The BOY’s New Hobby

New at our house, that I can share with you now that my anger has somewhat dissipated, is the smoker that I returned home to find after spending two days at my parents in the beginning of the week.  Apparently the BOY thought we needed one of these in our backyard and ordered it from Amazon. 




What is hilarious is that the smoker is the talk of the backyard neighborhood.  All of the guys have been stopping by to inspect the smoker and talk meat.




You probably think that I am kidding, which is why I had to capture it on film!  I, on the other hand, am not so amused!  Meat just doesn’t get me all worked up, so instead I spent the afternoon baking cookies and spring cleaning.   The good news is that along with playing with his smoker, the BOY also cleaned up his grill and refilled the propane tanks.




On the BOY’s agenda for this weekend…smoked brisket (apparently also known as pastrami) and beef jerky. 


IMAG1973 IMAG0155


For me, the BOY made salmon and asparagus on the grill for dinner last night.  Who knows why he served it to me on a Christmas plate!




The BOY also bought this contraption to make Beer Can Chicken.  Which for Passover is going to be Soup Can Chicken!




This is the game plan for tonight’s dinner, so I’ll let you know how it turns out!

Need I also add, that the BOY has been talking about his smoker all week long, including a few phone calls to me at work to talk meat.  In one, he actually asked me if I would come home and clean out the inside of the chicken he just bought?!

Ahhh…But if this new hobby means he will be making more dinners, I could, perhaps get over it!


Do you have a smoker?  What’s the hype?

Does your husband, boyfriend, roommate have a new toy or hobby that you just don’t get?

Spring Fever

I’ve got a fever and the cure is NOT More Cowbell!


I don’t know if it was this week’s outdoor runs or the BOY’s new beer choice…

IMG_2090 IMG_2091


But I have a serious case of SPRING FEVER!!!  The warm weather to come is all that I can think about, and it makes me happy to know that spring is just around the corner!  I can feel my funk fading away already!

With the warm weather to come, I am VERY excited for…


Baseball Games




Bike Rides




Farmer’s Markets




Green Smoothies




Girl Scout Cookie recipes




Race Training




Flourless Chocolate Cake








Eating Outdoors




My Grandpa’s Milestone Birthday




Gpa and Cake


Bike the Drive




No More Snowy Fridays








What is your favorite part of spring???