Not a Moment to Spare

I jammed so much into this past weekend that there wasn’t a moment to spare…like I haven’t even been to the grocery store and we have no food.  Now, to be fair, the weekend was really short!  I worked Saturday morning, which as always, was SUPER fun!


We did a superhero theme for the littlest ones, which they loved. We were the Super Yogi’s spreading peace to everyone (plus fighting off some bad guys with punches…their idea and peace signs…my idea).  Then it was on to the seesaw hamstring stretch for my older group followed by some amazing acro yoga with the last crew.  After yoga, I raced home to eat a quick lunch and await the arrival of my family for our fun, family tennis date.


It all started because my dad has been interested in getting back into tennis.  The BOY and I haven’t played since last summer and although we are rusty, we were exited to get back on the court this spring.  Since my brother was out visiting my parents, he tagged along too allowing us to play doubles.  We are all equally bad at tennis, but good enough to keep a game going.  We played for 2 hours, knowing we’d probably all be sore the next day, while my mom went for a walk and took pictures.


From the tennis courts, we went to the last of the three stores where we are registering for pots, pans, and fingers crossed some gorgeous Le Creuset pieces.  On the way home, we swung by the Jewel to pick up dinner.  Saturday night, we BBQed and my brother came to hang out with us.


I was up early Sunday morning because my mom came to get me for another trip to the salt spa.  We started with a stretch and meditation class.  Recently, I have been reading and listening to podcasts about meditation and was excited to give it a go.


We followed that with 45 minutes in the salt cave…see our attempt at a salt cave selfie!  And then lunch and a little bit of shopping, where we of course picked up some Himalayan salt.


I got back home just in time to have a quick snack and get myself organized for trip number 2 to Bed Bath and Beyond for more gun shooting fun.  I should admit that the BOY and I are NOT gun shy.  We register for a whole lot of everything, and then I have to come home and organize things online.


Last night, we closed down the bed bath and beyond and were way too tired to do the planned upon grocery store shopping.  Instead, we swung by Chipotle and arrived back home around 8pm with enough time for me to fold a little laundry, tame our online registries, and cuddle with Cooper.  Prior to realizing how nuts the weekend was going to be, I had plans to bring ya’ll some recipes this weekend.  Instead, I prepared some Overnight Quinoa in a Jar (basically overnight oats with quinoa instead of oats) and crashed into bed.


This morning, I started my week off early with a 6am hot yoga class. 



When I got home, Cooper dove right into the fridge in search of my oats (he LOVES almond butter).

IMG_20150419_222104021 IMG_20150420_074546411 IMG_20150420_074646326

And then tried to eat my breakfast before I could scarf it down.  Ugh!  Then I left the BOY and Cooper back home and headed off to work.  I am working Monday this week instead of Friday (hence the super short weekend and lack of food in our fridge).  The BOY ordered Thai for dinner tonight…which was his idea of cooking dinner : )  Luckily, there will be enough leftover for me to take for lunch tomorrow since I’m exhausted and heading to bed.

Looking forward to next weekend with (hopefully) a few extra moments to spare!


What did you pack into your weekend?

What do you do when you don’t go to the grocery store?

Mornings Called…They Want Their Workouts Back

I go through phases with my AM wake up call.  Sometimes, I am a snooze monster staying in bed until the last possible minute.  And then other times, I get myself into the groove of early bed times and early morning workouts.  I struggle to get into the routine but once I am there, I feel good and I like it!  Last week was transition week, and this week was GO week.  Since I spent Sunday morning at the salt cave, I didn’t get in a workout.  I was eager to get in some exercise Monday morning before my doctor’s appointment, and I’ve been craving a yoga class.  Especially since kids yoga begins this upcoming weekend!


I was already dressed and ready to go when I realized that the weather people were actually right, and we got some serious snow.  It was still snowing on my sloppy drive to the yoga studio, but I was rewarded with a fabulous wall yoga class.   The most exciting part was attempting this variation of side plank with our bottom foot on the wall.  I am not sure what I looked like (although I am confident it was not as graceful as this), but I LOVED the unique and awesome challenge!



Wall yoga is always a special treat, and my muscles were shaking by the time I relaxed into ‘feet up the wall’ pose.  Post yoga, I sipped on bubbly coconut water.  They were sampling it at Costco this past weekend, and I am a sucker for samples.


The rest of the morning was a snow filled mess!  But the highlight was a lunch date with my BFF.


Tuesday morning, I was reunited with the gym…specifically the indoor track.  I have been holding onto my gym membership because it has an indoor pool and track, both of which are necessary for tri training, but really spending more time (and money) at the yoga studio.  I told myself if I don’t go to the gym, I will have to give up my membership.  So off I went for a short run (see below) and a few minutes of ab work.


