Past, Present, and Future

This non-blogging thing is becoming quite the bad habit, but after you read this post, I am pretty sure you will forgive me!


I’ll start by filling you in on the PAST week (or so)…


After maintaining some nice balance of work and play, water and wine, sleep and fun, our house went up on the market for rent last Friday.  The BOY and I got some instant attention and spent all of last Saturday out and about while people came by to check out the place.


By Saturday night, we were happy to just be home enjoying a cheese plate and wine out back.  Even this guy liked chilling in the back yard…


And by Sunday, I realized that wine and warrior III don’t mix so well after a 75 minute hot class and a few hours of pose clinics during yoga teacher training : )  Sunday night, we had rental applications and a lot of good feedback on our house!  And by Monday night, we had renters…who needed to move in July 1st!



This week was a mix of work, yoga, and apartment searching in hopes of finding a quick place to move in to!


We spent Wednesday night and Thursday in the city, desperately searching for apartments and drinking and dining with my brother and sister in law (who were kind enough to house us!).  By this morning, it was pretty obvious that we did not have a place to live, despite one last attempt of walking through the 606 pleading my eyes to find a ‘For Rent’ sign.

IMG_20160624_085803116 IMG_20160624_090535716 

All while enjoying the most amazing Bucktown coffee…


Which brings us to the PRESENT


This picture is the EXACT present…

My Friday off was not nearly as bad as the one in which I scrubbed my grout, but was pretty busy.


With 1 week until our move, it was time to start packing!  I called in reinforcements to help make the most of the day…


My parents arrived with lunch around noon and because they were dog sitting, they brought Dancer along as well.  We packed what seemed like a million boxes and I was feeing accomplished until I realized all that was left to pack. 


Around 4pm (with physical and mental exhaustion), we went in different directions as I headed off to yoga training and my parents took a bunch of boxes home.  Which brings us to your next question, I am sure…


What’s Next?  For now, the FUTURE looks like this…


Meet our new roommates!!!  We are moving in with my parents…Cooper and all for a month while we continue our apartment search in Chicago.  The pros…we have a place to live and the location allows me easy access to work and yoga training.  The BOY and I may be commuting together on the train into the city.  The crazy…we are moving in with my  parents…Cooper and all!  In 1 week!!!


Which means tomorrow is day 2 of packing and because of yoga training Sunday, it needs to be SUPER productive.  After that, I fear you may not hear from me for a bit.  It will just be short break, I promise, but with all of these changes and responsibilities, I may not be able to prioritize the blog until things have settled.  Like I said, I knew you would understand : )


Tell me about your past, present, and future!

Anyone have a 2 bedroom apartment they want to rent me in Chicago?!


Who’s doing the Friday happy dance?!

I started doing it on like, Wednesday, when I  got home around 7:30 in gorgeous sunshine and convinced the BOY to sit out back with me enjoying dinner and some bubbles.


So updates on the week…

I started my new job on Tuesday!  I am commuting, via train, into the city.  The first day was sunny and delightful.  My job went well and I managed to find some delicious kombucha during m lunch break.


Day 2 was raining and gross and indicated that I need to buy some better rain gear.  I was able to find the local coffee shop, which proved very handy : )


But by Wednesday night, the sun was shining…hence our impromptu outdoor dinner.  Thursday was another beautiful day and this spring weather got me feeing like…


I just want to sit outside and drink wine and eat cheese : )

Which I can (and did!)…because the BOY had to work late and I don’t work Fridays.  Can’t remember if I mentioned but I am only working 3 days at my new job while I do my yoga training. 


And speaking of yoga training.  I gave myself some slack this week with my yoga goals.  We are supposed to attend 5 classes per week and I wasn’t sure how to make that work with my new commute.  I am still learning about parking and train passes, etc.  We are also supposed to do daily meditation, which I just sort of sucked at. I did get in one day but was interrupted by this guy!

IMG_20160530_073609892 IMG_20160530_073636888

To accompany my new yoga vibe, I decided I needed a short, shaggy, summer hair do.  My hair is still in a bit of hair shock (as is the BOY), but I love that change is in the air!


Although I have no idea how I’m going to put it up for yoga training tonight!

Happy Friday Folks!


May Goals

Get organized for Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) – just getting started but diving right in!

Eat REAL clean – hit or miss! I feel like overall my diet has been clean but you know I dove right into the cake from Sweet Mandy B’s at work yesterday : )

Keep up the workouts (mix up cardio and strength) – Done!

