Unplanned Unplug

I’m back again…


I swear I didn’t plan to be gone from the blogging world for that long, it just sort of happened.  No I haven’t been reading blogs either so there is much to catch up on!  I’ve just been slammed on so many fronts and at the end of the day just didn’t have the time or energy to talk about it.  Enter in a scheduled ‘down’ weekend.  Well if you can call cramming errands into your Friday night and a workout, teaching a kids yoga class, and a facial into your Saturday all before 2pm ‘down’ time?!


Anyways, in case you’ve missed me, here’s what I’ve been up to…

Nashville was wonderful, catching up with my girls, eating amazing food, and listening to fresh, live music!


Bonuts from Biscuit Love…Mmm!


Devouring chocolate fondue with my amazing coworkers at All Chocolate Kitchen!


Like, I really DOVE right in : )



Celebrating our last wedding shower!



My Bridesmaids


Followed by family fun and a birthday dinner at Cooper’s Hawk!



And then my sister in laws 30th birthday party!



Drinking PSL’s (Pumpkin Spice Lattes)



And doing office coffee runs



Trying out wedding nails






Doing tons and tons of yoga!  And prepping for this morning’s classes…



Freaking out that my wedding is only 4 weeks away…



I’m hoping to be back up and running now as a blogger, so more updates, recipes, and pictures to come! 


I hope!

5 thoughts on “Unplanned Unplug

  1. Welcome back. Sounds like you’ve been busy but that’s how it should be. 4 weeks yikes! We will understand if you are MIA some more but there’d better be lots of pics of you and your dress after the fact ( since you’ve given no hints and I had it on good authority that you were determined to try on every dress in Illinois 😉). I love the saying on your board for the yoga class. They look so fun.

    • Thank you Brittany!
      I know…I’m not a huge donut fan but with biscuit dough…Mmmm!
      So the hair…well, I’ve been growing it so that it can go up for the wedding. It hasn’t been thinned or layered and I feel like it’s so dull so I appreciate the compliments for sure!

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