I Can’t Have a Cooking Show if I Don’t Cook

Which is why I need to get into the kitchen this weekend.  Unlike last weekend, it is a nice long one!  A well needed, nice, long weekend!

I also had plans to get in a long run and play tennis, but the weather had other ideas.

Anyhoo, the BOY and I survived the week with little to no fresh food in the house. How?  He ordered Thai one night…I got Mediterranean another, plus we did have to do a Jewel run for a few staples.


Since I wasn’t cooking, what was I doing all week?

Working:  Need I say more?

Having Dinner with my Dad: We had a Friday night walk and dinner date.

Loving on THIS Guy: That adorable face gets me every time!


Getting into my Workout Groove: Monday morning yoga, Tuesday morning run, Thursday morning spin, Friday morning strength…

Stressing About our Comforter: Apparently just because you register, doesn’t mean the store will keep what you love.

Drinking Wine and Watching Scandal: Wine from a big glass…just like Olivia!


Living on Caffeine: How many Dunkin’ runs does one girl need?  I had a picture to insert but the dark circles under my eyes were WAY too embarrassing.

Wedding Stuff: Always much to do and decisions to make!

Posting #tbt Pictures: Remember when we got engaged just a few months ago???


Having a Quiet Friday Night Alone Night: I don’t know the last time I had a quiet night at home…I love it!


Have you been cooking or doing other stuff this week?

Hoping to have some new recipes coming soon…

7 thoughts on “I Can’t Have a Cooking Show if I Don’t Cook

  1. Oh no, having a store discontinue stuff that you registered for and loved is so stressful! I had to buy a couple of things off of our registry just to make sure we had them. (P.S. Hey, Crate & Barrel, why in the heck would you discontinue serving bowls but not the matching dinnerware?) I hope you can get the comforter thing sorted out! I am also living on caffeine lately–glad I’m in good company. 🙂

    • Oh so am I!!! Caffeine with company is way better than caffeine alone : )

      Yes, I did just go my by comforter but can’t figure out why it was ‘unavailable’ when I only registered last week. But they still have the shams! UGH! Thanks for the support! It sounds crazy but really is stressful!

  2. My cooking has been throwing a potato on the stove to point and throwing veggies in the oven to roast. With a side of beans of tempeh. Boom boom bam.

  3. We have actually been able to modge-podge some meals together this week!! We finally went to the store today. It is too hard doing it during the week!!
    When did you guys get engaged? It seems longer than a few months ago?! 😉

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