The List

As we enter move through February and I re-acclimate to my ‘real life’, it’s only fitting that I begin to think about the year ahead.  In the weeks I’ve been home, there have been a lot of decisions to be made about this upcoming year.  Should I sign up for the NYC marathon lottery?  What continuing ed should I take? Where do we want to travel?  Tons of awesome options in 2016, but sadly I can’t do them all.  Randomly, my coworker and I started talking about vision boards this week.  Although I don’t have the time and energy to actually make a vision board, it’s a great way to to prioritize my goals for the year ahead and then create a bucket list.  I love to use my ‘nothing book’ to do this by paper which then allows me to share the final (and edited) version on the blog as my 2016 bucket list.  For some reason, this list has taken a bit longer to come together than usual.  I finally just hit post this morning with the understanding that it’s a ‘work in progress’…kinda like me!


2016 Bucket List

Adult Living

Create and Follow a Budget – Our big goal after wedding and honeymooning…replenish savings!

Be a Better Friend

Floss More Frequently (and Wear my Retainer) – Ugh!

Change my Name


Right Mind

Continue to Teach Kids Yoga – Grow as a teacher

Let Things Go…

Participate in 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training

Unplug for More ‘Me’ and ‘Us’ Time


Strong Body

Race!!!  Run and tri, maybe PR…

Build More Strength – Since I won’t be working out with my trainer as consistently (see item 1 RE: budget), it will be up to me to strength train on my own

Bike More!  Drive Less!

Eat Less Packaged and More Real Food


What are you goals for 2016?

Have you ever made a vision board?

7 thoughts on “The List

  1. Vision boards are all the rage ( even WW is having events for making them). I really don’t have the time or energy for one.

    Hey I have bursitis in my left hip. It’s driving me crazy because my exercise is not happening right now. Other than rest ( ugh) is there anything else I can do??

  2. Thanks. I ordered a hand held roller (laying on it is just too much). I’ll try some stretches. I’ve been a little afraid to do that. I tried the prescription Naproxen it was too much so I’m back with the OTC strength.
    Massage sounds wonderful😊

  3. I keep meaning to make a vision board, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. That said, I keep track of my goals in a notebook I bring everywhere… though I should post them where I can see them because out of sight sometimes means they’re out of mind! Anyway, love your bucket list! I can relate to nearly all of it 🙂 Will be cheering you on as you work on them all year!

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