Try not to freak out with all the big changes in our lives! – Let’s just say…it’s a work in progress!


June Goals

So…with the start of teacher training, we are supposed to try to meditate daily (aps allowed) and do 5 practices a week.  We also set a few personal goals.  My thought is that if I want to get the most out of training, I have to commit, so I am making my June goals my YTT goals!

-5 classes per week

-Daily meditation

-Add shoulder openers to each practice

-Eat for energy!


What changes are you making this spring?

What are your summer goals?

All Things Yoga…

Like I said, everything this week is turning up YOGA : )


And I LoVeD it!!!


Sunday I went to the Easter class with my mom and was back on my mat Monday morning for the 6am class.  Then I taught a Spring Break workshop to an energetic group of kiddos.


Wednesday, I got out of work early for the second week in a row and so I darted off to the 6:30pm class at my studio.  I would have loved to run, but the clouds were dark and stormy, so I took the safe route.  The entire class was based on opening our upper back, which felt fantastic.  By the end, my thoracic spine felt so open that I popped into my half wheel and lifted one leg into the air.  I was stunned.  Not only have I not done that in years decades, but it never crossed my mind to try.  I think my open spine allowed me to really push through my arms which unweighted my leg and up to the sky it went!


Thursday, I worked a half day and then jetted off to the city for the Kathryn Budig Aim True event.  I had enough time to grab coffee and do nails with my SIL before picking up a friend and driving downtown.




We arrived at Block 37 surrounded by brightly dressed yogi’s toting mats.  The first hour was swag hour and I collected Lunabars, mat cleaner, and chapstick while I sipped kombucha and snacked on coconut oil popcorn.


We took a bunch of pictures while the sun sank over the city.  At 7pm, everyone found their mats for the yoga portion.  I’ve never done yoga in a large group and loved the idea of sharing energy (and space) with that many like minded people.


Kathryn’s message of finding your authentic self rang true and the yoga was creative and fun.  It wasn’t the most in depth practice I’ve ever done, but so unique and inspiring in different ways.  After the class, we grabbed a little more swag and then a class of wine.


Despite having a week of yoga, I was eager to squeeze in a run Friday morning.  Luckily, when I woke up in the morning, the weather agreed.  It was 40 and the rain held off for me to run from my brother’s house to meet a friend for her Friday morning Donut Club!


I ran the two plus miles, circling to build ob some time.  Then dove right into the mix of donuts shared between the table.  The blueberry and maple were by far my favorites.  I snagged a few donuts to go and jogged back home to my brothers.  After a quick shower, I headed over to Southport for an eyebrow wax, shopping, and Starbucks. 




Talk about a FUN Friday!

With all of the yoga, my mind and body were feeling so flexible and strong in prep for an exciting weekend.  It also has me looking forward to my 200 hour teacher training which I am signed up for and begins in 2 months.  Woo hoo!

Five for Friday XXVIII

1. Let me tell you about my Tuesday morning commute…I was running late and ran out the door with enough time to get to work until I got stopped at the world’s slowest train.  When I thought it couldn’t get any worse, the train actually stopped.  15 minutes later, I had pictures and a video and was on my way to work.  Thankfully,  I only arrived 3 minutes late, but Ugh…it was a rough way to start the week.



2. Yesterday morning, I finally got over my snooze addiction.  I realized what was holding me back from early morning workouts was motivation.  I love to run, but the treadmill is just not fun or inviting.  With warm-ish weather here in Chicago, I felt motivated to climb out of bed, bundle up, and go for a snowy run along the path.



3. Tomorrow I am teaching a kids yoga workshop.  It is for a wonderful group and I have some great new ideas, but man, every time I teach, I really get so nervous. I wonder if this will ever change…speaking of yoga workshops…I have a playlist to work on…


4. This morning was a bit easier to get out of bed (although I did stay up way too late last night having a glass of wine with some friends) because I was going to  yoga!  #postyogaglow!



5. Tomorrow we are up early for a workout so it’s a calm night in our household.  A little dinner, a movie, and we are all off to bed!


On Fridays…We Catch Up {and Relax}!

Confession: I’ve been moving really slowly this week, like REALLY slow!


