Five for Friday XXXII

1. My full speed ahead approach to this sinus infection failed me as I was forced to call in sick to work today.  I was coughing non stop yesterday and woke up today unrested, with the sweats, and a wicked headache.  I hated to make the call, but it was clear that I made the right decision when I crashed on the couch wondering if I had the flu.  Ugh!



2. Cooper and I took a 2 hour nap today!  He is a pretty good nurse.  And by 4:00, I finally started to feel like a person again.




3. Cooper and I also watched 3 hours of Scandal today, but we didn’t catch up on any Grey’s.  I did finish my book though…which by the way was AWESOME!  I highly recommend both of Kimberly McCreight’s books.


4. I bought new running shoes.  I’ve never worn Mizuno before, so fingers crossed that I will be feeling well enough to take them for a test drive soon, and I’m hoping that they will work.  Especially since they look so cool!  Do you wear Mizuno’s?




5. The BOY made dinner tonight (homemade pizza) and luckily I was feeling better (after a nap and some Advil) enough to eat.  I impressed him by making a fancy dessert.  Ha ha!  Actually I kind of messed up my dessert in a box, but it was still tasty.




Tell me about your Friday…

8 thoughts on “Five for Friday XXXII

  1. where did you get your shoes… they are so cute… can we have a full out cooper only post? Love ya DD, but Cooper has my heart! I went to the library… look for a report on justfuffy…

  2. I second the above comment. I absolutely love the photo bombs Cooper does! I’m not a cat person but there is something about him…
    Hope you got some antibiotics to go along with the rest. I had one of those this year and I ” fought” it for 3 weeks and finally cried uncle.
    I don’t wear Mizunos. I have an extremely high arch so I usually stick to Nikes. I have been wanting to try some because they have some really fun patterns.

  3. I’m so glad you’re feeling better! I’ve actually been battling a couple days of a cold/sore throat/cough myself, so I can totally relate. I’m feeling better today, too — woooo! And I have to admit that boxed desserts are sometimes SO delicious to me — I might have to whip up some boxed brownies or cake myself this evening. =)

    • They are a huge savior! I like to keep them on hand for quick chocolate fixes : ) It seems that everyone is a bit sick which is the pits! I got sick again and now I’m not fighting it so well. Ugh!

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