Run It…Run It…

Test Over…Training Begins!

Well kind of : )  End of May is my first race of the year…the annual Soldier Field 10 Miler.  One of my favorite races because I usually run it just for fun, we finish in the awesome Bears stadium, and it is the kick of summer weekend!  After that, I am hoping to get myself signed up for a summer triathlon.  I was not able to do a tri last year, and so I came into this year with the thought that once the test was over, my next goals would be signing up for a tri and starting to train.  My bike needs a little work before the ‘season’, but my running shoes are good to go.


The weather is starting to warm and so Tuesday morning, I hit the path for a short 30 minute pre work run.  It was windy, but I was thrilled to be outside running for the first time in…who knows how long!


Then I was off to work in more green gear for St. Patty’s Day.  I had plans to get in another good cardio workout Thursday morning.  But, I stayed up WAY too late finishing off season 1 of the Blacklist to get up and workout.  Should I be embarrassed to admit that?!  If you watch the show, you would totally understand and not judge me : )  Thursday night was all about March Madness (as was Friday night + some wine).  But, this morning I had a running date with my friend that was totally worth dragging myself out of bed for.


What better way to celebrate spring?!  We had much to catch up on and a triathlon to plan for!


Confession: After my run I had a chunk of time before my facial, so I ate a snack in my car and listened to Serial.  I know I’m the last to the Serial party, but I am diving right in.


At noon, I had the most amazing facial with my favorite esthetician.  My mom was scheduled after me again so the three of us had tea and cookies in between our appointments.


When I got home, it was family nap time. 


On a totally different (and random) note, did you see Cooper’s look alike in the Lowes Glow in the Dark Cat Hat TV commercial?

It makes me laugh every time. Is it possible that March Madness has better commercials than the Superbowl?

We have an exciting Saturday night at home planned (most likely with more wine and basketball) and now that we have worked out some of the triathlon details, real training will begin REAL SOON!


How is your Saturday going?

Are you watching March Madness?

Weekly Workouts {You Should Try}

While reading Women’s Running Magazine this weekend, I came across a speed workout.  Usually I try to do a ladder type run or long intervals along the track.  But when I walked into the gym Tuesday morning before work, I was just happy to get there.  And when I looked at the track, I just wasn’t feeling it.


Luckily, I had read the magazine and used it for inspiration creating this easy-ish workout.

5 minute warm up

30 second sprint/ 90 second recovery (any speed…just faster than your warm up)

Repeat 10 times

5 minute cool down

Some planks!

It was the perfect 30 minute, ‘I’m recovering (I hope!) from a cold and don’t really feel like running, but I just signed up for my first race of the year (woo hoo!) and I love running run!’  Does that make any sense?  Well, it seemed to.  With the temporary changes in my work schedule, Sunday-Tuesday seem to be the best days for me to exercise. So I was up again even earlier this morning for the 6am strength class.



This morning’s workout was brutal.  Warm up…100 crunches (you choose)…and then sprint/strength intervals (ie sprint 10 burpees x2, sprint squat jumps x2, sprint push ups x2…etc. you get it).  Then it was back to the crunches and back to the intervals.  Like I said, brutal!  And made worse by my lack of energy situation.  On my way home, I downed some beet juice (a new favorite).  I know I should save money and make my own but it is just so much easier to buy it.  Both workouts were fantastic, but I’m looking forward to a day off tomorrow.  I had another busy day of work and now I feel a bit like this…


Sweet Dreams!

Five For Friday XXV

1. The BOY finished the Bar!  Hooray!

Thank you all for your warm wishes and congrats.  We really appreciate it!


To celebrate, I met him downtown Wednesday night for a glass of champagne and an amazing dinner at David Burke’s.

IMG_20140730_181517 IMG_20140730_201702


2. Thursday morning, I started the day with a local version of my favorite Brooklyn Elixir found at the local grocery.  It was AWESOME! 

IMG_20140728_140502131 IMG_20140731_075137559


3. We finally have some plans for our upcoming trip to San Francisco.  We went from no plans to too many plans over night and I can’t wait!  If we don’t fit it all in, we’ll just have to go back!


4. I am figuring out how to style my new haircut.  Not gonna lie, there were a bunch of ponytails for work this week, but I’m learning!  Oh and please excuse my super messy mirror…wow, that’s embarrassing!



5. It’s August, so I guess time to talk goals…


But instead I’d rather go eat the pork chops the BOY just grilled up.  We can talk goals tomorrow : )

Red, White, and Blue Trifle

Holidays lead to excitement…

And excitement leads to thinking…

And thinking leads to awakeness…

And awake I was 2 hours before my alarm this morning!

So were the BOY and Cooper which made falling back asleep next to impossible.




My plan was to start my morning with a 9:30am yoga class at a new studio where my trainer teaches.  As I was deciding what to do with my newly found morning hours and heating up some water for tea, I hopped onto my computer to find directions.  It’s a good thing that I did because I also discovered that the yoga class was at 8am instead of 9:30 due to the holiday schedule.  It was just before 7 so I texted my trainer just to be sure.  When she replied with the 8am start time, I quickly made and gobbled down eggs, threw on some clothes, and waved goodbye to the BOY and Cooper (thanking them for the wake up call) as I dashed out the door.




