged a bit less this year, I am still blogging.  Why does this matter?  It came time to renew my domain and despite the fact that blogging does not play as big of a role in my day to day life, I seem to like it enough to sign back up without thinking twice about it.  Speaking of blogging…I do need to update a few pages.  Perhaps that will be part of my 2016 goals.



Speaking of the year ahead…I took the easy way out last week with 2 Ingredient Chicken, but between the BOY and I and all our new kitchen toys, I think we will have more new and unique recipes on LWYD this year.  I am already loving this Cleansing Carrot Ginger Soup (topped with raisins…Mmm!).  This week, I also made turkey meatballs.  Believe it or not I didn’t use my crockpot (it was busy), so I used my other favorite kitchen tool.

IMG_20160111_175643212 IMG_20160111_175807124

IMG_20160111_181632956 IMG_20160111_182737036

I should admit that there are people who were made to make meatballs and then there is me.  Have you ever seen meatballs so not round?!  Thankfully, they tasted amazing (even though I left out the bread crumbs).




Tuesday morning, I was running circles around the track again watching the cold, miserable snow through the windows.  Thank goodness for Serial to keep me company!  I am all caught up and already downloaded a bunch of podcasts for our trip.




Brrr!  Baby…it’s cold outside!



Thankfully, it’s getting REALLY close to honeymoon time…


Sunshine, here we come!!!  I’ve ordered us TONS of sunscreen, water shoes, snorkels, and more in prep for the big trip which is less than a week away.



He is just so darn cute!  Except when he lays on your face in the middle of the night : )


What’s on your mind today?

Crockpot Turkey Meatballs

From Sally’s Baking Addiction


  • 1 large egg
  • 1 pound 97-98% lean ground turkey1
  • 1 pound 92-93% lean ground turkey1
  • 2/3 cup (40g) Panko (I omitted this)
  • 3 Tablespoons (45ml) olive oil
  • 1/4 cup (22g) grated parmesan cheese
  • 3 cloves garlic, minced
  • 2 teaspoons dried oregano
  • 2 teaspoons dried basil
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon fresh ground black pepper
  • 1 large onion sweet onion, sliced
  • two 28-ounce cans crushed tomatoes


  1. Beat the egg in a large mixing bowl. Add the ground turkey, Panko, 2 Tablespoons olive oil, parmesan, garlic, oregano, basil, salt, and pepper. Mix everything up just so the ingredients are combined – avoid overmixing. Roll into desired size balls – mine were slightly larger than a golfball. Place all rolled meatballs on a large baking sheet.
  2. Place onion slices in the bottom of the crockpot, topped with 1 can of crushed tomatoes.
  3. Coat a large skillet with remaining Tablespoon of olive oil and bring to medium-high heat. Lightly brown the meatballs (only 6-8 meatballs at a time) for about 1 minute on each side. Do not skip this step – read above for why. Layer the meatballs into the crockpot as you’re browning each batch. Once all browned meatballs have been added to the crockpot, pour remaining can of tomatoes on top.
  4. Cover and cook on low for 6-6.5 hours. Serve with pasta, as meatball subs, plain, etc. No matter how I serve them, I always top with a little chopped fresh basil. Store leftovers covered tightly in the refrigerator for up to 1 week.

Sally has a ton of notes, including how to make this without the crockpot like I did, so check them out!

August is my Favorite Month!


Hey!  Let’s talk weekend!  Because mine was fun and quick (yup…working again on Monday this week, but for a good reason!)


Friday was the last kids yoga class of summer. I have another great group of kiddos and it was a BLAST! 

Friday night, the BOY and I took it easy because he was accompanying me to the gym early Saturday morning.  Yes, folks…you heard that correctly.  The BOY was interested in trying some boxing, so he got his first lesson while I worked every one of my muscles from head to toe with the trainer.


I recouped with a protein smoothie while working out some wedding stuff.  And then, we had a quick stop at the mall before going to my parents for more wedding work.  And then swung by the BOY’s sister’s house for a BBQ.  We arrived back home to a gorgeous Saturday evening that just begged to be enjoyed with backyard dinner and wine.

