March On In

It’s the first day of March and ours came in with a snow storm and sunshine!  Don’t we just have the oddest weather?!

IMG_20150315_140115671 IMG_20150315_140122588 IMG_20150315_140129271

It’s also my dad’s birthday!  Happy birthday Dad!!!

To be honest, I am ready for a new month.  I struggled throughout February to really find my rhythm.  Towards, the end I got back into my groove, and I am ready to March On In to this next month…hopefully surrounded by spring weather!


February Goals

Change my name…Done!  I am officially a Misses!  I still have a few other forms to fill out but all of the important stuff is done.  Now, I just need to practice my signature.

Cook some new recipes…Ok, so I haven’t challenged myself in the Polynesian realm (yet), but let me just tell you that my Island Pork Tenderloin and Mustard Chicken are two of our new favorite dinners.

Create a budget and bucket list…Done and Done!

Maintain my vacation Zen…This was this month’s fail!  I started the month with the Bora Bora blues and although I have finally snapped out of my funk.  It was a tough adjustment back to the real world : )


March Goals

Workout 5 days a week (this means strength and 10k training)

Start practicing more yoga at home (I’m practicing my press to handstands and I love it!)

Update my blog (there is much to do!)

Unplug and be present!



What are your March goals?

6 thoughts on “March On In

  1. Those are great goals!! I’m working on the unplugging + be present one 🙂 Setting my phone on “do not disturb” at night has been hugely helpful! Now I’m just trying to do more things without my phone 😉 Haha

  2. Unplugging and behind present is something I strive for daily… it’s tough! All about being mindful of where we focus our time, right? Press to handstands?! Share a video! Would love to see!

    March… in like a lion (you guys had a snowstorm?!) and out like a lamb. Here’s to spring just around the corner!

    • We have totally seen way more spring than winter this year. Hooray! Great idea to video the handstand. I will give it a go and see if I can post it up. May be too techie for me : )

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