So, Let Me Fill You In…

It has been a hectic week, to say the least!


The BOY and I are working on a few adult tasks (ie insurance) that are a massive headache.  And then on Wednesday, I met a few friends for Mexican after work. On my way home, I hit a pothole and blew out my front passenger tire. I should be embarrassed to admit that I have no idea how to change a tire.  My first step was to get my car off the main road at 10pm.  I thought about You Tubing the tire change or calling a tow truck.  I didn’t like either option.  When I looked up from my phone,  saw that I was in front of a fire station.  I ran up to the door and rang the doorbell and was beyond lucky to have a nice fireman come out and change my tire.


The BOY and I were able to switch cars this week and by Friday, my cough from last week was turning into more of a sinus infection.   Saturday morning, I was back on my mat for a kids yoga class.  I had a super busy day but the BOY took my tire in for me and discovered that my tire was fine, but the rim was a whole another story!  Begin the not so easy search to find a tire rim for under $400…

On Sunday, my mom and I were supposed to spend the day baking cookies (and I was planning to have lots of recipes to share with you).  Instead, we spent the day shopping.  It was exhausting but necessary to get all of our holiday gifts done.  The malls were busy as expected and it was fun to bump into one of my best friends and her family at Whole Foods on the way home.  This morning, I made about a million phone calls and  then drove to the train station in a rainstorm to pick up the muddy tire from my trunk.  I think that perhaps I have found a tire rim, but had to figure out which one I needed.  The only joy was the HUGE rainbow spanning most of town!


Then, I met my dad for lunch before I had a doctor’s appointment.  I had this scheduled for a few shots, which worked out quite well since I also needed some Augmentin to attack my throbbing sinuses.  Now I have a stuffed head and a sore arm : )


I planned ahead and bought these guys yesterday…


And then took my first dose with some yogurt today.


Before curling up on my couch to binge watch Scandal.


Luckily, I have a skilled nurse, who will be hanging with me again tomorrow when I take a sick day to let my antibiotics kick in and do their job!  I’m hoping to get my life a bit more organized and a few cookie recipes out to you soon.  And I’ll probably be binge watching my DVR too!  And that’s the latest update from me…

2 thoughts on “So, Let Me Fill You In…

  1. So sorry you are down. At least you have a skilled caretaker😹. Augmenting can be really rough on your system. The latest research says that the probiotics in foods, while, good can’t really help repopulate your GI tract. If you have a probiotic supplement on hand take that too. ( Sorry it’s what you get when you mix a mom with a microbiologist😁).

    Feel better.

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