Big Hats – Big Weekend

Last weekend was amazing and busy and then this week just flew by.  I blinked and it was the weekend.  Hooray!  One confession…I stayed out too late Thursday night hanging out with my coworkers.  It was totally worth it for the tacos and laughs!


Friday night, it was off to bed early. I am still working my way through Big Little Lies and it was an early morning wake up on Saturday.  My alarm went off while I was dreaming that the photographer didn’t show up for our wedding.  Amazingly, I handled it rather calmly (in my dreams).


The BOY and I each worked out with our trainers and finished together with abs.  He’s getting good with his boxing gloves!  We had a bit of down time before it was off to the races.


We met our dads at the race track for the Arlington Million.

IMG_20150815_160850709_HDR IMG_20150815_122924325_HDR


It stated off as a super hot day, but it was still fun to bet and watch the ponies.  Then the storms rolled in, the rain came, and there were a few muddy races.  Our seats were great because we didn’t get wet, but the rain cooled everything down.


The sun was back out for the last race…an exciting 33rd running of the Arlington Million!


We didn’t win, but we had a blast!


We were supposed to grill dinner, but instead drove over to a local sushi restaurant for a delicious dinner.

IMG_20150815_190227357 IMG_20150815_190235402

Sunday, I had the day all to myself, so I filled it with a few of my favorite things…yoga, Starbucks, shopping, and nails.

IMG_20150816_112133 IMG_20150816_150307927

IMG_20150816_174749522 IMG_20150816_165500

I had gifts to buy and prep to do before our weekend vacation.  I also had a bunch of house cleaning to do.  The BOY returned home and we hung out together eating dinner and watching a bit of TV.  I stayed up WAY too late working on some wedding stuff, and was beyond happy to have another day off today before heading back to work.



What did you do this weekend?

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