Thinking Out Loud Thursday {6/04}

I should admit that I don’t really understand what this title means, but I’ve seen other’s use it with randomness, so I thought I could give it a try.  Overall, this week is going really well!  We’ve survived hump day, the sun is shining, and there’s only one more sleep until the weekend!  Hooray Us!!!


Yesterday was National Run Day!


I didn’t run Wednesday, but I did get in a good 5 miler Tuesday morning. If I were more tech savvy, I would add in all of the reasons that I run.


I can’t afford therapy

I love red wine

It’s my quiet time

I miss nature during my day job

I crave the HIGH’s

It’s where I do my best thinking

I rise to the challenge

It makes me feel strong

I never regret it

I burn off stress

I can!!!

Why do you run???


Cooper is sick


He has had a few asthma attacks over the weekend, which has been hard to see.  Afterwards, he usually ‘looses his meow’ and just sounds so pitiful.  This week, we started him on a medicine to help, and I am hoping that will get him through this challenging spring.  Even with the asthma, he still gets into everything…case and point…his new hiding location in our cup cabinet!





I’ve been attacking my June goals and adding in the greens…spinach in my eggs, a veggie heavy curry, and zoodles galore!  My trainer encouraged me to cut back my dark chocolate habit to every other night. Ugh! I’ve been trying to squash the cravings with cake batter tea, but really nothing beats dark chocolate : )



I really wanted to buy these at Target!


Tell me…have you tried them???




I will just try to keep this stream of thought concise but basically…while I was teaching the spring Saturday yoga class, I was able to change my work schedule. Two mornings a week, I went to the 6am yoga class, which I LOVED.  I was doing yoga at least 3xweek, my body felt strong, and my mind clear.  Fast forward a month into my regular schedule, and I really miss morning yoga.  I considered trying to completely revamp my schedule, but that was a bust.  It occurred to me as I was walking out of Sunday’s yoga class that although I have never had a successful home practice, I might be able to use some of the podcasts I downloaded to do morning yoga on my own.  And…now that the weather is so beautiful in the mornings, perhaps I could even set up my mat in the backyard.  Which is exactly what I did after my walk with the BOY today before work!  And I’m hoping to do it again soon!



Tomorrow, I am going downtown to hang out and drink wine with my sister in law…Hooray!  And then I may be back down in the city on Sunday and Monday!?  So fun!  Like I said…only one more sleep until the weekend!


What’s on your mind today?

8 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud Thursday {6/04}

  1. I run for all the reasons you had except I also run for energy. The days I run are always a way more active.
    As for the Oreos. A bunch of the teachers at my school tried them and the concensus was meh. They didn’t like them ( they have loved many of the other flavors).
    I’m going to printers row this weekend for the Lit Fest. It’s really fun. Lots of books and authors and fun stuff going on.
    I didn’t know kitties got asthma ( he’s not allergic to cats is he ;-)?). Sorry couldn’t resist. Nebulizer treatments and inhalers are sort of out of the question ( but they do bring up an interesting picture). Take care of him. When animals are sick it’s especially sad.

    • Thanks Debi!
      Hope you had fun at the festival! I hear it is really cool but I’ve never been. I do kind of wonder if Cooper has some sort of allergy that is causing the problems. For the most part he is good but when he has an attack it really is so sad. Thanks for the Oreo info! Now I know they’re not worth it : ) I”ll look to the teachers for Oreo Info from here on out!

  2. You’re killing it with the veggies! I love sneaking them into my diet 🙂 also I definitely know where that picture was taken at the beginning but I can’t put my finger on it. It’s driving me crazy!! Haha. Your cat is too cute — makes me miss mine at my parents’ house.

    • You’ve seen the sign?! My friend ran the marathon a few years back and so another friend and I traveled all over the city with the sign cheering people on. I lost my voice for days : ) I think that we were on Broadway but not sure exactly where.

  3. Happy running day!! I did a 5 miler fast. It was fun! I also signed up for RNR Vancouver! Yay!!
    Good job working on your goals!! I love spinach in my eggs.
    I haven’t even seen those oreos. I do kind of want to try the new Starbucks s’mores fraps! 😉

    • Me too! I think I will just do it while they still have the tiny size because it looks amazing. Although I just got an email that there is a red velvet flavor coming!!!

      Vancouver has to be a gorgeous city to run! So fun!

  4. Hope Cooper feels better soon! I need a spiralizer… those zoodles look SO good! But, a little bit of dark chocolate every day isn’t that bad 🙂 You should see how much I eat! ha! I celebrated national running day with an eight-miler in a monsoon… totally wasn’t supposed to rain that hard! I was two miles out, so had to keep running. Ended up being super fun! Have a wonderful weekend!

    • Warm weather rain I can handle during a run but when it’s cold I”m just miserable. Many moons ago when I was in grad school I went for a run and got stuck in a monsoon. I was feeling super stressed and just let the tears come with the rain. It was the most cleansing run!

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