I’ve been sleeping a solid 8+ hours a night, spending tons of time with my snuggie, drinking plenty of tea and eating multiple squares of dark chocolate, and overall just dragging…


Not exactly sure why, but probably a multitude of reasons that I am working through combined with this cool winter weather.  The good thing about moving slow is that there have been plenty of Cooper cuddles, reading time, and rest.  The bad part is that not much else has gotten done this week in our house.


When I finally survived my Friday work day, I eagerly drove home, stopping to pick up dinner on the way.  When I arrived, the BOY had already started a bit of cleaning.  We sat down to dinner and caught up on the week behind and discussed the weekend (and the year) ahead.  We have a bunch of things we’d like to do this weekend, but weren’t sure how it would all play out.  After dinner, we caught up on cleaning before I returned to my snuggie.  In reality, our house has been cold so that’s why it’s been my new blanket.  Plus, it has pockets…so functional!  I began to flip through our DVR and realized it was time to catch up on blogging.  I owe you an AMAZING new recipe.


It’s another easy crockpot dish that is going to be added to our rotation for sure!


I used a mix of white and dark meat and subbed in broccoli for the squash (because the BOY doesn’t like squash).  The broccoli was amazing in the sweet Asian sauce, so I’ll be adding in more next time!


So this Friday has been perfect for me to catch up with you and on my life.  And with that…I will go back to catching up on my DVR!


What do you do on Fridays?

Anyone else dragging this week?


Easy Asian Sweet Chili Chicken

Easily Adapted from The 150 Healthiest Slow Cooker Recipes on Earth


1 sweet onion, chopped

1 red bell pepper, cored, seeded, and chopped

2 cups(ish) broccoli florets

3 pounds boneless, skinless chicken pieces (dark or light meat)

3/4 cup Thai sweet chili sauce

juice of 1 lime

2 tbs low sodium tamari sauce

2 tbs Thai fish sauce

4 cloves garlic, crushed and chopped


Arrange onion, bell pepper, and broccoli on the bottom of a slow cooker and place the chicken pieces on top.

In a small bowl, whisk together the chili sauce, lime juice, tamari, fish sauce, and garlic and pour it evenly over the chicken.  Cover and cook on high for 3 hours on high or 4-5 hours on low, until the chicken is cooked through but still juice.

Note: this makes great leftovers!

Sips, Saturday, Sherlock

Before Saturday began, I celebrated FriYAY!


It was an especially exciting day since it marked the start of my 2 plus weeks of vacation!  Sadly, the BOY had to work late, so I celebrated Friday night date night with Cooper.


We caught up on my DVR and set the table for our Saturday lunch guests.


Then curled up to cuddle and read.  I am trying to get my book finished before the trip and already have some new books and mags packed and ready to go.


I slept fantastically and was sad to hear my alarm go off early this morning.  The BOY and I had one last training session before vaca.  I’m bummed that I didn’t get any pics of us in our matching boxing gloves, but here’s a recycled one.  I did this a bunch today so it seemed legit.


The BOY and I came back home to pick up a bit and a little before 10am, my mom came by to drop off Cooper’s Hanukkah gift and pick me up for our nail appointment.


Then my mom and some friends came back to our house for lunch.  We made two kinds of chili, a huge salad, and had fruit and dark chocolate for dessert followed by lattes from my Nespresso maker covered in whipped cream…Mmm!.  After lunch, I had to run out for a few errands.  On my way home, I swung by to pick up take out Coopers Hawk and a bottle of wine for dinner. 


While we ate dinner, Cooper enjoyed/stalked his new toy.


So the BOY called me at work this week to tell me that there is one episode of Sherlock available online.  The next season doesn’t come out until 2017, so we were super excited to spend Saturday night sipping through Sherlock.  I’m not planning to stay up too late tonight because I have a busy day of packing up my tropical clothes while it’s 1 degree outside tomorrow.  What can I say…




What are you up to this Saturday night?

Do you watch Sherlock?  Any good book suggestions?

Five for Friday XXVII

1. This morning’s ridiculous yoga look…


It might be worse than Wednesday’s : )

I have to say that I loved getting to 6am yoga 3 times this week.  What a treat!  My kids yoga class was supposed to start tomorrow, but we canceled due to weather. I do have plans to attend an acro workshop on Sunday.  Can’t wait!


2. Wednesday night as I pulled in the drive way, there was a skunk hanging out in front of my house. It was pacing back and forth between the garage door and front door (probably driving Cooper nuts).  I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do, so I hid in my car.  When it strolled off around the house, I opened my garage door and ran inside.  I tried to get a picture but my phone camera was too slow.