30 Minute Speed Workout

5 minute warm up

30 second sprint/ 90 second recovery

Repeat 10 times

5 minute cool down


Wednesday it was back to the yoga studio.  My schedule has changed a bit for the next two months.  Because I am working Saturdays (aka teaching kids yoga), I get to go in later a few mornings (this means 9am instead of 7am).  Which really means…Wednesday pre work hot yoga!  Then Thursday…it was back to the gym to try out one of their 6am strength classes.  


The truth is that I love the Tues/Thurs am strength class (and the people) at the yoga studio but if I am going to keep my gym membership, then I have to use it.  I am always skeptical of park district classes, but was pleasantly surprised with the efficient and challenging class and the friendly instructor.  With all of these super early workouts, you know I’ve been crashing in bed early…often with this guy!


After this week, Friday morning is all about sleeping in. I tried to convince the BOY to go swim sit in the hot tub with me after work, but he wasn’t so interested.  We both ended up working late tonight, so dinner was Portillo’s, wine, and basketball.  We had a surprise guest.  My future SIL stopped by and had a glass of wine with us which was fun!  Yes…that is the mint chocolate cake shake in the picture below.  If you haven’t tried it, I HIGHLY recommend it!


We stayed up WAY to late watching basketball and although my abs are a bit sore when I move, laugh, or breathe, overall it was a GREAT week.  I am not planning to maintain this schedule, but was happy to 1) get back into the routine of early morning wake ups and workouts. and 2) try out a few new classes.  Both of which will help with tri training in the weeks to come!


Are you a morning or afternoon exerciser?

Tell me your thoughts on the chocolate cake shake!

A Bit of Blah, Yoga, & Snow

It’s been a challenging week.  I started the week off with a bad night’s sleep and never got caught up.  This led to a few extra work day caffeine runs and that overall feeling of exhaustion.  Oh and did I mention, a finicky pilot light means I haven’t taken a hot shower in a few days…ugh!  After the high of Friday afternoon’s tasting, I crashed!  Physically and emotionally!

Friday Night…


Saturday Night…


And in between???

Studying? Actually no!  Saturday’s schedule just didn’t allow for it which is why I was somewhat hoping for a crazy weekend snowmagedan to catch up.   Saturday was my last day teaching winter yoga.  All three classes brought their energy and enthusiasm, and I wanted this last class to be special.  The youngsters started by blasting off to space, then my elementary school kiddos learned sandcript, mastered the trust sit, and rocked the steam roller. 



My last group of middle school kids was small and they attacked wall yoga with strength and determination before settling into legs up the wall savasana. 


I couldn’t ask for a better crew of ‘students’!  When the last class wrapped, I had about 15 minutes to snack and prep before the families arrived for our community class.  The laughter began from the start and everyone dove head first into the unique style class.


After class, I was exhausted and starving. I decided that I really wanted a Which Wich? sandwich!  Although I had planned for some study time, there just weren’t enough hours before we were heading to friends for dinner.  After my late lunch, I followed the masses to Target to pick up a few things for dinner.  And since the threat of snow was sounding REAL (and my phone kept warning me about blizzards), I decided to stock up on snow day essentials.  Yep, I was that girl!  Cart filled with random crap in an attempt to throw together some home-all-day meals.   I arrived back home to find the BOY cheering Indiana on to a victory.  We were both exhausted…lack of sleep seems to be affecting everyone except Cooper.  We considered cancelling our dinner plans since we were both a bit blah, but I knew a night out having dinner with our friends was exactly what we needed.  And I was right!


We returned home in much better moods than we began the day.  We made some warm beverages (tea and hot cocoa) and decided to go to bed early with hopes of getting a good night’s sleep.  I set my alarm with the intention of going to 8am yoga (wondering if we’d really get snow at all), but my car was covered, the snow blowing, and the streets barely plowed.   I considered taking the chance, especially once I heard that we were in for a longer blizzard than originally planned, but in the end sadly decided to skip…holding out hope that things would be cleared out for the mid morning class.  I took my hot lemon water to the table and set about finishing my current outline while the BOY snored upstairs and Cooper hunted snowflakes.  And then decided that I’d rather play on Pinterest and pick out things to bake today, but then really did start outlining.

IMG_20150201_080819422_HDR IMG_20150201_080829154_HDR

Around 9am, I peaked outside and decided that being a Chicagoan, I felt comfortable enough to head out on an adventure.  With the BOY trying to convince me to stay home and eat cinnamon rolls with him (a staple I picked up yesterday at Target), I cleaned off my car and gingerly made my way to the yoga studio, which I knew would open!



