If you’ve read my blog for a bit (or if you live nearby), then you fully understand the draw of Wisconsin on the weekends.  I know I’ve said it before but all my weekday stress melts away, the moment I cross the state line.  Some summers, the BOY and I have had more time to explore the state than others.  This year, we started early with a quick overnight up in Green Lake.  Saturday morning, we woke up early and then went back to sleep for an hour, hitting the road way later than expected.


Our first stop was Madison to check out their world famous farmer’s market.  Without planning, we arrived at the spicy cheese bread corner.  YUM!  It was amazing and made the perfect mid morning snack. 


We walked all along the market loop (in the wrong direction) admiring the plants and produce and eying the cheese and cookies.

IMG_20150516_103932 IMG_20150516_102314374 IMG_20150516_104020

We decided that we would definitely make a trip back up to Madison and spend more time at the market and check out the shops and restaurants.  But for now, we continued on our journey up north to the lake.


We are lucky that we have amazing friends who let us stay at their place this weekend.  We arrived in time for lunch (sausages on the grill), and then we dove right into the ‘lake life’ with beer and fishing on the pier!

IMG_20150516_141338436_HDR IMG_20150516_141431830_HDR

After our unsuccessful fishing mission, the BOY took a nap while I read my book.  Then, we went back down to the pier to watch the sunset.


We had a late dinner and played games until we crashed in bed!


Sunday morning, it was back on the pier for breakfast and fishing.  This time, we actually caught a fish!


I took a nice long walk and then the BOY and I spent the day laughing, talking, and playing games until it 4pm, when it was time to drive back home.  It was sad to leave, but exciting because the BOY and I had a wonderful weekend together unplugging and bonding.  And, we are heading back up to Wisconsin with my family and our friends in a month.  I feel super recharged!  Woo hoo!



Where do you like to go for weekend Getaways?

Mostly Wordless Wednesday-Views from my Bike

Last week during our vaca to Door County, I got to go biking EVERY morning!  It was fantastic…4 days in a row of quality time with my bike and nature.  The first three mornings, I rode through Peninsula State Park.  There is a beautiful 9 mile path with little trails that allowed me to explore different areas of the park and discover new sites every day.  The last day, I only had 30 minutes, so I trekked through Fish Creek, admiring the beautiful homes and finishing up back at the water. Each morning, I took a different route and captured it all on film!


IMAG0336 IMAG0333




IMAG0342 IMAG0343


IMAG0348 IMAG0351




IMAG0358 IMAG0354




IMAG0385 IMAG0392




IMAG0399 IMAG0400




IMAG0414 IMAG0417







Where is your favorite place to go biking?

Door County Happiness Day 1

I should warn you…this post required a whole lotta pictures to capture all the HAPPY that we packed into our first day in Door County.  I think the first HAPPY of our trip was discovering this adorable room in a quaint Inn run by friendly staff right in the heart of Fish Creek.




We stayed at the Cedar Court Inn.  The room was bright and clean and captured that homey feel.


IMG_6651 IMG_6652

IMG_6653 IMG_6654


One of the highlights (along with the whirlpool tub and fireplace) was this back porch.  Did I mention that they also have a pool???  And a safe place to store my bike in the courtyard!


IMG_6655 IMG_6656


When you book online, it is hard to know what to expect.  The BOY and I were thrilled with our room, and I highly recommend the Cedar Court Inn!  Because the weather was so amazing, we were able to keep the windows and porch door open most days and used the fire place when we wanted some warmth at night.




After a quiet night in town, we woke up Saturday morning with the sun streaming through the windows.  I popped out of bed and started getting ready for HAPPY #2…a Bike Ride!




The BOY hauled my bike all the way up to Door County in the rain and it was my goal to ride every day.  With my broken toe, I am taking a short break from running, so it was easy to focus on biking, especially with Peninsula State Park less than a mile from my door!  It was the perfect morning for a bike ride with the weather in the low 70’s and a strong wind.  I headed north out of town along Route 42 towards the park.


IMAG0320 IMAG0321


3/4 of a mile later, I arrived at the park entrance…




And hopped on to the 9.6 mile Sunset Trail.  I actually wasn’t sure how long the trail was when I began, but discovered that this loop, which begins and ends at the front of the park is a combination of two gravel and paved trails that take you through multiple areas of the park with spectacular views!




2 minutes into the trail and I was feeling more relaxed than I have been in months.  The forest preserve was quiet and still with only a few runners along the trail.


