Flying High


Happy Monday!


Although I don’t typically work Mondays, I worked today but because it is a SHORT holiday week, it wasn’t too bad.  Although because of the short week, it was BUSY!  After Saturday’s snow fall, the sun came out Sunday.  The trees were gorgeous and it actually felt like winter.  The BOY and I cleaned off our cars (which was quite a chore).  Then we carpooled to our separate breakfast plans. I met my girls, which was super fun as always!


I had a little down time to watch the start of the Bears game before changing and going to an Acro Yoga workshop at my yoga studio.  I didn’t really know what to expect but I always love trying new things on my mat and getting inspiration for my kids classes.


This workshop was unique and challenging.  I got asked to partner up with two sweet girls who had some experience with acro yoga.  They were very patient with me and together we tried a whole bunch of new and dynamic poses.  I had opportunities to base and to fly, both of which were fun and nerve wracking.


It’s scary and empowering to let go of your insecurities about your body and strength and give in to something new (and off the ground).  In some ways, I surprised myself with my strength and ability to trust.  And it reinforced how much I LOVE being upside down.  What can I say…I’m an ex-gymnast!

IMG_20151122_153807655 IMG_20151122_153755108

The class was all fun and excitement, so I was surprised by how sore I was during this morning’s 6am yoga class.  My back muscles are still talking to me.  Must be all that time in bird pose!  I would be lying if I said that I didn’t try to convince the BOY to base me on a few moves, but so far it isn’t happening : )  Now that I’ve tried acro and aerial yoga, I am eager to add some more into my practice!  It’s always fun to shake things up!


Have you ever tried acro yoga? Do you want to?

5 thoughts on “Flying High

    • So funny because the thought never occured to me that I should have a friend…until I got there. It actually worked out well so I wouldn’t let that hold you back, but you can always try to recruit someone. Enjoy!!!

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