Peace in the Present

I didn’t take any pictures of my Friday night Yin and Mediation class, so you’ll have to deal with some old recycled yoga pics in this post.


We have had a lot of changes and excitement in our household (and no we’re not expecting…because I know that’s what you were thinking.  We did consider adopting a new kitty, but realized that might not work for our spoiled ‘only child’ Cooper).  So now that we got that off the table…ha ha!  Change is always tough but from it comes growth. In our case, there has been a lot of good change…a marriage, new name, and big opportunities.  Exciting!!!


But change, even exciting change, requires patience as all of the pieces slowly (and often in terrible order) come together.  Enter, my sleepless not as full of sleep nights.  Thursday was another one and interestingly all of my dreams were work related.  Friday morning, I was awake early for a group class.  I figured since I wasn’t working and my continuing ed course started later, I should take advantage of the 6am Friday strength class.


The class was fun and a good way to start the day which was spent sitting (and sneaking peaks at basketball scores).  I was learning too!  After class, I met my SIL for dinner down the street from the yoga studio.


We ate tasty Mediterranean and then drove down to the studio for a 2 hour yin yoga and singing bowl meditation class.  I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect, but knew I needed help quieting my mind and finding relaxation.  As the instructor guided us through setting our intention, I struggled to put into words what I was looking for.  And then it came to me.  We are in the center of a time of change surrounded by chaos and unknown.  And we will probably be here for a little bit as all of the details of this next chapter get sorted out.  So what I need, right now, is to be able to be comfortable with our present situation.  I need to find peace (and the positive) in the present!


The teacher had me hooked from the start when she rubbed lavender oil on my ears leaving a drop on my forehead.  For the next 90 minutes, I struggled to keep my mind from wandering into the future, but brought myself back to my mat with the mantra ‘Peace in the Present’.  I kept reminding myself that I can be flexible on and off my mat (neither of which comes easy for me…unless of course I’m floating in a pool during happy hour).


We moved through multiple restorative positions guided by the principles of yin, minimal muscle activation, long holds, and stillness.  After 90 minutes, we relaxed into our final savasana with the vibrations of the singing bowls (which I LOVE).  By this point, I was so relaxed that I fell asleep (and according to my SIL snored gently).


The class was amazing and exactly what I needed to tune into the numerous positives in my life and a reminder to find the fun amongst the current chaos.  I can do that!  I slept beautifully last night and awoke ready for a super busy Saturday ahead!


How do you find peace in the midst of change?

Have you tried yin yoga?

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