I Did Not Retire in California…


Although the thought crossed my mind : )

I didn’t forget about you guys either!  We had the most amazing trip to  Northern California, and it’s taken me a week to adjust to being back in the real world (but we’ll get to that). 


The BOY and I began our trip in San Francisco…


Eating Dim Sum in China town…



Biking across the Golden Gait Bridge…


Hugging trees in Muir woods…

IMG_20140804_195720770 IMG_20140804_195726171_HDR

And eating and drinking our hearts out! Then, we headed out to visit the BOY’s aunt in the suburbs where we continued to eat, drink, and enjoy the unbelievably perfect California weather.


Even tacking on a bit of hiking…


Before driving further north to wine country.  It has been a dream of mine to visit Napa and Sonoma for years.

IMG_20140807_143107944 IMG_20140807_144624316_HDR

Our first stop was Castello Di Amorosa and the trip only got better from there.  Between the wine tastings, picnics, and homemade antipasto plates, Napa did not disappoint.


We toured fancy wineries, tasting delicious wines, and discovered some hidden gems.



But, it was the laid back vibe of Sonoma that won our hearts!


We spent a day in the Alexander Valley, sipping red wine and picnicing next to the vineyards.



It was everything I imagined and more!  We bought so many bottles of wine, we’ll have enough for a year!  And we are already talking about our next trip back.


We packed a ton into our 8 day trip, but the highlight…I would have to say…


We got engaged in Muir Woods!!!


And we couldn’t be happier!!!

Let the wedding planning begin (oh wait…it already has)…hence my lack of blogging!


Five for Friday XXIII

1. Although I am exhausted and super excited that it’s Friday, I had one of those work weeks that just makes me LOVE what I do!  Waking up every day excited to go to work and crashing in bed each night feeling fulfilled…it doesn’t get any better than that!



2. Have I told you that I’m going to San Francisco???  I can’t even remember if I shared the exciting news.  Post Bar, the BOY and I will be spending an entire week in San Fran, Napa, and Sonoma!  I’m counting down the days!





3. Guess who stole my breakfast right off my plate this week??? Yup…this guy!





4. I feel like my blogging has been a little lame lately.  The good news (that was the bad news) is that my life has been anything but lame!  I’m going to work on the blogging part but thought I would leave you with a few exciting pics from the past two weeks…


IMG_20140606_172138 14393925296_358bb2bae8_o

IMG_20140617_101147 IMG_20140616_210938672



5. BTW, I joined Instagram (in case you couldn’t tell)!