Yoga Teacher Training

Many of you have asked about teacher training and I have been meaning to share my journey with you!  It has been incredible. I have made new friends, challenged myself, learned a lot about myself, and worked hard to find balance. This week break from yoga gives me the perfect opportunity to update you on training thus far.  Teacher training has been intense and amazing!  I am already feeling sad that it will soon be over, but working hard on living in the present and taking everything I learned with me.


What we’re reading…


Light on Life by BKS Iyengar

The Yamas&Niyamas


How Yoga Works by Geshe Michael Roach

The Essential Yoga Sutras by Geshe Michael


Bhagavad Gita by Stephan Mitchell

Health, Healing, and Beyond by TKV Desikachar


What we’re learning…






Cueing poses

More kids games and ideas

What it means to be a yoga teacher




And much, much more!


What I’ve been teaching…


Pinnacle Pose – Eagle

Solar Plexus Chakra Class


Chest Opener Class


A few chapters in the Gita


How my yoga has changed…

I am way more active and attentive in my poses

My alignment and flexibility are better

The simple poses are harder and the harder poses are becoming more simple

I use more props

I move more slowly

I go more frequently and crave it when I miss a class




I am super excited to continue to learn and grow and start teaching some classes.

Any other YTT questions that I can answer for you???

If you are thinking about doing it, my advise…GO FOR IT!!

5 thoughts on “Yoga Teacher Training

  1. So awesome!!! How long the the training? Do you do your 200 hours after class or while you are in class??!! Do you have “class” and then practice?
    I’m definitely interested in doing it. I have a friend that did her training in Portland, so I know there are a couple of options here!

    • So I think that schedules can be all across the board. I have seen a lot that do 1 weekend a month. This was every week Monday and Friday afternoons and all day Sunday. We would do at least 1 class but sometimes more as we are learning to teach each day. Plus classroom stuff, posture/adjustment clinics and practice teaching. And then reading and homework : ) You should go for it. It is such an amazing journey!

  2. It sounds amazing! Congrats on completing this phase (I know that yoga training is never really finished but continues).
    I have been able to take 2 classes a week for the past 3 months. I never realized how much of a difference it can make (from the one per week I was used to). I take it at my health club at 6:30 and then off to work. It makes the day and my mood better!

    ps love the picture of you and your DM on the doc. Tell her HI for me

    • I will!!! I agree that I am a much better person when I get to yoga consistently…especially in the mornings! It is such a treat! It has been so special to do so much yoga!

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