{2013} How did it Go?

It seems like a lifetime ago that I sat down to write this 2013 Bucket List.  In fact, it was just one year ago, but in some ways, each year feels like it’s own life time.  So many things get packed into each of the 365 days that there is so much to think about and mull over come the end of December.  In truth, it’s been the second half of the year that has whizzed by.  It seems like yesterday I just got back from Israel with the rest of the summer ahead of me.  And wrote my half way Bucket List post.  Fast forward 6 months and here we are at years end.


Overall, this has been an outstanding year for me.  I’ve made some changes in my professional life that have dramatically decreased my stress levels, turning me back into the woman I like and respect.  I started a new job full time at the start of December and I look forward to continuing to grow in that position in the new year.




In the racing world, it’s been the year of the PR.  I finally PRed a half marathon, breaking the 1:50 mark.  I ran an incredibly fast (for me) 8k Shamrock Shuffle and finished out racing season with an exciting finish to the Chicago Marathon, blowing away my expectations and leaving me with a sense of pride for my physical accomplishment and sense of commitment to the children of St. Jude.


On the healthy living front, it’s been fun pulling the BOY into meal planning and cooking up some healthy week night dinners each week.  I’ve moved beyond some bad habits and picked up some new better ones.  Although I am not in my skinny jeans just yet, I see myself slipping into them in the near future.




It has been truly fulfilling adding Cooper into our family, and the BOY and I continue to enjoy each day and every new adventure that comes our way.  Although it may not seem like anything huge has happened this year, I think that is what makes it so outstanding…just appreciating all of the little moments and gifts in 2013.


This is my first year doing a bucket list, and I think that it is a great way to capture all of the little moments that make up a big year.


2013 Bucket List


Restore Balance

Eat Clean

I don’t know why this continues to be so tough for me.  I cooked up a lot of clean meals this year, but still hang on to a bit of a snacking tooth.

Practice Yoga More Consistently

I practiced outside of the mat is Israel and had a strong finish to the year getting to yoga twice a week for the last few weeks.  Yoga continues to be a beautiful journey for me and next year, I am hoping to be able to combine my passion for yoga with work.

Keep Meal Planning

Looking for meal planning ideas, you can find a lot of planned out weeks throughout the past year.

Create/Join a Book Club (and read more!)

This area was a bit of fail as I am still working on the same book from a few months ago.





Improve Fitness

Half Marathon PR

I had a speedy start to the year with a 1:49:46 half marathon PR

Another Olympic Tri

Sadly I wasn’t able to fit one in this year, but I did do one sprint distance race

Chicago Marathon (Sub 4:00 please)

Yea!  I am so excited to call myself a sub 4 marathoner!

Do a Century Bike Ride

Like mentioned above, I just couldn’t fit everything into this racing year


Make a Change

Write! (maybe even take a writing class)

Well, I still blog so that has to count for something : )


I volunteered for St. Jude for 3 different events this year!  Sooo fun!

Take a Professional Risk

I’m so grateful that with the support of my family and the BOY, I made some professional changes, quitting my job of 5 years and starting a new one.

Self Host the Blog

I have my own website and updated my Recipe Page!





Other Things Worth Mentioning July-December 2013

My Trip to Israel

Turning 32

My first time as a Guest Blogger

Introducing Cooper

Learning to Taper

Two 20 Milers

Writing a Running Poem

NYC Bar Crawl

Cutting Bangs

Thanks and Giving


I think I’ll take some time to reflect on this year and think about the year to come…and then get started writing down my 2014 Bucket List.



Did you reach you 2013 goals?

What are you hoping to accomplish in 2014?

The Bucket List {6 Months In}

Since we’re half way done with 2013 (how do these things happen?), I thought it would only be appropriate to check back in with my 2013 Bucket List.  Even though I am countries away, thanks to modern technology, I can still share my update.



Restore Balance

Eat Clean (You can read about this in greater detail in my New Year post)

Practice Yoga More Consistently

Keep Meal Planning

Create/Join a Book Club (and read more!)


So the first two items (eating clean and doing yoga) have been inconsistent and schedule dependent. I think that with my schedule change, I will be able to continue to prioritize these things when I return from my trip!


We are definitely meal planning!  And although I am reading, there is no book club YET!






Improve Fitness

Half Marathon PRI had a speedy start to the year with a 1:49:46 half marathon PR

Another Olympic Tri

Chicago Marathon (Sub 4:00 please)

Do a Century Bike Ride


I’m not sure if I will have time for another Olympic Triathlon, but I did love competing in my first Iron Girl Sprint Triathlon.  Marathon training will return soon!



Make a Change

Write! (maybe even take a writing class)

VolunteerWe had a great time supporting St. Jude at this event!

Take a Professional Risk-I’ve made a huge change to my work schedule and started some new opportunities

Self Host the BlogI have my own website, so that’s something.  Now my big blog goal is get my recipe page up to date!






