Lazy Bones Finally Got Her Butt out of Bed {and went for a run}

TRUTH: I wrote this post title last night in hopes that I would be too embarrassed to erase it.

FACT: It was this trick, but more so the gorgeous 70 degree weather that I’ve been watching through the windows at work that actually encouraged me to toss off my blanket and lace up my sneakers.

ACTUALLY: It was drizzling when I hit the road and although I was a bit chilly, I warmed quickly and loved every physical and mental benefit from this morning’s run.


DEFINITE: I also loved the post run kisses I received from Cooper.

IN TRUTH: He was probably just licking my salty sweat.

IMG_20150416_072659962 IMG_20150416_072725546

FACTOID: Cooper is a much better stretcher than I am.

CERTAINLY: Can’t wait to get running again!


Tell me a FACT…

8 thoughts on “Lazy Bones Finally Got Her Butt out of Bed {and went for a run}

  1. I went yesterday am too. It was beautiful. But before I could go, I had to walk Dogma first-it’s hard to resist those eyes. I’m so happy to be back outside!

  2. I reallllyyy want to run tomorrow morning before work, but fear I will make an excuse along the lines of “drinking coffee and relaxing.” HA.

  3. The warmer weather has been a really great motivator to get out there and run. And I’m the same way, too–I know that posting about a run on my blog has a pretty good chance of actually getting me out the door. Glad you (and Cooper too, haha) enjoyed your run!

  4. Fact: I’m currently looking out the window, debating if I’m going to run or not. I have a million excuses to stay on the couch, but I know I’ll be so happy once I start pounding the pavement. But it’s drizzly! Ugh!

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