Confessions of an X Cardio Queen


I am a total self proclaimed cardio queen, yet recently, it seems that my interests have shifted.  It could be that I exercise more often indoors over the winter (and don’t love the treadmill) or that I have big goals for awesome arms before my wedding, but this cardio queen has been doing WAY more strength training than swim/bike/running.  Now, that will all change soon…as running is in my blood and I should begin training for my upcoming 10 miler and triathlon.  Other than slacking on my cardio, I thought I could share a few other Thursday night Confessions.

1.  The BOY and I would NOT get out of bed this morning.  I had thought about going to the gym, but when I woke up to HUGE storms, I decided to reset my alarm.  And then reset it again.  The BOY was on board and said to me ‘What is the latest time that we can sleep to and still get to work today?’.  We pushed the boundaries of time, slept in again, and then rushed to get out the door and to work on time.  Cooper was majorly confused and couldn’t figure out exactly when his breakfast would be coming.


2.  Speaking of Cooper…I have taken paparazzi style pictures of him this week.  He has been SO funny!  Climbing into a cabinet while we were watching a movie and spying on us, chirping at the birds (I actually got video of this), cuddling…all of his usual antics that I still find so adorable.

IMG_20150407_214852762 IMG_20150408_074701

IMG_20150408_210416645 IMG_20150408_210426232

3.  I get totally bummed when I come home to a quiet night by myself, and there are no Castle reruns on.  Who watches the NBA?


4. I finally crawled out from under the Podcast rock.  I have a few that I like (ranging from girl talk to yoga love) and went in search of some interesting health and wellness casts.  My first one was hugely unsuccessful.  I expected to learn about necessary supplements but instead got advertisements for a big company.  Any suggestions?


5. Sometimes, although not often enough, I like to drink red wine out of huge wine glasses on weeknights like Olivia Pope.


6. This past weekend, I was at my parents and found our old GameBoy.  Yes kids…this is the original!  It was bigger than I expected but it also worked.  I played the first level of Dr. Mario before passing it off.


7. My head light is still out and I haven’t gotten it fixed : (


7. We needed to update my photo for the work website, which turned into a hilarious photo shoot, including this totally fake, super serious shot.  Do you almost believe that I work in front of a computer?  Yay right…you know me too well!


8. I should be doing paperwork right now!!!


What is your Thursday confession?

Cardio vs Strength?

8 thoughts on “Confessions of an X Cardio Queen

  1. I was supposed to go to a HIIT class last night and I just couldn’t face it. I ate dark (rainforest chocolate) and had a glass of wine ( I got some really cool Small ones at Goodwill so I don’t feel like I’m not getting a full glass 😉 ). I don’t feel as energized this am but I did sleep ok.

    • Oh man! The exercise vs wine debate is constant in this house. And dark chocolate is a must. Some mornings I feel awesome after exercise and others I feel awesome after wine. Now that we have a TJ’s I am all stocked up on red wine and chocolate : )

  2. Love the sleeping in confession. That happens with us far too often with us!!
    I like both cardio and strength!! I just brought strength back into my routine last year. I think that it helps so much with injury prevention and imbalances!!
    Are you kidding me with that GameBoy?? I wonder where my old one is. I liked the bugs bunny game. I barely remember it but it was fun!! 🙂

    • Too funny! We had a bugs bunny castle game that was our FAVORITE too! I agree! Strength training helps make me a stronger runner and hopefully keeps me more balanced! Add in some flexibility with yoga and I’m almost well rounded : )

  3. I’m all about podcasts! My go to is Radiolab, but I also love TED Radio Hour, Love + Radio, Invisibilia, The School of Greatness, and Death, Sex and Money 🙂

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