Weekend. Family. Photos. Food.

My long weekend was  HUGE success!

Friday started with a tough strength session (I’m still sore).  Then, I did some wedding stuff with my number one assistant, my mom…followed by dinner and NY vs NY baseball with my dad.  I was in bed pretty early cuddled up with Cooper while the BOY stayed out playing poker.


Saturday morning I woke up to grey skies and rain.  I thought about a run but instead settled into the couch with breakfast and tea.  I spent the morning with Law&Order reruns researching some wedding invitations.  There are so many cute options!  The BOY slept in and Cooper I enjoyed a quiet (although wet) start to the day.  Around noon, I convinced the BOY that we needed to do a Costco run.  A big mistake on my part as it ended up costing me more money with all of the stuff he threw into the cart (ie new fancy toothbrushes).


On the way home, we met my brother and SIL at our favorite Mediterranean place to take in lunch.  They were visiting the burbs for a wedding so we offered them a place to stay.  They left for their wedding and the BOY and I hit up my gym for a tennis date.


We are trying to get back to playing weekly and although neither one of us is very good (as evidenced by the child tennis prodigy playing two courts over), we always have a lot of fun with it!  We stopped by the store on our way home and then got cozy for the night.  There were sports to watch (Bulls and Blackhawks) and the BOY made dinner while I started working on our weekly meal plan.


Cooper struggled to stay awake and I wasn’t sure I’d make it until our guests came home.  But they didn’t stay out too late and so when they got back, there was plenty of time for wine, cigars, and a  2am cheese plate.


Sunday morning is best when brunch is involved.  The BOY and I made TJ’s cinnamon bread, bacon, eggs, and fruit.  We hung out a bit eating our breakfast al fresco enjoying the sunshine after yesterday’s yucky day. 


I had to eat and run to an 11:45am coffee date with a friend of mine, who I dragged along to the gong meditation.  It turned out that she wasn’t able to do the gong due to her schedule but was able to take another class at the studio. 


All week, people were asking what I had going on this week and I got mixed facial expressions and comments when I told them I was headed to another hot yoga and gong meditation.


What can I say…I love the gong! 


This morning’s session did not disappoint.  I left feeling incredibly refreshed, reenergized, and cleansed.   I had one last stop at the grocery store where I treated myself to a green smoothie while I shopped.  I really wanted to bake/cook at least one thing this week.  And I’m prepping for next month’s goal of eating more whole foods.


When I came home, I found the BOY and Cooper resting where I left them (we stayed up way too late last night).


I unpacked my groceries and got busy whipping up some Zucchini Bread.  With the windows opened, it really felt like spring and perfect time for a delicious spring bread.  I tried a new recipe and although the dough looked a little thick and sticky, my mini breads turned out beautiful!



The BOY and I are settling in for a quiet Sunday night movie.  I’ve had the most amazing day and a fun weekend and I can’t wait for one more day of the weekend to come!


Meal Plan 4/26/15 (might go something like this)

Sunday: Tilapia Asian Salad

Monday: Crockpot Turkey Sloppy Joes (new recipe)

Tuesday: Grilled Pork and Veggies

Wednesday: TBD

Thursday: Premade Costco dinner that the BOY picked out


Here are a few of my other favorite quick bread recipes!

Banana Strawberry Bread

Blueberry Muffin Bread

Cinnamon Apple Raisin Bread

Coconut Ginger Zucchini Bread

Paleo Zucchini Almond Butter Bread

Zucchini Pineapple Bread

I Can’t Have a Cooking Show if I Don’t Cook

Which is why I need to get into the kitchen this weekend.  Unlike last weekend, it is a nice long one!  A well needed, nice, long weekend!

I also had plans to get in a long run and play tennis, but the weather had other ideas.

Anyhoo, the BOY and I survived the week with little to no fresh food in the house. How?  He ordered Thai one night…I got Mediterranean another, plus we did have to do a Jewel run for a few staples.


Since I wasn’t cooking, what was I doing all week?

Working:  Need I say more?

Having Dinner with my Dad: We had a Friday night walk and dinner date.

Loving on THIS Guy: That adorable face gets me every time!


Getting into my Workout Groove: Monday morning yoga, Tuesday morning run, Thursday morning spin, Friday morning strength…

Stressing About our Comforter: Apparently just because you register, doesn’t mean the store will keep what you love.

Drinking Wine and Watching Scandal: Wine from a big glass…just like Olivia!