3. All my Instagram friends saw the excitement on the BOY’s face when Gus’s Fried Chicken opened last weekend.  We brought in chicken and sides (including my favorite fried pickles and sweet potato pie) to celebrate his and my brother’s birthdays in the city last Saturday.




4. Despite having a pantry full of tea, I found myself lost in the scents of Teavana this week.  I bought way more tea than I care to admit including the most delicious spiced apple cider tea.  Winter…I am ready for you!


5. I just got my professional wedding photos back and I am obsessed!  I love that our wedding party totally brought their personalities into the shots and the photographers captured all the joy and excitement of our reception.  WARNING: You may be seeing a TON of wedding pics in the weeks to come!





Consider yourself warned…LOL! 

Happy Friday!

Five for Friday XXXVI

1. Look at me getting back into the blogging groove.  Too bad I have absolutely no idea how to do Roman numerals and am totally winging it on these posts.  Please…no judgment, it’s Friday!


2. Yesterday, the BOY and I went to the gym before work.  He ran on the treadmill while I ran on the track.  I don’t have any pictures, but I can tell you that I learned that it takes him a good half hour to get out the door in the morning (where as I am ready to go in about 10 minutes) so our workouts were rather short.  I did an adapted version of long intervals and then came home to an old favorite for breakfast…the Pumpkin Dough Boy Smoothie.  Next Thursday, I will be setting our alarm earlier!


Ps The post for this recipe is such a blast from the past…it’s over 4 years old!


3. Speaking of running, check out what arrived in the mail today!  New shoes!  So, the truth is that I have been running in Brooks since like 2004.  In the haste of wedding prep and in an attempt to save some money, I bought a super sale pair of Mizuno’s.  For whatever reason, they have never worked great with my feet. I was able to make them last, but it was definitely time for a new pair and I didn’t even hesitate to go back to my favorite Pure Cadence!




4. Tomorrow we have tickets to see the new James Bond movie.  In prep, we’ve been watching the previous 3 Daniel Craig movies this week.  Is anyone else going to see Spectre?  And from James Bond, I digress to Adele (who sings one of his theme songs).  How excited are you for her new album?  I can’t wait to hear her new stuff!


5. I had a rather stressful week and needed to unwind tonight with a few glasses of delicious red wine.  Since the BOY and I have another workout planned early tomorrow morning,  I am off to bed.  With my furry friend…of course!



How is your Friday going???  What are you doing this weekend?

Five for Friday XXXV

1. I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve done a Friday post (although this last Cooper edition is pretty cute).  In fact, I’m sorry I’ve been a not-so-good blogger in general lately.



2.  It’s Friday and that makes me VERY happy!  Especially this particular Friday because the BOY and I are leaving for our mini moon in Door County after this morning’s joint gym session.


3. I’m super excited to welcome pumpkin season!  Have you had your PSL or Pumpkin Blizzard yet?


Even better, the BOY’s homemade pumpkin ice cream!  He nailed it on the first try!



4.  Exciting news…we booked our January honeymoon.  Can’t wait to share all the details!


5. I only have one sneak peak photo from our photographer and I am obsessed.  A HUGE thank you to the incredibly talented woman who created my look, Jaycie, and our fun, and amazing photographer, Gisselle!



What’s going on with you guys this Friday?

Five for Friday XXXV (That I Forgot to Post on Friday)

1. When you read this, I will be out of town doing…well, I have no idea.  See, it’s my bachelortte party weekend (woo hoo!), and all the details have been kept hidden from me.  I do know that we will be in Michigan near the beach, and I can’t wait!  I can’t believe after setting this date, like in January, that the weekend is finally here, and I am so grateful to all of my amazing friends for spending it with me!


My MOH and I many moons ago : )


2.  In prep for the party weekend, I got some party nails!



3. Which were perfect for the BOY and I to model our new wedding bands.

Sorry folks…no early peaks here!


4.  For the weekend, I whipped up a few of my favorite quick breads (including Molasses Banana and Coconut Oil Pumpkin).  I also made two HUGE bags of puppy chow.  One regular and one the amazing white chocolate version.



5.  I have gotten so much wedding stuff done these past two weeks, including invites.  After almost 9 years since our first date, this wedding is starting to feel really REAL!  I’ll be back Monday with stories of shenanigans, I am sure : )