The Perfect Monday!

So I’ve alluded to some excitement in our household, and now I will share the news….the BOY started a new job on Monday!!!  We are super excited and last minute got to celebrate the day together!


I mentioned that I had to work on Monday.  My morning was busy, but my afternoon empty (the kids are all on spring break!).  So last minute, I took a half day and decided to spend the afternoon in the sunshine with my hubby.


He arrived home right after I did and I made him pose for a ‘First Day of Work’ picture, which he forbid me to post!


We went for a walk as I heard all of the details of his first half day of orientation.


Then we drove over to the DQ for blizzards.  He got the new Grasshopper blizzard, which he described as Dairy Queen’s way of showing how a Shamrock Shake should be done…ouch!  I agreed!  It was amazing! And I got a peanut butter cookie blizzard which I easily inhaled.  We returned back home to snuggle up and watch the Mockingjay Part II.  No computers or housework, just sitting and watching a movie.  It was such a treat!  Cooper wasn’t exactly sure what to do with us home for the day, but he enjoyed all of the love and attention that he could get!


Sharing my passion for yoga with kids


Celebrating the excitement of my husband’s first day of work with him


Dairy Queen with two lactaid pills


The Perfect Monday!

2 thoughts on “The Perfect Monday!

    • Thank you Erin! We are beyond excited as it is the job he has wanted since he graduated! Just saw the commercial for the DQ Oreo Smores blizzard so we may be back soon : )

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