Living on Caffeine: How many Dunkin’ runs does one girl need?  I had a picture to insert but the dark circles under my eyes were WAY too embarrassing.

Wedding Stuff: Always much to do and decisions to make!

Posting #tbt Pictures: Remember when we got engaged just a few months ago???


Having a Quiet Friday Night Alone Night: I don’t know the last time I had a quiet night at home…I love it!


Have you been cooking or doing other stuff this week?

Hoping to have some new recipes coming soon…

Not a Moment to Spare

I jammed so much into this past weekend that there wasn’t a moment to spare…like I haven’t even been to the grocery store and we have no food.  Now, to be fair, the weekend was really short!  I worked Saturday morning, which as always, was SUPER fun!


We did a superhero theme for the littlest ones, which they loved. We were the Super Yogi’s spreading peace to everyone (plus fighting off some bad guys with punches…their idea and peace signs…my idea).  Then it was on to the seesaw hamstring stretch for my older group followed by some amazing acro yoga with the last crew.  After yoga, I raced home to eat a quick lunch and await the arrival of my family for our fun, family tennis date.


It all started because my dad has been interested in getting back into tennis.  The BOY and I haven’t played since last summer and although we are rusty, we were exited to get back on the court this spring.  Since my brother was out visiting my parents, he tagged along too allowing us to play doubles.  We are all equally bad at tennis, but good enough to keep a game going.  We played for 2 hours, knowing we’d probably all be sore the next day, while my mom went for a walk and took pictures.


From the tennis courts, we went to the last of the three stores where we are registering for pots, pans, and fingers crossed some gorgeous Le Creuset pieces.  On the way home, we swung by the Jewel to pick up dinner.  Saturday night, we BBQed and my brother came to hang out with us.


I was up early Sunday morning because my mom came to get me for another trip to the salt spa.  We started with a stretch and meditation class.  Recently, I have been reading and listening to podcasts about meditation and was excited to give it a go.


We followed that with 45 minutes in the salt cave…see our attempt at a salt cave selfie!  And then lunch and a little bit of shopping, where we of course picked up some Himalayan salt.


I got back home just in time to have a quick snack and get myself organized for trip number 2 to Bed Bath and Beyond for more gun shooting fun.  I should admit that the BOY and I are NOT gun shy.  We register for a whole lot of everything, and then I have to come home and organize things online.


Last night, we closed down the bed bath and beyond and were way too tired to do the planned upon grocery store shopping.  Instead, we swung by Chipotle and arrived back home around 8pm with enough time for me to fold a little laundry, tame our online registries, and cuddle with Cooper.  Prior to realizing how nuts the weekend was going to be, I had plans to bring ya’ll some recipes this weekend.  Instead, I prepared some Overnight Quinoa in a Jar (basically overnight oats with quinoa instead of oats) and crashed into bed.


This morning, I started my week off early with a 6am hot yoga class. 



When I got home, Cooper dove right into the fridge in search of my oats (he LOVES almond butter).

IMG_20150419_222104021 IMG_20150420_074546411 IMG_20150420_074646326

And then tried to eat my breakfast before I could scarf it down.  Ugh!  Then I left the BOY and Cooper back home and headed off to work.  I am working Monday this week instead of Friday (hence the super short weekend and lack of food in our fridge).  The BOY ordered Thai for dinner tonight…which was his idea of cooking dinner : )  Luckily, there will be enough leftover for me to take for lunch tomorrow since I’m exhausted and heading to bed.

Looking forward to next weekend with (hopefully) a few extra moments to spare!


What did you pack into your weekend?

What do you do when you don’t go to the grocery store?

Lazy Bones Finally Got Her Butt out of Bed {and went for a run}

TRUTH: I wrote this post title last night in hopes that I would be too embarrassed to erase it.

FACT: It was this trick, but more so the gorgeous 70 degree weather that I’ve been watching through the windows at work that actually encouraged me to toss off my blanket and lace up my sneakers.

ACTUALLY: It was drizzling when I hit the road and although I was a bit chilly, I warmed quickly and loved every physical and mental benefit from this morning’s run.


DEFINITE: I also loved the post run kisses I received from Cooper.

IN TRUTH: He was probably just licking my salty sweat.

IMG_20150416_072659962 IMG_20150416_072725546

FACTOID: Cooper is a much better stretcher than I am.

CERTAINLY: Can’t wait to get running again!


Tell me a FACT…

Fun! Fun! Fun!

