Views From the Couch


I had a sinus infection, took some meds, and started feeing better. And then, a day later, I got derailed by a cold!  A REALLY BAD cold!  Each day, I’ve felt worse than the day before.  I have spent most of the weekend glued to my couch with nurse Cooper, making my way through some reality TV, Lifetime movies, and DVR. 


I pulled it together to plan and run the last yoga class of the spring session.  It was super fun because my youngest kids have so much enthusiasm no matter what I look and sound like. I gave my middle class some freedom to create their own yoga poses and stories, which they welcomed and rocked.  And with the older girls, we attempted some challenging acro poses.


I was so happy to not let them down, but by Saturday night it was clear that I was REALLY sick.  Thankfully, the BOY brought in Ramen for dinner, which was exactly what I was craving!


I actually had a fever and was convinced at 2am that I had the flu and had given it to everyone I know.  When I woke up Sunday, I called my mom to tell her I probably shouldn’t be hanging out for Mother’s Day.  She understood completely but decided to collect up some chicken soup, fresh fruit and veggies and came over to care for me and play with Cooper.  He soaked up the attention and it was nice to hang out.  I felt well enough to get out for a bit so we grabbed lunch and did a quick Target run.


Then I came back home and crashed back on my couch with Coop.  Yesterday was more of the same.  The BOY and I did leave to do our weekly grocery store run, but then it was right back to my new post.


I have been eating Thai soup, Ramen, and chicken soup for the past week, along with drinking gatorade and tea.  Yesterday, I was borderline depressed and wondering if I would ever feel well enough to get off my couch again.  Dramatic…I know, but there’s only so much TV one person can watch.  Plus, I REALLY want to take these new shoes for a trial run.  I decided to call the doctor again to make an appointment for today.


However, I don’t think I need it.  Although I didn’t sleep well last night, it was apparent when I woke up that I was finally on the upswing!  Less coughing, less drugs needed, and a little more energy.  I decided to ‘be done’ with my sick pod and cleaned up the area surrounding the couch, washed blankets and towels, and left the house to get the mail.  I also did a Starbucks run!  I’m still resting up as I know I have a busy 3 days of work left this week.  My nurse is also catching up on his sleep…ha ha!


As for life outside the couch…my meal plan this week consists of chicken soup, chicken soup, and some more chicken soup : )

I’m hoping to get my exercise routine going with some easy workouts soon.

With all of the coughing I’ve done in the past 7 days, I should have a 6 pack.

I REALLY do want to start making some new spring recipes to share.  Farmer’s markets…here I come!

And I am really contemplating how I got so sick.  I could understand more if I was feeling run down or burning my candle from both ends, but really I had just hit my stride.  Being this sick, just reminds me how important it is for me to balance my exercise, sleep, and work schedules.  I HATE being out of commission for this long!

Cheers to healthy roads ahead!

10 thoughts on “Views From the Couch

    • Thanks Jennifer! Although I am wiped out it felt great to leave the house today and go to work. I must say that I missed Coop today…we’ve been sharing blankets all weekend!

  1. Sinus infections are the worst! And, allergy season is really bad this year, too (so I’ve heard… I’m lucky and don’t have any). So glad you’re on the upswing and hope you’re 100 percent soon!

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