Weekend Highs and Weekday Lows


High: Bachelorette Party in Michigan


Including…best friends, tasty wine, funny stories, yoga, delicious treats, lazy beach days, cheese plates, continuous laughter, (too much) tequila, meaningful conversations, and more! 


I seriously could not have asked for a better group of women to share this memorable weekend with!  I returned home on the highest HIGH!  I mean, there is love, which is amazing, but true friendship is priceless.  My heart was so full of gratitude and appreciation when I returned home!  I mean, they went to a yoga class with me on Saturday morning…love this crew!



My HIGH lasted throughout my Monday off…which included a strength session, trip to the dentist, shopping, rehydrating, and living in the moment.



And then my work week began…

LOW: World’s Busiest Work Week


(recycled picture…but I look official)

Consisting of…multiple evaluations, exhaustive paperwork, emails, and more.

The week continued with a mix of HIGHs and LOWs.

High: Awesome Dinner (and leftovers)


Low: Running in Humidity

High: Hump Day Packages (wedding shoes!)


Low: Missing the Last Day of the Tour de France (darn DVR)

High: Wedding Invites were Mailed Today!

All of these ups and downs and it’s only hump day : )  My last low is that I am exhausted and going to crash…or maybe try on all of those shoes, so let’s count this as a HIGH!

What are you HIGHs and LOWs this week?

9 thoughts on “Weekend Highs and Weekday Lows

  1. You said we have to wait to see the dress but you could tease with the shoes!😊
    Ps I hate running in this humidity. It feels so difficult.

    • Oh I had the worst run this past week. Ah!
      I should definitely tease with shoes : ) I have like 15 pairs right now. Will work on some photos. Right now…most of them are Cooper in the Zappos box!

  2. So glad you had a wonderful bachelorette party! Sounds like the wedding planning is all coming together… it’s getting close!

    Ugh… this humidity has been brutal, right?! But, not going to complain… we wait six months for this weather! 🙂

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