Five for Friday XXVIII

1. Let me tell you about my Tuesday morning commute…I was running late and ran out the door with enough time to get to work until I got stopped at the world’s slowest train.  When I thought it couldn’t get any worse, the train actually stopped.  15 minutes later, I had pictures and a video and was on my way to work.  Thankfully,  I only arrived 3 minutes late, but Ugh…it was a rough way to start the week.



2. Yesterday morning, I finally got over my snooze addiction.  I realized what was holding me back from early morning workouts was motivation.  I love to run, but the treadmill is just not fun or inviting.  With warm-ish weather here in Chicago, I felt motivated to climb out of bed, bundle up, and go for a snowy run along the path.



3. Tomorrow I am teaching a kids yoga workshop.  It is for a wonderful group and I have some great new ideas, but man, every time I teach, I really get so nervous. I wonder if this will ever change…speaking of yoga workshops…I have a playlist to work on…


4. This morning was a bit easier to get out of bed (although I did stay up way too late last night having a glass of wine with some friends) because I was going to  yoga!  #postyogaglow!



5. Tomorrow we are up early for a workout so it’s a calm night in our household.  A little dinner, a movie, and we are all off to bed!


2 thoughts on “Five for Friday XXVIII

  1. I hate that! Last Sunday I got stopped by the same train twice. 6 min on County Farm Rd and 3 on Army Trail Rd. Of course I left a little late too😒

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