Five for Friday XXXVI

1. Look at me getting back into the blogging groove.  Too bad I have absolutely no idea how to do Roman numerals and am totally winging it on these posts.  Please…no judgment, it’s Friday!


2. Yesterday, the BOY and I went to the gym before work.  He ran on the treadmill while I ran on the track.  I don’t have any pictures, but I can tell you that I learned that it takes him a good half hour to get out the door in the morning (where as I am ready to go in about 10 minutes) so our workouts were rather short.  I did an adapted version of long intervals and then came home to an old favorite for breakfast…the Pumpkin Dough Boy Smoothie.  Next Thursday, I will be setting our alarm earlier!


Ps The post for this recipe is such a blast from the past…it’s over 4 years old!


3. Speaking of running, check out what arrived in the mail today!  New shoes!  So, the truth is that I have been running in Brooks since like 2004.  In the haste of wedding prep and in an attempt to save some money, I bought a super sale pair of Mizuno’s.  For whatever reason, they have never worked great with my feet. I was able to make them last, but it was definitely time for a new pair and I didn’t even hesitate to go back to my favorite Pure Cadence!




4. Tomorrow we have tickets to see the new James Bond movie.  In prep, we’ve been watching the previous 3 Daniel Craig movies this week.  Is anyone else going to see Spectre?  And from James Bond, I digress to Adele (who sings one of his theme songs).  How excited are you for her new album?  I can’t wait to hear her new stuff!


5. I had a rather stressful week and needed to unwind tonight with a few glasses of delicious red wine.  Since the BOY and I have another workout planned early tomorrow morning,  I am off to bed.  With my furry friend…of course!



How is your Friday going???  What are you doing this weekend?

6 thoughts on “Five for Friday XXXVI

  1. Heck yes to Spectre!!! I love Daniel Craig as Bond dare I say he’s my favorite out of all the Bonds? Don’t get me wrong I love Sean Connery but Daniel Craig is HOT! Hope you have a lovely weekend! Cheers!! 🙂

    • Um for sure! He is the best and I love his movies. We were joking at work that all our patients needed to go see the movie to increase their serotonin levels and feel better over the weekend!

  2. My week ended in a blur ( as most of them do). The remainder of the bookshelves in the library ( now called the innovation center due to 3 smart projectors and 2 smart tv screens )bagpipes red Thurs evening which meant books to be moved. Luckily I had a former library director to help me but still a lot of grunt work.
    My DH is the same as the Boy. If he and Dogma say let’s go for a walk it takes forever to get him out of the house. Drives the poor dog and me a little crazy😝

  3. Happy weekend!! We went and saw a play last night. “Sex with Strangers” it was really good. Just hanging out this weekend!! Its nice to not have a lot on the books especially cause its raining pretty substantially here right now! 🙂 I need to look up some recipes too. I’m kind of in a funk with cooking. Its always the same stuff every week!!!

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