IMG_20150801_200936388 IMG_20150801_201039392

And some cuddles from kitten!


Sunday morning, I planned to do an outdoor yoga class that just happens to be at the same park where we play tennis.  The game plan was to yoga and then meet the BOY for a game of tennis.  The yoga class got moved indoors, but I was still able to fit both in before our lunch plans with friends.  Sadly, I don’t have any pictures (except for this colorful one their adorable daughter drew me) because I left my phone at home.


Sunday night was the usual laundry, dinner, paperwork, crash!

Just like that…my weekend was over!


Just like July…you blink and then it’s over!

Okay…so now let’s talk goals because somehow it is August.  August?!


July Goals

Strength Train 2x Each Week– Believe it or not, I have actually enjoyed adding the extra day of strength.  My muscles look better, and I am getting stronger.  I can’t wait to keep it up through the fall!

Keep it Clean, Add in Green– I have been pretty good about cleaning up my diet.  My stomach is feeling better, which has been awesome and I bought a new bathing suit : )

Stay the Course with Wedding Planning (and Stay Calm!)– Invites are out and on we go!

Have the Best Bachelorette Weekend!- It was AMAZING!!!


So August is one of those months that is so busy, you may not hear from me. I have a wedding shower, two vacations, the busiest work schedule I’ve ever seen amongst everything else, and let’ s not forget my birthday : )  Historically speaking, busy months lead to me stressing like crazy which often leads to illness.  So this months goals are geared towards keeping me from losing my mind and staying healthy!

August Goals

Sleep More (get back up to 8 hours)

Slow Down (and breathe)

Keep it Clean (especially on vacation)

Find Wedding Shoes

Balance Work/Life


What are your August goals?

5:30 is the New 6:00

Our Wednesday night conversation went something like this…


BOY: So nice that you got to sleep in this morning

ME: I didn’t sleep in this morning.

BOY: Where did you go?

ME: To workout with my trainer to make up for Monday’s session

BOY: Huh!? What time did you wake up?

ME: 5:30am

BOY: 5:30? That’s so early!

ME: Yea…5:30 is kinda the new 6

BOY: Laughing…that sucks!




So I used to be a 6am girl.  That was the earliest I would ever wake up on a week day.  However, lately, things have changed.  I joined a gym with some awesome 6am classes and got committed to early morning strength sessions (including making up my missed Monday session).  Which makes…5:30 my new 6!  Ugghh!  Don’t get me wrong, I still hit snooze (and on Tuesday decided to sleep in all together after adjusting back to the time change), but overall my wake up time has been much earlier.


The benefits of this are endless.  Beautiful sunrises, stronger arms, and an energetic start to the day are just a few.  The negatives are also numerous…the biggest being 8pm fatigue.  I have a really active job so after my sweat session, I am on my feet, using my muscles, and moving around throughout the entire day. And…even though I have been waking up about an hour earlier, I’m not going to bed an hour an hour earlier.  I have been working on this, but 9:30 is about as early as I can get into bed and then I do like to read a bit before crashing.  The biggest negative (besides being tired and cranky) is that when I am exhausted at the end of the week, it is tougher for me to continue to wake up early and make good food decisions.  Common knowledge, I know as there is plenty of new research coming out that links fatigue, sleep time, and appetite hormones. 




Which as always brings us back to BALANCE.  Last week, I did two 5:30am days in a row but only because I knew on the third day, I was flying down to Florida and could nap on the plane.  What I didn’t consider was that I had to be up at 4am to get on aforementioned plane : )  Luckily, I had plenty of rest time to catch up on sleep over the weekend and returned home recharged for at least one early wake up this week. 




