Hooray…It’s May!

We have a super exciting month ahead.  But first…the news!

I gave my notice at work this week.  It was sad because I truly like my job and coworkers!   But I’m excited because we are planning to move into Chicago!  Insert cheers and excitement…


We have no details yet, but I will definitely keep ya’ll posted!

For now…I do have some goals to talk about  : )


April Goals

Run 10k in less than 52 minutes

So I decided not to run, but I did run 6.2 miles a few days after the race in just under 54 minutes.

Keep up the workouts!

I started out weak but have really upped the workouts the past two weeks!

Do yoga at home

Although I haven’t been doing a yoga practice, I have added in some yoga reading in prep for next month’s training.

Increase the green and eat clean!

I have definitely increased my greens…each week, I make bags of veggies for the BOY and I and that has made eating them much easier!  I also still eat a lot of chocolate : )


May Goals

Get organized for Yoga Teacher Training (YTT)

Eat REAL clean

Keep up the workouts (mix up cardio and strength)

Try not to freak out with all the big changes in our lives!


Are you excited for May? What are your goals?

5 thoughts on “Hooray…It’s May!

    • Probably on the north side and we have no idea! So many pieces need to fall into place, but since we’ve been talking about this for awhile it is so fun to make it happen. Ps you will definitely have to come visit!

  1. Yay!! So happy for you Jen that’s super exciting! Can’t wait to hear about the details to come…
    My number one goal Is to be content with myself and be proud of my accomplishments, and not be hard on myself for things that are out of my control. I guess, technically that shouldn’t be a goal for me but every month that goes by. ☺️

    • Heidi, that is a beautiful goal! I just started reading some of the yoga books and from the few pages I’ve made it through before falling asleep I think that is a huge theme. It is something I think about and struggle with and always hope to do better at. So proud of you for taking the time to care for yourself!

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