Meatless Monday for All

Hooray for Meatless Monday!

Even more exciting…the BOY participated this week : )




For dinner, I decided on Curried Veggie Burgers from Pinch of Yum.  And to my surprise, I got no protests from my roommate.  Although we both eat meat, I love exploring vegetarian recipes that focus on quality ingredients and fragrant spices.  I picked up all of my ingredients at the grocery store today.  I was impressed with all of the nutrient-packed ingredients in these burgers, and couldn’t wait to see how it all came together.




My one hiccup came when I couldn’t find canned lentils at the grocery store.  Does anyone know where they are?  Instead, I boiled up a batch of my own lentils, which was a bit of a disaster.  I always use lentils in recipes, but have never made them plain.  What I got was a huge mushy mess.  I didn’t worry about that too much though because I knew they were heading into burgers.




I was surprised to see cashews in these burgers and excited to toast them up, take a taste, and then create the paste.


IMG_1289 IMG_1292


Also into the mix…chickpeas, onions, carrots, spices, and brown rice.  Somehow, I didn’t have any TJ’s brown rice in the freezer, but this mix made the perfect substitute.


IMG_1284 IMG_1295


NOTE:  This is important!  If you have a smaller food processor (like mine which is 7 cups), you might want to cut this recipe in half!  I had to do 2 batches in my food processor which made it difficult to evenly mix the spices.


IMG_1298 IMG_1300 IMG_1302


Ok, so once you have your doughy mixture, there is a decision to make.  To bake or to fry? 

Since I had an abundance of burger mix, I knew that I could try both.  So I threw one batch of burgers in the oven and pan fried the rest.  In the end, I think I finished with, like 20 burgers.  The fried ones were warm and soft (I liked the olive oil coating).


IMG_1307 IMG_1308

IMG_1309 IMG_1310


But the baked ones were toasted and crunchy.  Both tasted great, but I think next time I would add some extra curry powder!  BTW, Lindsay suggests baking then frying the burgers!




The BOY made his burger into a wrap with a variety of toppings.






We both had roasted broccoli on the side, and I spread a layer of hummus over my flavorful burger.






I have plenty of leftovers, so it looks like I am all set for lunch this week.  Topped with hummus and avocado, I know this will make a filling midday meal!

Lindsay’s website has the full recipe and all of the tasty details, so definitely head her way before next Monday!



Did you go Meatless today?

What are your favorite meat free meals?  Links Welcome!



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Breakfast Stirfry

Matzah Toffee for breakfast anyone???




IMG_3119 IMG_3120


I thought about it!  And definitely had a few little ‘tastes’ as I broke up the sheet into bite-sized pieces.  I stored some in the freezer for later and also packed up a few containers to bring to friends.




I think yesterday’s pancakes were more like a breakfast dessert, so for this morning’s breakfast, I went with something a little healthier geared to fuel me through my training session.  Breakfasts without my staples (oats and toast) are always challenging, especially when you know you have a big workout ahead of you.  As opposed to eating matzah for every meal, I am trying to think outside the matzah box.  Some people do eat rice during Passover and I am one of those people.  I also eat other legumes like peanut butter, popcorn, and green beans, but I understand that this is not the case for everyone. 




Passover or not, you will definitely dig this breakfast!  It is simple and filling and only uses a few ingredients.  Plus, the combination of protein and carbs is a satisfying way to begin your day.




I used frozen veggies and rice to save on time.  Into the frying pan…



2 eggs + 1 egg white


Scramble until cooked and then serve with a little salsa on the side.


IMG_3142 IMG_3143

IMG_3145 IMG_3146


Get creative with your veggies (leftovers from the grill would be great) and use any kind of rice combination (this one has some quinoa too).  Surprisingly, I had tons of energy for this morning’s training session.  I think breakfast stirfrys have become my new favorite breakfast!!!