IMAG0328 IMAG0329 

IMAG0330 IMAG0332


The bay views left me speechless!




Which ya’ll know is hard to do!




Each morning, I took plenty of pictures of all these spectacular views as I explored different areas of the park.  There are way too many to put into this post, but if you love nature photos (like I do), then I promise you more to come!




When I made my way back to the Inn, the BOY was waiting for me outside.




It was on to HAPPY #3…a hike through Whitefish Dunes State Park.




We discovered the Cave Point trail last summer and decided to try something a little different by hiking here this year.


IMG_6705 IMG_6706


We started on the beach and walked our way north along the rocks.












The wind was strong and the waves were high and harsh.  It wasn’t a great day for swimming, but a beautiful day for hiking.






IMG_6764 IMG_6766


We loved the views of the water and playing around in the park!


IMG_6774 IMG_6777


We worked up quite an appetite leading us to lunch at Wild Tomato aka HAPPY #4.




This is our favorite restaurant in Door County and it serves some amazing farm fresh pizza with local Wisconsin cheese.  And their beer selection is the best!


IMG_6810 IMG_6803


We made it home with enough time for a 2 and a half hour nap (enter HAPPY #5), a little time to start a new book (HAPPY #6) before heading off to Gordon’s Lodge for HAPPY #7 Dinner.


IMG_6854 IMG_6842


We have never been to Gordon’s Lodge before, and I was super excited to check out the sunset.  Sadly, it was too windy to sit outside, but we had a seat by the window with the perfect view of the sun setting over the water.




I snuck out to the deck to grab a few shots of the sun in between bites of a tasty seafood dinner!


IMG_6860 IMG_6861

IMG_6868 IMG_6869


Dinner was capped off with 2 delicious mini desserts (crème brulee for the BOY and a fresh cherry cobbler for me).


IMG_6878 IMG_6879


We managed to make the most of our first day in Door County, packing a lot of my favorite things into one awesome day.  This is why Door County is one of my favorite places to visit and why these trips always leave me feeling so HAPPY!



Heading Back off The Grid

Last July, the BOY and I got out of dodge for an active, yet relaxing weekend in Door County Wisconsin.  Tonight, we are heading back up north for our third annual trip.  Due to some procrastination (totally the BOY’s fault), we had interesting accommodations last year, so this year we booked our trip early.  We are staying up in Fish Creek for the first time.  Although I don’t think the sunsets will be as magnificent, we are staying in a cute little downtown area, and I think we still have a view of the water.  I can’t wait!!!




Before heading out of town, I got to spend some time downtown yesterday morning enjoying this gorgeous view of the city.




IMAG0295     IMAG0297


I had an appointment downtown and arrived early to beat the traffic.  After finding a parking spot, I decided to walk the half block and cross under Lake Shore Drive to the lake.




There were so many people out biking, running, and swimming.  I haven’t not done much activity since breaking my toe 1 week ago, so I was feeling a bit jealous.  Instead of dwelling on it though, I found a place to sit overlooking the water. I took in the view of the water (which is always so calming), the surrounding buildings and Ferris wheel, and inhaled deeply filling my lungs with fresh air.  It was such a peaceful way to start my morning and kept me balanced all day long.  It reminded me of how important it is to find quiet time each day to just sit and breath.  We should all create a few minutes of calm in the mornings before beginning each crazy day…don’t you think?


IMAG0303     IMAG0304


It was fun to watch all of the different people getting active along the lake shore path (and in the water).  I was in awe of all the swimmers enjoying the lake.  There were at least 10 cruising along the shore.  How awesome would it be to live so close to the lake and have this as your playground?! 




It pumped me up for another active weekend in DC!  Although my toe is still sore, I am taking good care to let it heal by keeping it taped and icing often.  I’m feeling confident that it will be good to go this weekend!  And if it is not in top form, I know that the BOY and I will still have a fun and rejuvenating weekend!  Do you need your little toe to go kayaking?


So it is with calming thoughts and more beautiful city views (just in case you didn’t get enough yesterday) that I saw farewell for the next few days.  I am off to appreciate one last weekend with the BOY in one of our favorite locations before his 2L school year begins.  Don’t’ come looking for me…I’ll be off the grid…unless of course you’d like to share some beer and a slice of Fun Guy pizza at Wild Tomato!



Can’t wait to see all the DC fun? 

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