Don’t Wanna Taco Bout It…

A slightly different Friday post for ya’ll…


One of my coworkers organized a Taco Tuesday, where we all brought in the fun stuff to make an amazing lunch.  I was in charge of tortillas and decided to make my favorite Corn Dip too.  Tuesday afternoon, we all dug right in.  The food was fantastic and of course brought us all together for mid day stories and laughter.  Taco Tuesday turned into Taco Wednesday and there were even leftovers by Thursday.  We all decided that Taco Thursday got us through the week and posts from The Fat Jewish helped us survive Friday!


Randomly, the BOY and I ended up having homemade Taco’s for dinner Friday night too.  With some Fritos’ and leftover corn dip…Mmm!  I decided to cancel our Saturday morning training sessions.  It has been a busy and exhausting work week and I am teaching a kids yoga class tomorrow morning. I decided I needed a night of tacos and red wine AND sleep!


The BOY and I devoured our tacos and watched Big Bang (Spoiler: the karaoke is hilarious!) and then settled on Zoolander (in case we can’t to see the second one any time soon).  Cooper kept himself busy laying around and waiting for his feather to make its way to him.


And then hiding his feather under the BOY’s chair.  This week the stress and tacos have gotten the best of me.  My workouts have been pretty non existent.  My nights have been full of paperwork and my mornings full of sleep and espresso.  But I am confident after a rejuvenating weekend, I will be back on track next week.  Don’t worry…it’s Nacho problem!



Who celebrates Taco Tuesday?

6 thoughts on “Don’t Wanna Taco Bout It…

  1. So funny!!! I just went to the grocery store and bought stuff to have for taco Tuesday!! I’m glad I had the idea before reading this or I would have had to go back to the store!! 🙂 We celebrate taco Tuesday probably 1x month!! 🙂

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