Kicking It Off

If I were a Disney princess, I probably would have woken up singing Saturday morning.  There were even animals present as Cooper climbed into our bed for an adorable 15 minute cuddle.  I was in a great mood and the sun was shining on a promising day ahead for our first wedding shower.  After months and months of planning, it is actually starting to feel REAL.  Disney princess or not, the singing came later.


I was up super early so took time to enjoy my black tea and breakfast.  Then, I walked out the door for the 8am yoga class.  My intention was to have toned arms to sport with my new shower dress and a zen heart to enjoy and appreciate the special day.  I accomplished both and with my #postyoga glow, I found myself rocking along out loud to the radio on the way home…I told you there’d be singing.


An hour later, I was back in the car, this time all dressed up, heading to Chicago for our shower.  We were both super excited to ‘kick off’ the wedding season and to meet chef Stephanie Goldfarb who would be leading us in chopping lessons and along with her pastry chef preparing the most amazing meal!


Appetizers were ready and bubbles poured before we started the demo.  These are the watermelon gazpacho shooters, tea infused quail eggs, and shrimp toasts.  Mmm!


Our chefs Stephanie and Lucie Ann!


We got an important lesson in chopping and then got to work making the most delicious pot stickers…learning all the tricks of the trade!





The peanut sauce was possibly the best I’ve ever had, and I’m hoping to have recipes to make and share soon.  Everything we ate was amazing and I was full before lunch was over!  Everyone felt the same way, but we did save room for dessert!  Mexican hot chocolate mousse and shortbread custard fruit tarts…



The guys arrived and presents were opened.  Our friends know us soo well as every gift was kitchen related.  The BOY got a gorgeous decanter and his smile was enormous when he opened up the deep fryer.



The shower was so unique and personalized to us, which made the entire day extremely special!  We are super lucky to have the most amazing friends and family who are just as excited as we are to celebrate our upcoming wedding.  Including my bestie of almost 30 years (who is also the Matron of Honor)!


The celebrations continued after the guests left as we cozied into the porch furniture for more bubbles and a cheese plate reminiscent of last weekend’s Happy Hour on the dock.  Same great crowd…same blue shirts : )


Around 7pm, we made our way back to the kitchen for pot stickers part II.  This time, the ladies showed of their new cooking skills to the guys.

IMG_20150627_202813687 IMG_20150627_205341789_HDR

IMG_20150627_205348775 IMG_20150627_205353580

We left around 9pm and taxied a few miles down the road to my brother and sister in laws new house. I wish I could tell you that we went straight to bed after the busy day, but instead we sat out back for drinks and cigars.  Despite my lack of sleep, I was up again early this morning, still excited from the previous day’s festivities.


It was another beautiful day and I walked the 2 miles to the yoga studio where up I met up again with this crew…


I was feeling pretty amazing until my first forward fold revealed that I had perhaps a few too many bubbles the night day before.  That feeling quickly passed as I got into the groove of one of the best yoga classes I’ve every taken in my life.  I’m not sure if it was the high of the weekend, being surrounded by my family and friends, the skill of the teacher, or the energy of the room.  I’m guessing that it was all of the above!


Throughout class, I felt light, strong, and flexible and that feeling continued off the mat as walked down Southport appreciating the energy of the city.  I swung into Teavanna for an incredible tri colored drink and picked up empanadas for brunch.


I arrived back at my brothers as everyone else was walking in.  Our hosts cooked eggs, bacon, and potatoes and my parents arms were filled with bagels and coffee.  It was the perfect ending to a spectacular weekend!  The BOY and I packed up all our new kitchen gadgets and goodies and drove back home to the suburbs.  Cooper was thrilled to see us, but perhaps more excited to explore all of the boxes and bags!


The BOY and I did a much needed kitchen cleaning making room for all of our new toys!  And then lack of sleep caught up with us as we collapsed in the living room with a movie and Thai food delivery.  Wait until you see what we (almost) had for dessert…


Our wedding will be here soon…let the countdown begin!!!


4 thoughts on “Kicking It Off

  1. What fun. When your mom mentioned a chef I didn’t realize it would be a cooking lesson. Can’t wait for you to share the recipe.
    Looks like you received some great things and had a good time.

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