Other Things Worth Mentioning for January-June 2013

Soaking up some vitamin N (that means nature)

4th Annual Bike the Drive

Starting the Five For Friday Series

Celebrating 101 with Grandpa Al

Trying CrossFit

Obsessing Over Banana Bread

Exploring Sarasota





How are you doing with your 2013 goals and bucket list?

Just Didn’t Happen

BBQ Turkey Meatballs just didn’t happen this week.

The BOY is sick, my work is spilling over to home, and there just aren’t enough hours in the day.




Pictures just didn’t really happen this week either (except for the two random ones on this post)!

I can’t say that I got to read your blogs which I love!


Yet despite some added stress yesterday, I still planned ahead and got myself up early (WAY before the sun thanks to DLST) and to the gym for a Thursday morning run.




Thank goodness for friends who are also running along the indoor track at 6:45am!  And easy and tasty breakfasts on the go!


I must admit that I have no idea when I will pack for my upcoming trip to St. Louis (or even what I have that is green to wear to pubs and pancakes on Saturday) because that just didn’t happen.  But at the last minute I decided to take a Friday vacation day! 


So after a 12 hour work day, I was thrilled to pick up the BOY tonight for a late night dinner and a drink.  And now I can’t wait to spend tomorrow morning sleeping in, maybe doing a workout, and watching the Indiana vs Illinois game before driving down to the ‘Lou!



What just didn’t happen for you this week???

Healthy Habits and On We Go

Thanks to everyone for your Door County comments this week. As I’m sure you can see, we had the best trip and I was excited to share our adventures (and food) with you!  Sadly, I didn’t take my camera with us kayaking, but but the color of the lake along Cave Point was absolutely stunning.  One of my goals was to keep my ‘Zen’ DC feeling throughout my short week back at work.  Between talking about it non-stop (my coworkers also love it up there, so we all share stories) and posting these awesome pictures, that was easy.  And because I am borderline obsessed with the place, my MOM and I are heading back up to the Fish Creek sidewalk sales next month.  Kind of crazy I know, but we’ve never been in the fall and who can resist a sale : ) 


Actually, my mom and I decided that we wanted to do an active, yet relaxing little get away for my birthday this year, and I convinced her that we should pack up our bikes and gym shoes, check out the yoga studios, and eat our way through Door County.  She was immediately on board!  Personally, I think a weekend away with my MOM is the perfect birthday celebration.  The BOY will be deep into his law school studies (class begins Monday), and I will be right in the heart of my busy fall schedule and almost done with the class you’ve heard about non-stop that has taken over my life this past year.  It seems like a great time to head back up north to unwind!




Door County 2012 Posts

A Rainy Arrival

Day 1

Will Hike for Pizza



Back here in the REAL world, the BOY and I are appreciating a quiet weekend.  We spent yesterday in Geneva, which is actually a lot like Door County and today, I have nothing official on my agenda, but a fun To Do list that involves yoga, the farmer’s market, and some gift cards.  Life has been at an all time high in terms of busy this summer.  And although it has been tons of fun, my stress levels have been through the roof.  I’m not exactly sure why because it has been an incredible summer spent with family and friends, but I have a few theories in mind.  The bottom line is that I have not done a good job this summer (or actually this entire year as I think about on it) of managing my stress and balancing my life.  This has impacted my eating, body, weight, energy levels, sleep etc. and the scale has only reinforced what my mind and body have been telling me.  It is time to make a change! 




Although we are over halfway through the year, my plan is to dedicate the last 4 1/2 months to the healthy habits that work for me and I enjoy, but seem to have misplaced since January 2012.  These are the habits and decisions that result in clear skin and tons of energy, a positive body image and pants that fit comfortable, even when I’m sitting down.  I’m not exactly sure when and where I lost them along the way, but I thought a little reminder would help get me started along this new path I’m choosing to take. 


Healthy Habits


1. Decrease Stress

2. Sleep!

3. Eat Real Foods

4. Find a Race

5. Strength Train

6. Avoid Fake and Processed Foods (including sugar substitutes)

7. Create ME Time

8. Read and Write

9. Spend Time with Friends and Family

10. Wine Less, Laugh More



Although I could give an explanation for each habit, I don’t think that it is necessary.  One of the most important things on the list, that should probably be number 1, is SLEEP.  When I get a quality night’s sleep, a healthy and happy day follow.  It is a good place to start and luckily, this weekend has been all about early bed times and no alarm clocks.  One of the hardest things for me when it comes to making changes, is I expect to see immediate results, and we all know that this is not the case.  I already appreciate and am looking forward to the support of the blogging community during my journey back to Healthy Habits.


How do you go about making changes in your life?

What are the Healthy Habits that work for you?


I am taking my broken toe and positive attitude off to a yoga class. 

So I will end my post with the wise words of my Mother… ‘AND ON WE GO!’