We had the most amazing weekend with 3 full days of FUN!

Saturday morning, I taught 3 kids yoga classes at work.  All of the kids came in with tons of energy (I blame the fresh spring air).  For the youngsters, we did a circus and they loved it!  We tamed lions, walked the tightrope, created silly clown faces, and danced to circus music.


The other two classes (of older and then older kids) were full of balance, flexibility, and laughter!  With an extended final relaxation to calm that hyped up energy, which they really enjoyed.

IMG_20150411_120817521 IMG_20150411_115356680

Saturday afternoon was gorgeous.  The BOY and I got ready to host Friendsgiving in April.  And then spent the night with some of our closest friends!


Sunday, we had a wonderful meeting with the rabbi who is going to marry us.  We just past the 6 month point…OMG!  Afterwards, I swung by the library to pick up a few CDs for yoga music.  It’s been fun creating new playlists to go with each week’s class.  The BOY and I then took a well deserved nap with Cooper between my legs under the blanket the entire time.  When I woke up, I thought about going for a walk but the sky looked gray and instead spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing.


Monday morning was GO time at the gym!  My trainer too me through some tough strength and tabata moves that left me extra sweaty (and sore).


I scooped up the BOY for lunch (at Naf Naf) and THEN…


We finally did the thing that I have been dreaming about since I was a little girl (no not a fairy tale wedding or a big poofy white dress)…holding the registration gun!!!


I waited so long and patiently to one day have this amazing device in my hand the day was finally here.  Two stores later, the BOY and I are well on our way to a full fledged registry (but don’t look yet because we have not decided on a few pieces).

IMG_20150413_143815993_HDR IMG_20150413_143834179_HDR

We got home as the sun was setting and the BOY walked in the front door and out the back door to fix up dinner on the grill.  We were both exhausted!  Who knew scanning could be so tiring : )  At the end of the day, the BOY looks at me seriously and states, “I’m surprised that I had so many opinions today.”  To which I replied, “I’m surprised that you’re surprised!”  He’s had opinions about everything since the day we met.  He asked how I felt about it and I explained how much more fun the day was knowing that we were picking out the realistic and silly stuff that would be in our home together!


Any thoughts or tips on registering? 

Did you have a fun weekend?

Friendsgiving in April

When I was in college, my roommates and I decided to do a Thanksgiving in March celebration.  Now mind you…only one of us (not me…the fact that I cook still surprises some of my college friends) knew how to cook a thing and the rest of us were easily able to provide some sort of prepackaged food which was enjoyed in our stretchiest pants.  I know that somewhere I have a picture of us all proud and enjoying this dinner but I can’t find it anywhere.  You’ll have to settle with this college Hanukkah celebration photo instead : )


Fast forward many, many years to the BOY and I hosting our first Thanksgiving.  When all was done and the BOY’s first turkey devoured and raved about, he looked at me and said ‘This is fun…why do we only do this one time every year?’.  Not wanting to wait, we decided to invite our friends over for a Friendsgiving in March celebration that due to busy spring schedules was rescheduled to last night.


The BOY made turkey and I did a simple cheese plate appetizer.  Everyone arrived with arms full of delicious Thanksgiving classics.


The weather was gorgeous and so we got to enjoy being outside for the first time in a long time!


When it came time for dinner, the BOY pulled his beautiful turkey off the grill, and everyone heated up their colorful sides.  We, of course, took a moment to say what we were thankful for before diving RIGHT in.



We had pie for dessert and the entire evening was really fun and a huge success!  I’d say a new tradition was born…

Confessions of an X Cardio Queen


I am a total self proclaimed cardio queen, yet recently, it seems that my interests have shifted.  It could be that I exercise more often indoors over the winter (and don’t love the treadmill) or that I have big goals for awesome arms before my wedding, but this cardio queen has been doing WAY more strength training than swim/bike/running.  Now, that will all change soon…as running is in my blood and I should begin training for my upcoming 10 miler and triathlon.  Other than slacking on my cardio, I thought I could share a few other Thursday night Confessions.

1.  The BOY and I would NOT get out of bed this morning.  I had thought about going to the gym, but when I woke up to HUGE storms, I decided to reset my alarm.  And then reset it again.  The BOY was on board and said to me ‘What is the latest time that we can sleep to and still get to work today?’.  We pushed the boundaries of time, slept in again, and then rushed to get out the door and to work on time.  Cooper was majorly confused and couldn’t figure out exactly when his breakfast would be coming.


