Sunday Seven {May Day}

1. I’m BACK!!!

Been a crazy week but happy to say that I am back to blogging.  Can’t wait to tell ya what I’ve been up to ; ) 


2. My computer…

Did a mandatory update rendering itself completely useless this week!

IMG_20160428_205623277 IMG_20160429_204038443


3. Space Pants

I couldn’t even tell you the last time I watched Saturday night live, but watching Peter Dinklage’s Space Pants dance last night had be cracking up!


4. Date Night

Prior to watching SNL, the BOY and I had game night, which involved me kicking his booty in Yahtzee!  And I got my FIRST EVER Yahtzee!



5. Reading!

Check out all my new reading materials…yoga training her I come : )



6. Sunday Not As Funday

I have to work tomorrow.  I started my day with an intense hot yoga class (love!) but crashed by the afternoon.  I didn’t want to go to the grocery store tonight but made myself go.  I did a quick run for essentials and this week’s meal plans will be simple…I’m thinking lots of grilling!


7. Speaking of the Grill…

We have to decide what BBQ sauce to use on our ribs tonight!


I’ve got big plans to get myself back to blogging this week with some fun stuff coming your way!


Tell me some of your Sunday Stuff…

8 thoughts on “Sunday Seven {May Day}

  1. I was in Seattle this weekend and got back this morning. I had to do a long bike ride and now i’m super tired and not motivated to do my Sunday “stuff”!! 🙂 In other news I was in Seattle for a yoga workshop. It was fun!!

  2. I worked this am. Who ever thought you could get over 50 people to a meeting at 8 am on A rainy cold Sunday. It is so energizing.
    After a really fun trip to IKEA- the idea store❤️ With DD, DH and I were invited to a Greek Easter celebration! It had it all – lamb, moussaka, pistatcio, those amazing Greek potatoes and green beans, and of course the anise bread. No true Greek meal would be complete without baklava, another one that was FILO and custard( don’t know the name- but to die for none the less), rice pudding and assorted Greek cookies. Amazing. I still have the red fingers to show for it ( the egg challenge).

  3. Love the space pants skit… hilarious! I biked yesterday, ran errands, picked up the bf at the airport and we grilled burgers for dinner… lovely day! 🙂

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