I’ve talked a wee bit about sleep on the blog, but in case you don’t know, I am a really good sleeper.  I read article after article about how the average person sleeps 6 hours a night and I am in shock.  I am an 8 hour a night girl (usually 10pm to 6am) and even a few nights of 7 hours can throw me off my game.  Which is why these early mornings have been a BIG deal around here!  But it seems that one to two 5:30 wake ups are doing my body some good and so I am working out the balance part.  BTW, the weekends are an entirely different beast with some involving more (or less) sleep than others but we can save that conversation for another day because let’s be honest, it’s rare that I am awake before 6am on Saturday morning.


Although I did set an alarm today in order to get to an 8 am yoga class.  Which was totally necessary in order to spend the rest of the day with my mom, her BFF, and my aunt (all in town for my future sister in law’s shower) eating and shopping, gossiping, and shopping some more.  The morning class was exhilarating and exhausting and the same could be said for my afternoon of shopping!



What time do you wake up?

How many hours of sleep do you get each night?



Although it doesn’t feel like May (40 degrees?  What the…?), it is time to check in with goals…


April Goals

Strength Train 2xweek

-I’ve been doing this inconsistently, but definitely more interested and motivated to lift weights with my trainer and on my own.

Do Yoga 1xweek (and do a workshop)

-This aerial yoga class was a BLAST!

Unplug and Unwind

-I’ve been blogging and commenting a bit less and reading a bit more.  I think that this has kept my stress levels down and really helped me fall asleep at night.  Or that could be exhaustion after waking up so early…either way, I am a huge fan of the unwind!

Drink More Water and Eat More Greens


Cook from your Cookbooks!

I failed at this one…keeping it going for next month.

But this month, I did share some tasty recipes for Grilled Romaine and Crockpot Green Chicken Curry





May Goals

1. Cook from cookbooks one recipe a week

2. Go for a bike ride

3. Register for a fall race

4. Stay present and enjoy the little moments*


*The next two months are SO busy that it would be easy to put my head down and plow through.  But that’s missing out on all of the fun showers, graduations, celebrations, and races.

Five for Friday XVIII

1.  Thank you guys so much for your awesome comments on my This is the REAL Me…post.  Did anyone do a Keeping It Real post of their own?  Link it out in the comments!  I probably should have started that post by thanking you guys for being such amazing friends and readers that I feel comfortable sharing myself, faults and all, with you each week.





2.  The Polar Vortex tried to kill my car.  True Story!  On Wednesday, I tried to go to the bank during my lunch hour.  I made it out of my parking lot and my car stopped at the light.  When the light turned green, my car did not proceed into the intersection as planned completely pissing off the truck driver behind me who handled the situation by honking and yelling.  Like don’t you think I would get moving if I could?!  Every time I hit the gas, the car revved but wouldn’t move.  I was able to move my car forward enough so the angry truck could get around (who do you think is having a worse day, man, me or you?).  Thankfully, my car kicked in and I got through the intersection and back to my parking lot.



3.  To assist me in my time of need, my wonderful mother came out Wednesday night to trade cars so that my car could go to the shop near my parents house and I could take hers to work and the bank.  I had enough salmon and veggies to share (what we were able to keep away from Cooper anyways).  We  chatted, had a glass of wine, and played with baby C.  I think my mom spoils him : )





4.  The last Friday of the month, my new gym has a free guest day.  The BOY and I decided to take full advantage of this by reserving a tennis court.  We could only get an 8pm time, so after work we grabbed a sandwich (from our favorite local place), picked up some indoor tennis balls (and a new racket for the BOY) at Sports Authority, and then went to the gym.






We were able to get the ball machine, which was really fun!  It allowed me to practice my swing and by the end, I think it looked a little better.  I loved having an active Friday date night and it felt fantastic to pound away at tennis balls after a busy work week.  Can you say stress relief?!



5.  All of this is leading up to why despite my best attentions, I didn’t get any recipes posted this week.  I have some good ones (spoiler alert…two new banana bread recipes), so will work on getting those out this weekend.  There’s a rumor that a huge snow storm is coming our way, which will give me plenty of blogging time.



And to end with some GOOD NEWS…my car was easily (and inexpensively) able to be fixed.  The Malibu lives on!

