Five for Friday XXXV (That I Forgot to Post on Friday)

1. When you read this, I will be out of town doing…well, I have no idea.  See, it’s my bachelortte party weekend (woo hoo!), and all the details have been kept hidden from me.  I do know that we will be in Michigan near the beach, and I can’t wait!  I can’t believe after setting this date, like in January, that the weekend is finally here, and I am so grateful to all of my amazing friends for spending it with me!


My MOH and I many moons ago : )


2.  In prep for the party weekend, I got some party nails!



3. Which were perfect for the BOY and I to model our new wedding bands.

Sorry folks…no early peaks here!


4.  For the weekend, I whipped up a few of my favorite quick breads (including Molasses Banana and Coconut Oil Pumpkin).  I also made two HUGE bags of puppy chow.  One regular and one the amazing white chocolate version.



5.  I have gotten so much wedding stuff done these past two weeks, including invites.  After almost 9 years since our first date, this wedding is starting to feel really REAL!  I’ll be back Monday with stories of shenanigans, I am sure : )


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