Oh September…I Love You Too!

Even though the days are shorter, my mornings darker, and the weather cooler, I still love me some September.  I mean…the changing leaves, the football, not to mention the chili…Mmm! It’s a good month to curl up on the couch with my kitty and enjoy the fresh air and fun!


Before I get too excited about September, I need to check in on August goals.  A little late, I know, but I’ve been a little busy : )

August Goals

Sleep More (get back up to 8 hours)-Oh man…I failed!  Vacations don’t always equal sleep when you are dancing at the club until the wee hours, and during the week nights, I’ve only been getting about 7 hours a night.  I definitely feel it!

Slow Down (and breathe)-Vacation helped with this one, but I would say that packed weekends have had me feeling more frazzled than refreshed.

Keep it Clean (especially on vacation)-I would say that I’ve been doing a good job of staying clean and healthy while also indulging in local faves.  Nashville had some amazing food!  Bonuts anyone? And I baked up two awesome new recipes…coming soon!

Find Wedding Shoes-I think I’m down to two!

Balance Work/Life– #thestruggleisreal



September Goals (for what’s left of it)

Bike More

Blog More

Get Wedding Organized

Keep Calm

And Enjoy the ride!




5 thoughts on “Oh September…I Love You Too!

  1. Ok I’m going to ask. What is a Bonut? I know what a Cronut and a Dosant are.
    I know 8 hours is recommended but 7 is at least reasonable ( actually I can’t remember the last time I got 7).
    Can’t wait for the new recipes!!
    Have a great weekend.

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