Crockpot Stir Fry

The best part of early AM workouts…




Definitely the sunrise.

Okay, maybe it’s the awesome workout that starts your day off right, but this is a close second.




It sure beats the bad part of waking up at 5:30am, which is crashing before my work day ends!

On to dinner…stir fry as always been one of my go to meals, for as along as I can remember cooking meals.  A bag of frozen veggies and some shrimp from Trader Joe’s were the original version of this ever evolving meal.  Just when you think things couldn’t get easier than that, I discovered this recipe for Crockpot Cashew Chicken.




We are always big fans of Chinese in this house, so I figured it would be an easy recipe to make for Monday’s dinner after a freezing day and tennis lessons!


IMG_1123 IMG_1129


This recipe tastes just like stir fry…but made in your crockpot.  GENIUS!!!




Just an FYI!  The Leftovers are a great post workout recovery meal! Yuummm!



Crockpot Cashew Chicken

Adapted from Sally Cooks


2 pounds skinless, boneless chicken breasts, cut into cubes

1-2 cups frozen broccoli, cut into bite-size pieces

1 package of frozen stir fry veggies (I used mushrooms, peapods and onions)

1/2 cup cashews, unsalted

1 tablespoon olive oil

1/2 cup soy sauce

4 tablespoons rice wine vinegar

3 tablespoons ketchup

1 tablespoon brown sugar

1 garlic clove, minced

1 tablespoon ginger paste

1/4 teaspoon red pepper flakes

salt and pepper to taste

1/2 cup low sodium chicken broth



Layer chicken, cashews and vegetables in the crockpot, sprayed with cooking spray.

Combine the remaining ingredients and mix well.  Pour over the chicken in crockpot and stir well.

Cook for 2-4 hours on high or 4-8 hours on low.

2 Easy and Crowd Pleasing Snacks

I mentioned on Friday that I was up late waiting for my spiced nuts to be finished.  Man, they were worth the wait!  I used a crockpot liner to make easy clean up and these sweet pecans and cashews came together with very little effort.  I think I’ve been eating these nuts for every meal since I made them, and they were a huge hit at the party.  I recommend them for your next get together (make them the same day and your house will smell wonderful) or they make the perfect eatable hostess or holiday gift.


Bad news is that someone I never got a picture of these nuts and now they are all gone!




However, I did remember to take a few pre party pictures of this next recipe.  Everyone loves a snack mix, and this Hot Chocolate Mix is really creative and fun!




This recipe makes a HUGE amount of deliciousness, so I had to bust out my biggest soup pot to mix everything together!




I will point out that I tend to like a little more chocolate coating on my cereal snacks, so I would highly recommend using MORE chocolate to fully coat every single chex and golden graham.




Both of these recipes are worth liking/saving/pinning as they will make perfect Superbowl Snacks!





And the best way to burn them off…

Try this interval workout that I did yesterday around the indoor track.  To get the best results, have your push be faster than your easy long run pace and your recovery be faster than your warm up pace.

3-5 minute warm up

5 minute push/5 minute recovery

4 minute push/4 minute recovery

3 minute push/3 minute recovery

2 minute push/2 minute recovery

1 minute push/ 1 minute recovery

3-5 minute cool down




Plus the best part of getting up extra early for a sweat session…




The stunning pictures at sunrise!





What is your favorite easy snack to make?



Slow Cooker Cinnamon Pecans

From The Recipe Critic



1¼ C. Sugar

1¼ C. Brown Sugar

2 Tbsp. Cinnamon

⅛ tsp. Salt

1 Egg White

2 tsp. vanilla

3 Cups Pecans (and I used some cashews)

¼ C. Water



Mix together in a large bowl  the sugars, cinnamon, and salt.

In another bowl with a whisk, mix together the egg white and vanilla until it is frothy. Add the pecans and coat thoroughly. This will help the mixture stick to the pecans during the cooking process.

Prepare your slow cooker by spraying it with cooking spray or use a liner.  Add the cinnamon mixture and the pecans and turn it to low. Stir until the nuts are well coated.

