I Got Sick

It was bound to happen. I work with kids and the majority of them were itching, coughing, and sneezing the last two weeks and Thursday night, my throat started to hurt real bad.  By Saturday, it was clear that what I got came on quick and strong. I was able to medicate with Musinex to get through the day on Saturday and Sunday, but Monday morning, I decided an antibiotic might be needed.


Saturday evening, I crashed on the couch with Orange is the New Black after an amazing bowl of Thai soup (medication in a bowl, I swear!). 

And of course…this guy napping next to me : )


Sunday morning was gorgeous.  It’s about 3 weeks until my 10 mile race and I knew I needed to get in some mileage.  So sickness and all, I laced up my sneaks.  I figured that even if I couldn’t run, I could walk.  My run went unexpectedly well.  My bigger problem was these new shoes that I bought that make my feet numb.


Since I ran almost 6 miles, I made sure to rest up with some afternoon couch reading.


Monday morning, I had a prescheduled blood draw for my upcoming yearly physical.  Then headed over to the walk in clinic to see the doctor.  On the way, I swung by Starbucks for breakfast (I was starving since I had to fast for the blood draw).  You can always tell when I’m sick by my eyes…especially since I was coughing too much to sleep well the last two nights.


The doctor agreed that I looked and sounded like a sinus infection and prescribed an antibiotic.  From there, I darted over to Whole Foods for probiotics (amongst other things) and then to the grocery to pick up my Px (along with our weekly groceries).  I went home to start my drugs immediately.  Sucked down with yogurt and probiotics to try to save my stomach, of course! 

IMG_20150504_114710368 IMG_20150504_115102977

Thanks Coop for the photo bomb!

Then I rushed back out the door to meet a good friend for lunch and a few returns at the mall.  I was also able to return the numb inducing shoes which thrilled me since I’ve already worn them!  I arrived back home, just as my energy levels crashed.  I did have enough energy to troll the internet for new running shoes (and quick shipping) and finish up some paper work before tomorrow’s work day.  This week’s meal plan is all about whole foods (because it is my May goal) but also lots of energy inducing, immune system boosting foods to get me back to myself.  Plus lots of liquids!  I did keep our meals easy though because I know I will be pretty exhausted after this upcoming crazy busy work week.  Man, I hate being sick!  I better turn in early tonight!



Meal Planning 5/04/15

Monday: Crockpot Orange Chicken

Tuesday: Shrimp Something

Wednesday: Potato Bar Night

Thursday: Leftovers

5 thoughts on “I Got Sick

  1. Feel better kiddo. I know how it is working with kids-they always have something and they love to share! You do have the cutest photo bomber I’ve ever seen though.

  2. […] After a record breaking number of patients yesterday and a lingering (although improving) sinus infection, I welcomed the break.  Until I got home and realized that I had a ton of work to do.  […]

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