Five for Friday XXXIV {Cooper’s Antics Edition}

By reader demand…a day devoted to my favorite furry friend!


1. Cooper loves ice cubes! He has since he was a kitten and the second you start filling your glass, there is an eager kitty at your toes.  If you happen to lose a cube, it is gone for good as Cooper bats it around the kitchen.  Earlier this week, as I was getting ready for work, he was paying some special attention to my shoes.  Why you ask?  Because he lost his ice cube INSIDE my shoe.




2.  Cooper knocked down our plant in front of the TV during the Hawk’s game Wednesday night. 


He had so much fun hunting from ‘the jungle’ that he did it again on Thursday night, and then proceeded to hide in the jungle and stalk his mouse from the leaves. 



3. On a non Cooper note, the BOY and I had the most wonderful Friday date night.  Dinner at Cooper’s Hawk (yes…that is where Cooper’s name came from, so I guess this is related to our kitten).  They have a new burrata appetizer…yum!  And the wine and service are always on point.



4. Afterwards, we started a game of Monopoly.  Look who got jealous that he wasn’t include? 



5. Despite all of his antics, at the end of the day, all he really wants is a cuddle and a belly scratch




Does your pet have ‘antics’?

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