{10-10-15} Best Day Ever

I’ve totally become that girl who believes her wedding was the BEST ONE EVER!  Who knew I had it in me?!  After all of the planning and excitement, I was a bit fearful that I had overhyped the day.  Turns out, that the day totally blew me away.  It exceeded my expectations in so many ways!


The celebration began Friday around 3pm when we turned the hotel lobby into our own private happy hour and continued through Sunday night into the evening at the BBQ hosted by my parents.  There was so much fun and excitement that I could barely sleep in between : )

Saturday started with a tasty and power packed breakfast in my suite with my mom.


Followed by a yoga class.


Then I took a nice long soak in the tub.  NOTE: Our hotel suite was INCREDIBLE!


Around noon, the girls got together for coffee, lunch, hair and makeup.



The time FLEW by and then next thing I knew…it was my turn!


When my flowers arrived, I was floored by how sensation the colors and design turned out.


I heard from a few people who peaked that the room set up was going well too and I was excited to see it.  Around 3pm, my mom helped me into my dress and my heart was pounding as I took the elevator up to the 12th floor for our first look.  I hadn’t seen or talked to the BOY all day and was eager to continue our journey together.  It was a special moment for the two of us (of course captured by our photogs) and then we joined our good looking bridal party for a shuttle ride to a near by park with gorgeous trees and bright yellow barns…and apparently every high schooler going to homecoming in the county : )


Hopefully I won’t have to wait too long to see our professional pics.  I saw a few that day and I am obsessed!  When we returned to the hotel, we snuck in the back and rode the elevator back up to the 12th floor for family pictures.


It was windy but beautiful as the sun was setting in the backdrop.


After pictures, it was time to move forward with our ceremony.



And the next thing I knew…we were married!!!


We had some alone time to enjoy appetizers before entering our festive wine themed cocktail hour.


The cocktail hour décor turned out phenomenal!  I wasn’t exactly sure what it would look like and it floored me to walk in and see the room transformed into our favorite vacation place where we got engaged last year.

12107826_10153587545589693_1877821246756285048_n 12115664_10153589258009693_4782859623526006491_n

The evening began and progressed way to quickly through thoughtful speeches, a delicious buffet dinner of tacos, stirfry, and BBQ, wild and crazy photo booth pictures, first dances, an extended Horah, mouth watering dessert (pie, popcorn, and caramel cheesecake), and dancing until the wee hours.





IMG_4061 IMG_4062


I tried to talk to everyone and soak up every moment, appreciating all the time and personalized touches that went into planning this memorable wedding day AND all of the people who were thrilled to celebrate our love with us!


At the end of the evening (or should I say early in the morning), we finally had some time to decompress as the BOY helped me pick bobby pins out of my hair and we recapped one of the most exciting days of our lives!  What can I say…it was the BEST DAY EVER!


22 thoughts on “{10-10-15} Best Day Ever

  1. fabulous post! capturing the insane fun, joy, excitement and love that surrounded you all weekend… the only part your forgot…. when ‘alone’ time was invaded by the most adorable children ever…. DD, I loved every ‘mom’ent!!!!!! besides being your best wedding ever, you were a most beautiful bride…. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  2. Seriously BEAUTIFUL!!! Your dress is ridiculous so super gorgeous, you worked that dress girl! All that lifting,yoga, and eating right paid off you look fabulous but more importantly I’m sure you feel wonderful! Everything about your wedding looked so well thought out and put together.. You guys look so happy! Congratulations!

    • Heidi, Thank you so much! You are so right…taking care of myself physically and mentally had me feeling beautiful and confident all weekend, which I LOVED! I did plan every single detail and it was really exciting to see it all come together in honor of our amazing family and friends! Thank you again for your sweet comment!

  3. What a beautiful day! So happy for you, lady! Love your dress, too, and you look fabulous! Wishing you a lifetime of love, laughter and happiness! ❤

  4. Yesss I finally got the recap! First of all, you look stunning! I love your dress! The colors and theme of your wedding are so beautiful…what’s better than a fall wedding? I’m so happy you basically got a whole weekend of celebrating! Oh, and that FOOD? Get outta town. So many buffets!! I would have died. I’m so happy for you two! Congratulations!!

    • Than you so much Lauren!!! The dress is from BHLDN in the city and I loved it. I think the look and feel of the wedding was exactly what we wanted and I was so proud that we stayed true to ourselves. Thank you for your enthusiasm!!!

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