When You Convince Your Hubs to Walk 4 Miles with You…

After 5ish days of sickness, I called in reinforcements in the form of an antibiotic.  I REALLY didn’t want to go this route, but I was reaching my max Musinex dosage and still feeling ill.  Plus, this weekend is my sister in laws wedding!


…and nobody wants to be sick at a wedding!!!  Wednesday night was a rough one with lots of coughing and so when I got to work today, I rearranged a few things to leave early.  I have been feeling the worst at night, so I left around 5:30 (I know…can you believe that’s a few hours early?!) and drove home in the sunshine.


The BOY also left work early (just to see me) and I convinced him that we should walk to the store to pick up my Px.  It was such a gorgeous night and I was desperate for some fresh air.  I did a yoga class Monday morning, but not much exercise since.  We walked and talked and truly appreciated the impromptu time together.


The night could not have been more beautiful!


The BOY and I returned home after our more than 4 mile walk, but instead of opening the door, he just walked right by and headed straight for our favorite local Mexican place.  More than anything, I wanted to spend the night sitting out back (like most of our neighbors) enjoying some bubbles, but I knew that home on the couch with fluids and meds (and guacamole) was the right place to be.  Total Bummer!


Thankfully, I am off work tomorrow with only a few important plans, like nails and lunch with my mom : )  Alrighty friends…my stuffed sinuses and I are off to bed.  TGI (almost) F!!!  Fingers crossed, I wake up tomorrow feeling PERFECT!

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