Cook for about 3-4 hours.  Stirring every 30 minutes. In the very last hour, add ¼ cup water and stir well. This will ensure a crunchy coating and help the mixture to harden.

Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and spread the pecans onto the sheet to cool. The pecans should be pretty sticky so be sure to separate them the best that you can and let them cool!


NOTE: I think there is more than enough cinnamon sugar mixture for 4 cups of nuts.



Hot Chocolate Snack Mix

From Butter with a Side of Bread


8 cups Rice Chex cereal

16 ounce bag miniature marshmallows

2 cups mini graham crackers (I just used Golden Grahams cereal, but you could probably break up graham crackers into small pieces instead)

5 Tbsp instant hot chocolate mix, divided

1 tsp hot water

1/2 cup butter

2 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips

1 tsp cinnamon

3 cups powdered sugar

1/4 cup baking cocoa



Combine Rice Chex, marshmallows and graham crackers/cereal in a large bowl and mix together. 

In a different microwave-safe bowl, stir 1 Tbsp of the hot chocolate mix with the water until the mix is dissolved.  Stir in the chocolate chips, butter and cinnamon.  Microwave for 1 minute and stir. Microwave for another 30 seconds until mixture is melted and smooth.  Pour the mixture over the cereal and stir until well coated. 

In a different bowl, combine the powdered sugar, the remaining 4 Tbsp of hot cocoa mix and the baking cocoa.  Once this has been well mixed, pour it over the chocolate-coated cereal and stir until the cereal is well coated.

Store in an airtight container.  If making ahead, store in the freezer.


NOTE: I would increase the chips to 3-4 cups…trust me on this one!

Track Tuesday

For the whatever number Tuesday in a row, I was at the indoor track before work for a speed workout.  Hooray for me!  The easy thing about Tuesdays is that I get to go into work a little later, so there is more than enough time for a run.  I even woke up early this morning while the BOY snored away enjoying his first official day of spring break.




I was less than thrilled to see a layer of snow covering my car.  I mean come on…last year around this time I wasn’t I hanging out in the backyard in short sleeves and sunglasses???




Last week, I shared a few of my favorite speed workouts with you.  This morning I tried a new workout that I read about last night in Competitor Magazine.  It consists of longer intervals so is really challenging and guaranteed to make you sweat!




I started this morning’s workout with a 5 minute warm up before beginning my Descending Tempos**.  The purpose of this workout is to develop a runner’s anaerobic threshold, which allows you to run more efficiently at a faster pace.  Exactly what I need for the PR’s I hope to achieve this year!


IMAG1789 IMAG1787


My hard running was fast but not a sprint and my recovery was faster than my warm up pace.  I used my body as a guide since I don’t have a way of knowing my pace, and I was definitely bumping up against my threshold.  After my last 30 second sprint, I needed a minute of walking and water to catch my breath before running for 5 more minutes at my jogging pace.




By the time I left the gym, the sun was attempting to peak out from behind the clouds.  Hooray for speed work, and Hooray for sunshine.  Although the sun didn’t stay out long, it was a welcome site!




Post run, I made a sunny smoothie of kale, carrot, and orange for the commute to work.  For lunch, I had the fantastic Portobello and Eggplant Chili that I made yesterday.  Although I don’t have a picture to share, I will tell you that this chili is thick, hearty, and spicy!  You won’t miss the meat, I promise!


Here is the workout as written with my notes about today’s run below**



Descending Tempos

7 minutes hard running

3.5 minutes jogging recovery

6 minutes hard running

3 minutes jogging recovery

5 minutes hard running

2.5 minutes jogging recovery

4 minutes hard running

2 minutes jogging recovery

3 minutes hard running

1.5 minutes jogging recovery

2 minutes hard running

1 minute jogging recovery

1 minute hard running

30 seconds jogging recovery


**Per the magazines recommendation, I started at 5 minutes instead of 7 this morning. I jogged a 5 minute warm up, followed by descending tempos beginning at 5 minutes, and then added in another 30 seconds of hard running and 5 minutes of jogging for a total of a 35 minutes.


