Eats and Exercise {Lately}

I warned you that you may not see much of me this month.  August is one of my favorite months, but it is also a crazy busy one.  Here is a little bit of what I’ve been up to on the eats and exercise front…



I had a cool week of patients bringing in food.  One patient went apple picking, another brought me eggs from their chickens, and a third brought me two huge bags of veggies from his unbelievable garden.  The BOY bought a baby charcoal grill this week (men and their meat…sigh!), and was excited to grill up sausages for Monday night’s German Night themed dinner.  My patient had given me cabbage and onions which he also roasted with potatoes.


The entire meal was AWESOME. I ate until I was stuffed which is not my usual dinner eating style : )  But it was worth it.  And the left over cabbage and potatoes made a great second meal for lunch the next day.


What I haven’t been eating is the meatloaf that I was supposed to make two weeks in a row. Oops!  Instead, the BOY made us tacos last night, which was much easier while I baked my coworker a cookie cake for her birthday.


It’s been a latte kind of week and I have had my fair share of Starbucks/Dunkin’ runs.  Today, the guy in front of me paid for my office run of iced tea at Dunkin’.  Thank you kind stranger and I can’t wait to pay it forward!



Last weekend, it was all about the yoga.  I went to classes Friday, Sunday, and Monday (where I met my Mom for the 6am class) and truly felt amazing!  Squeezed in between was a strength session. 


Tuesday morning, I went for a 5 mile run, Wednesday was a rest day, and this  morning I HIIT the train (LOL!).   My trainer encouraged me to increase my interval time (and here I was just being proud that I was doing intervals).  This morning was a 5 minute warm up, 30 seconds on/30 seconds recovery x20 minutes, followed by a 5 minute cool down.  It went well until my last sprint which ended up being uphill…I have one word for you…brutal!


#tbt to another tough run

This upcoming weekend includes a lot more strength training (starting bright and early tomorrow morning) and of course some yoga!

As for what I’m eating drinking now…wine!  Because it’s my weekend!


What are you recent eats and exercise?

6 thoughts on “Eats and Exercise {Lately}

  1. We were doing some HIIT training in spin class the other night!! Keep up the strength and yoga!! You will look super strong in your wedding dress!! II’ve been running more…amping up for Hood to Coast and a 1/2 marathon!

  2. Ive had a temporary crown on my back molar for a few weeks so I have been eating more steamed veges -ugh. I like my raw ones. I just got my permanent one – hello raw carrots!!
    I am trying to fit more yoga and strength training in. I was thinking about a trainer just not sure about fitting one in right now.

    • Tribalance has GREAT trainers but time and money are always the toughest part of making that work…especially when you have such a busy month! Hope your back on crunchy veggies for good : )

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