I enthusiastically thanked the receptionists for being there on this snowy day.  Then, made my way into the hot studio for 75 minutes of ME time.  I took a moment in child’s pose to set my intention…thinking about what really got me out of my house on a day like today and onto my mat.  I decided that my main goal was to fully beat the blahs by letting go of perfection and judgment.  Letting go of perfection is easy in a challenging class that has you sweating from head to toe while you attempt to keep your arms/legs/body in a posture and then gracefully move to the next without a minute to think otherwise.  It was at the end as we made our way through a balance sequence (1 legged standing twist, pigeon, warrior III…for my yogi’s out there) that I realized despite feeling discombobulated and blah this week, I truly am grounded in my feet with roots connecting me to the earth.  It brought me out of the tailspin of a chaotic week and into the opportunities waiting in the week ahead.


I left the studio feeling enlightened and happy, which I explained to the BOY as I called to say I was coming back home before almost getting my car stuck in the parking lot. 


On the way back, I swung into Target for a few forgotten necessities from yesterday and a sweet reward for braving the storm.


I arrived home without even a memory of the blah that was as the BOY whipped up Crockpot Turkey Chili for tonight’s dinner.  ‘We have an exciting day of being snowed in ahead of us’, I told the BOY.  To which he replied, ‘we always have fun day when we’re together!’  He’s sooo right!


Although most of the people I know cancelled their Superbowl plans, I was really hoping that the weather wouldn’t be so bad. We had a fun get together with a close friend from out of town planned with tons of kids and Walking Tacos.  Of course, safety won out (as it should) but we were all still disappointed.


I decided to take an hour or two to get some reading done in order to completely enjoy the rest of my afternoon at home with the guys, but then discovered a Law&Order marathon on TNT…so much better than studying!  Next up…a HOT shower (I hope)!


How do you beat the blahs?

Are you snowed in?  Whatcha up to?

Finding Balance

I think that we are all striving to find some balance in our lives.  Each day deciding between the things that you have to do and those that you want to do.  Balancing friends and family, work and social lives.  Every day is a challenge to find the perfect balance that keeps each of us sane and in a good place.  For everybody this is different.  I have found that time outside of work to exercise, bake, socialize, etc. keeps me passionate and focused while I am at work.  For this reason, I make time for ‘ME’ activities and with my 4 day work schedule, it usually leaves one day during the week to play and focus on myself (and then blog about it).


Over the summer, my work/play scale typically gets shifted in the direction of work.  We have a lot of fun programs (aquatic therapy and a sports/fitness group) that keep me busy and require extra time. I love these activities and am thrilled to participate, but it makes carving out time for tri training or friends a little more challenging. Because of that, I was happy to discover this morning that my office was closed another day since we are still without power, although equally saddened for those families that have not yet had their power restored.


With a WHOLE DAY of ‘found time’, I knew exactly what I needed to kick start my day.  So after a slightly chaotic morning of touching base with coworkers and calling families, plus getting the BOY out the door for work, I grabbed my yoga mat, new awesome yoga towel and headed to a HOT YOGA class at Tribalance Yoga.  I was pleased to find that Joy was teaching this morning’s class and knew that I was in for a killer workout.


We began the class seated and Joy encouraged us to take the next 90 minutes to focus on ourselves…to leave other obligations outside of the room.  I set the intention for my practice towards inner strength and balance and allowed only positive thoughts throughout the class.  I sometimes find myself comparing or criticizing my body in the mirror instead of praising it for its physical and emotional strength and flexibility.  What I like about HOT YOGA and specifically Joy’s class is that she focuses a lot on core work.  I sweat like crazy and worked deep into the poses.  I left feeling great about myself and thrilled to know that the entire day was ahead of me.


Feeling super healthy, I was craving a green smoothie.  At home, I found that my greens were getting slightly wilted.  I washed them off and used some Chard (stems and all) as the base of my smoothie.  I added mixed berries, Greek yogurt for protein, skim milk, and mango.  I really do think I am getting better at cutting mangos!


With the fear of wilted greens,  I think I got a little carried away and used too much Chard.  After a taste test, I added in ice and some more mango making a wonderfully refreshing, although completely odd sounding, FRUITY GREEN MONSTER. 


With an overcast day and the threat of rain, I am now ready to tackle the upstairs post-carpet disaster. 

IMG_2393   IMG_2394  

IMG_2396   IMG_2395

Only one question…Where do I begin???