We Now Return to Our Regularly Scheduled Program

Happy November!

Happy Day Light Savings!

Happy Sunday!


The time change had me up earlier than usual this morning, but it worked out well because I made it to the 8am yoga class. I swear I say this every year that this is the only day of the year that I make it to the early class on the weekend. 


I started my practice feeling a bit antsy, but easily calmed into the rhythm of the class.  It was hot, sticky, hard, and amazing…everything I needed this morning!  I came home to scoop up the BOY for a few errands.  We took our ketubah (marriage document as seen in photo below) to be framed and explored pots and knives at Sur La Table.


We came home with Potbelly for lunch to watch the first half of the Bears game.  I rehydrated with a Kombucha that I picked up in Door  County.  It was delicious, and I was sad that I didn’t buy more.


The rest of the day was a lot like yesterday (without the trick or treaters and hard cider).  Cleaning…cleaning…and more cleaning!  We attacked our third bedroom for hours sorting through papers, taking down a desk that we haven’t used in years, and totally reorganizing the entire room.  The only things missing are some curtains and perhaps my bike on a trainer.  I’m debating turning this room into my winter yoga/workout room with my marathon posters for inspiration.


The BOY also redid (again) or spice cabinet.


By the time the sun went down, we were both exhausted.  A bit sore from yesterday’s workout combined with the fatigue of walking countless heavy boxes down a flight of stairs to recycle/donate.  The BOY decided that he wanted pizza and I was thrilled to dig into my leftover Thai food.  The chili I had planned on making was long forgotten.  The BOY opened  a bottle of wine from our new wine fridge and we settled in to watch the World Series.  Note: I am cheering for the Mets in support of my Dad who is a long time loyal Mets fan : )  It seems that the time change is tough on everyone, but the hardest for Cooper who couldn’t figure out why he wasn’t fed dinner hours ago and is now fast asleep!


With just two months until the end of the year and about 10 weeks until we head to paradise for our honeymoon, it’s time to get back into my clean eating and exercise routine!  I set one (easy) goal for October and that was to enjoy my wedding and appreciate every moment.  Although at this point, it seems like a dream, I remember feeling every minute deeply and constantly thinking ‘Wow! I’m so happy, I love this, this is so special!’


Luckily, there are plenty of amazing pictures to document the day!  Now that our house is in order, it feels good to get back into our routine.  Hello…I have tomorrow off with not much to do.  Hooray!  I can’t wait and have been pinning recipes like crazy!  Along those lines, my November goals are to get back into the swing of things…well, the new married life swing of thing : )


November Goals

1. Figure out a fall/winter workout schedule.

2. Cook, Bake, and Explore New Recipes – I have pinned a bunch of new stuff and am inspired by my rediscovery of the Food Network to try some new, hearty, fall recipes…Mmm!

3. Clean/Organize our house.

4. Reconnect – I feel like I’ve been very wedding-centric recently, so I look forward to spending that time hanging with friends and family.


What are your November Goals?

4 thoughts on “We Now Return to Our Regularly Scheduled Program

  1. I started yesterday too with a few purchases on amazon. Let me back up …. A few weeks ago I took an aqua bootcamp class. I thought I was in reasonable condition but it totally kicked my butt! So what to do? Take it again and realize I need to do this ( a good alternative to running and it has a bunch of my friends in it). So what to order- of course a new suit, swim shoes would also help as half of the class is in the shallow end, and a terry robe because the pool is downstairs from the regular locker room ( then I won’t need a towel).
    Oh and for Halloween I made the tortilla soup-Huge Hit!! It will be my dinner tonight and tomorrow when I work both jobs. Thanks again for the recipe – keep them coming please.

    • So happy you liked it Debi! I think tomorrows chili will turn out good although it sounds kind of odd : ) Where are you taking that class? Sounds awesome!!! I need some new fall/winter inspiration!

  2. My class is at Fountainview fitness in Carol Stream. The facility is only about 2 years old. They even have 5:30 am yoga classes twice a week ( yoga with weights and sports yoga). The sports yoga works on whatever aches we need worked out.

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