Happy Running!


Banana + Chocolate + Chia

Even though morning comes quickly, my days are full, work is busy, and my commute sucks, I try real hard to make time during the work week for things I enjoy.  This isn’t always easy and takes planning.  Sometimes it’s big things, like dinner with the girls and sometimes, it’s the little things like watching a TV show with the BOY.  Exercise is also a big priority!  Although recently I’ve only been getting in 4x week.  My Thursdays used to be an easy day to get in an AM workout, but since I made some schedule changes, this has become harder.  I was venting about this to some friends at work when one of them said that it’s tough but sometimes you just have to get up before 6am.




What?  Yea Right!  Okay, actually she was right!  And when she mentioned Wednesday night that she would be hitting the indoor track EARLY on Thursday, I said I’d be there.  I began pulling out my workout clothes and packing my gym bag shortly after walking in the door.  And then moved on to the next day’s EATS.




My recent favorite has been this Chia and Flax Breakfast Bowl.  It is seriously the best and leaves tons of room for creativity!  Megan made this amazing Chocolate Chia Protein Bowl, and I loved the idea of adding some chocolate, so I did!  I stirred in some cacao powder (who doesn’t love chocolate and banana?) Wednesday night and added a light sprinkle of granola Thursday morning before hitting the road.




The track is near our office, so I snacked on a few bites of breakfast before my run, saving the rest for afterwards.  It was a gorgeous morning that would have been perfect for an outdoor winter run!  But I was happy to find my friend and motivator already running laps around the indoor track.




We kept a nice pace and it was fun to have company for my early morning run!  It was exactly what my sore legs needed after Tuesday’s speed intervals.  I was only sad that we had to cut it short to get ready for work.  I would have much preferred an hour at Starbucks first!  But then again, who wouldn’t?!



Banana Chocolate Chia Breakfast Bowl with Flax



1 banana

1-2 tbsp flax

2 tbsp chia

2 tbsp cacao powder

1 tsp vanilla

Dash of cinnamon

1 cup almond milk




Mash your banana well.  Stir in the flax, chia, cacao, vanilla, cinnamon, and milk until well combined.

Cover and refrigerate overnight.

In the morning, top with berries, granola, nut butters, etc.

Tri Season Begins [and Ends]

This year’s triathlon season began this weekend in Green Lake, Wisconsin.  Since it was my only tri of the summer, I was really looking forward to the weekend!  Sadly, I had a cold leading up to the race but was so happy to wake up Sunday with an unstuffed nose and a clear head.  We had a fantastic day on Saturday playing on the lake before Sunday’s early morning rise.  The sun was just creeping up over the trees and the lake looked calm and peaceful.


IMG_6128 IMG_6130


Note to self…don’t ever forget to bring oatmeal for out of town races or you’re breakfast will be this hodgepodge of brown rice, almond milk, banana, and blueberries.  Luckily, it tasted a little better than it looked!




We headed down to the pier to load our bikes onto the boat.  I thought it was neat to drive to packet pickup in a boat, but arriving at a triathlon by boat…EVEN COOLER!!!


IMG_6106 IMG_6113

IMG_6114 IMG_6115


I loved the wind in my hair as we bounced across the lake heading towards the race site.




Look who was leading the way and even more excited to arrive!




We unloaded our bikes at the pier and made our way to the transition site.  The Ripon Medical Center triathlon is a small (around 200 people) community race.  The transition area was easy to access and the other races were warm and friendly.


IMAG0174 IMAG0188


The best part about the morning was watching the sun rise over the lake!


IMAG0172 IMAG0173




It was stunning!


IMAG0181 IMAG0183



Our pre-race pictures!





Just before the boys entered the water, my parents and the BOY got dropped off to watch the race and cheer us on.  I was feeling a little nervous before entering the water.




The boys went in about 10 minutes before me making the swim look easy (because for them…it is!).