Holidays typically mean no traffic, so miraculously I was the first to arrive at the yoga studio.  I found a spot to lay down my mat, grab blocks, and get comfortable before class began.




When I reopened my eyes, the initiate room was full and the excitement palpable for this early morning practice.  This teacher is a wonderful guide (and I’m not just saying that because we are friends).  I quickly realized that my shoulders and quads were burning after yesterday morning’s group class and last night’s high school yoga class.  We eased into each pose digging deeper both physically and emotionally as the American themed songs played in the background.




The new setting definitely kept me present and and engaged while also pushing me go deeper or try new things.  Like firefly pose using the two blocks.  This arm balance was super tough for me and I’m guessing my biggest limitation would be the lack of range in my shoulders and super tight hips.  Either way, it was fun to try and exciting to watch others master the pose.  If you’re interested, it could look something like this.  After class, I was asking the teacher about a juice bar I had passed on the way over.  She said that the best juice bar EVER is right next door, which is exactly where I headed finding most of the class already there.




I ordered the Extreme Green and enjoyed every sip on my way back towards home.  I needed to swing by the grocery store which was an even bigger cluster than I could have imagined, but I survived and returned home with meat for lunch and the ingredients to make dessert and fruit salad for tonight’s BBQ with my friends.


IMG_20140704_121307973 IMG_20140704_121315687


The BOY took a study break to make us lunch, and we ate out back under our brand new umbrella.




Afterwards, he returned to multiple choice questions while Cooper hunted down a fly, and I made a vibrant fruit salad.




Then it was on to desert…

One of my other friends is bringing a chocolate + PB desert tonight, so I spent the week trying to think of something different. This time of year, I am a huge fan of anything No Bake, and during all times of the year, I LOVE a trifle!  My thought was that this would also be kid friendly for the young ones.




I really wanted to use pound cake and was almost disappointed to only find angel food cake at the store.  Until, I remembered that Sara Lee has a fantastic frozen version of this classic cake.  I had a slight idea in my head of how I wanted this to go, and here is how it actually went…


IMG_1709 IMG_1710


IMG_1713 IMG_1714


IMG_1716 IMG_1715


IMG_1717 IMG_1718


IMG_1719 IMG_1711


IMG_1720 IMG_1721


IMG_1722 IMG_1723


IMG_1724 IMG_1725


I’d say that everything came together marvelously and I even had a few bites of cake to snack on while I decorated the top to go along with the red, white, and blue theme.




I had the most wonderful day off, and can’t wait to spend tonight appreciating this gorgeous day and celebrating with my besties and their families.  Wishing ya’ll a happy, safe, and fun rest of your Friday and long holiday weekend!





What did you make for the 4th this year?

Link up your recipes!



Red, White, and Blue Trifle (aka Strawberry Shortcake Trifle)



1 large or 2 small pound cakes, cubed

1 (5 ounce) package of instant vanilla pudding

3 cups of milk (I used 1%)

2 lbs strawberries, rinsed and diced (save some for decorating the top)

1 cup blueberries, rinsed and dried (save some for decorating the top)

1 ginormous container of Cool Whip Lite, thawed not frozen



Cut your pound cake into squares and dice your strawberries.  Have everything ready to go before you begin layering.

Combine milk with pudding, according to directions, whisking well.

In a clear trifle bowl, layer half of your pound cake, half of your pudding, 1/3 of your strawberries, half of your cool whip, and 1 cup of blueberries.

Then, layer on the rest of your cake, the rest of your pudding (whisk it first, it may start to set), 1/3 of your strawberries and using a spatula, gently cover the top of the trifle with whipped cream.

Decorate with extra berries as desired!

Best made day of and store in the refrigerator.  Store leftovers in an airtight container.


Doesn’t it seem like everyone is juicing?!

Pinterest is full of delicious looking concoctions, and I have to say I find it an awesome way to up my intake of greens!




So I don’t actually have a juicer or even a vitamix, but I have a pretty new blender that makes some awesome, healthy drinks.  I’m a huge fan of the green smoothie, and I’ve recently started getting into the juice.




The benefit of juicing in a blender is that you don’t get rid of the pulp.  With a good blender, you barely notice it and it keeps all of the nutrients of your veggies in the drink




This week, I used some of the sweet strawberries from my Costco sized container and a few slices of kiwi.




The rest got packaged up for lunch during the week.  So although juicing isn’t new to everyone, it’s new to my kitchen, and I just might be addicted.




Especially since now that I know I can double my batch and have fresh juice ready for the next morning.




It just needs a shake and then you can grab it and go!





Do you make juice?

Share some ‘recipe’ links!



Strawberry, Kiwi, and Kale Juice



1 cup strawberries

1 kiwi, sliced

1 large handful of spinach or kale

1 cup coconut water or tap water

1 tbsp ground flax or chia seeds (optional)

Lemon juice from 1/4 of a lemon

Ice cubes



Place water and greens in blender and chop.

Then add the rest of the ingredients and blend on low for about 1 minute.  Increase to high and blend until smooth.

Add ice and blend well!

Store in water bottle or glass jar.