IMG_6136 IMG_6137

IMG_6138 IMG_6139


Finally it was our time…


IMG_6141 IMG_6144


While I was out in the water, the boys came out of the water and went into transition.  My Dad got some awesome action shots along the way!




What felt like hours later (although it was closer to 16 minutes), I finally excited the water and strolled my way into transition.




My thoughts on my swim…the first 5 minutes went wonderfully. I was calm, my stroke was strong-ish, and I channeled my inner Olympian. Then I hit the first buoy, slowed down a bit, rounded the second buoy, and my goggles fogged up completely and I had no idea where I was going. I was able to make my way back to the beach, but my goggles were already starting to leak. I finished the last few feet breast stroking with my goggles on my forehead before dragging myself out of the water. My swim was slow, but steady and I was thrilled that I stayed calm and actually had some fun this time.




I took my time in transition feeling excited to have the bike and run ahead of me. It was a gorgeous day to be out for a bike ride!




I mounted my bike and rode off towards the 1 mile long hill that started the 15 mile bike ride. It was a tough transition powering up the hill, but once I made it to the highway, I hit my stride. It was a beautiful day for a bike ride and I love biking through the rolling hills surrounded by greens and farmland. The miles flew by, and I got a lot of practice switching my gears. I passed a few people around my age around mile 5 and then was on my own for most of the bike, except for the speedy guys on aerobikes whizzing by me. The ride was hilly, but for me the hardest part was riding the one mile back down to transition along the winding hill at 25mph.  I kept one hand on the brake and my eyes fixed forward hoping that I didn’t fall.  I arrived safely to transition about 15 minutes after my brother…


IMG_6159 IMG_6160

IMG_6163 IMG_6164


Before heading out for a hilly 5K run.  Didn’t my dad get some incredible photos?!


IMG_6162 IMG_6165


When I made it back to transition, there was only one portion of the race left and it was my favorite! I hit the run at full speed and then realized that I was headed back up another huge 1 mile hill.  Yikes!  The 5K was non-stop up and down, and I was happy that I had been training in the hills this summer!  I saw my brother right before the half way turn around point, and my parents were waiting for him at the finish.


IMG_6169 IMG_6171


A few minutes later, it was my turn to sprint to the finish.  With the help of the hill, I had whole lot of momentum (and some adrenaline) to carry me across the finish line with the Fam cheering me on the whole way!


IMG_6172 IMG_6174


During the last uphill portion of the run, I felt the strongest that I had all summer.  It was an amazing feeling!  It’s been a year of ups and downs and a few weeks of stress, but climbing up that final hill, I finally felt like a triathlete!  When I crossed the finish, I was in great spirits.  I loved everything about this race.  It was well run with some of the friendliest and most enthusiastic volunteers that I have ever seen.  And…who doesn’t want to dig into a huge slice (or four) of watermelon when they’re done?!  Not to mention that I did beat my brother by a full four minutes : )




Post race…we were all smiles!!!  And, planning to return next summer to compete in the Green Lake Triathlon again!!!  I hope to see some of you there!




We boarded our boat to head back home for some food and a victory beer!


IMG_6183 IMG_6184

IMG_6188 IMG_6190


Plus a few handfuls of chocolate covered raisins…one of my post race favorite snacks!!!  All in all, it was such a fun and exciting weekend, and I am thrilled to have competed in my third tri season.  Even though it was the shortest of the three, it was definitely a weekend to remember!  I am huge fan of the sprint distance triathlon, and I see many more in my future : )




A few days post race, I am feeling incredible!  My shoulders are a little sore (will someone please refer me back to this post next summer when it comes time for training in the pool?!), but I was back on my bike this morning for a leisurely ride, and I am looking forward to my family visiting this weekend.  Saturday, it is back to Wisconsin for the Rugged Maniac Mud Run!


Final Results

Swim: 16:00

Transition 1: 2:40

15 mile Bike: 55:49

Transition 2: 1:40

5k Run: 24:43

TOTAL: 1:40:50

Overall Place: 71

Division Place: 3/10

Female Place: 16/73