2.  Speaking of Cooper…I have taken paparazzi style pictures of him this week.  He has been SO funny!  Climbing into a cabinet while we were watching a movie and spying on us, chirping at the birds (I actually got video of this), cuddling…all of his usual antics that I still find so adorable.

IMG_20150407_214852762 IMG_20150408_074701

IMG_20150408_210416645 IMG_20150408_210426232

3.  I get totally bummed when I come home to a quiet night by myself, and there are no Castle reruns on.  Who watches the NBA?


4. I finally crawled out from under the Podcast rock.  I have a few that I like (ranging from girl talk to yoga love) and went in search of some interesting health and wellness casts.  My first one was hugely unsuccessful.  I expected to learn about necessary supplements but instead got advertisements for a big company.  Any suggestions?


5. Sometimes, although not often enough, I like to drink red wine out of huge wine glasses on weeknights like Olivia Pope.


6. This past weekend, I was at my parents and found our old GameBoy.  Yes kids…this is the original!  It was bigger than I expected but it also worked.  I played the first level of Dr. Mario before passing it off.


7. My head light is still out and I haven’t gotten it fixed : (


7. We needed to update my photo for the work website, which turned into a hilarious photo shoot, including this totally fake, super serious shot.  Do you almost believe that I work in front of a computer?  Yay right…you know me too well!


8. I should be doing paperwork right now!!!


What is your Thursday confession?

Cardio vs Strength?

Monday Motivation and Meals

Good Day Monday!

I slept many, many hours last night and I think I could have slept longer if the BOY and Cooper weren’t so eager to cuddle : )  Breakfast is usually the toughest meal for me during Passover because I am used to toast and oats.  Luckily, the TJ’s finally opened near by and I scooped up some of their frozen quinoa with Passover in mind.  This morning, I revisited an old favorite breakfast…


Hot Banana Breakfast Quinoa


After breakfast, I was off to the gym for an intense strength session (my poor arms are too sore to type…ha ha!) and then ran a few errands at the Costco and grocery store, plus dropping off 4 huge bags of clothes at the Goodwill after yesterday’s cleaning.


Some Gym Motivation

Then I spent the rest of the afternoon doing paperwork and watching TV.  You know I love a day to catch up on Scandal and emails!  And snacking on some delicious cheese and nuts.  Now I am mostly just trying to stay up late enough to watch the Wisconsin game tonight.  The BOY and I are both dressed in our red Wisco shirts ready to cheer on the Big Ten.  I just hope I can stay up late enough to see the entire game!


I didn’t really plan for as much baking/cooking as I thought this week but will rely on the BOY and his grill…hey, there are worse problems to have : )

Good Night!


Meal Planning 4/06/15

Monday: Grilled Chicken and Veggies (hooray the grill is back!)

Tuesday: Steak and Salmon Night

Wednesday: Burgers (sans buns)

Thursday: Matzah Pizza


What are you eating this week?

This Week’s Highlights

Hi All!  Hope you had a wonderful Passover/Easter weekend!

I’m sure you thought I forgot about you, but I have returned to tell you that is not the case.  Quite the opposite!  I’ve had a week with plenty to tell you about.  Now, I just have to remember all of it.

Highlights of the Week

Monday: Lunch and shopping with friends that I don’t get to see too often and fantastic new Lulu pants.

Tuesday: Early morning outside run on the path (my first one this year!), where I got into a face off with a deer (that I thought might be a coyote) on my way back home.  Bonus…running in my new Brooks that I found at Nordstrom Rack on SALE.


Wednesday: A glorious 6am yoga class followed by the busiest work day ever causing me to fall asleep before dinner.

Thursday: Sleeping in!

Friday: Another amazing 6am yoga class and the start of Passover.


Saturday: A really fun morning of kids yoga, followed by cooking some of my Passover favorites (Fruit Compote and Matzah Toffee).  Then dinner at my parents and some final four action.


Sunday: Back to the yoga studio for a packed 10am Easter class (<—can you find me in the picture?).  Then back home for a HUGE day of spring cleaning…closets, kitchen, grill…you name it, we cleaned it today!  Then, hung out back with our neighbors soaking in the sunshine and sharing some of the first grilled meat of the season.  The BOY and I came back inside to eat dinner and watch a movie.

We were happy that Cooper came to join us for the movie since today is his 2nd birthday.  We had a special 15 minute birthday cuddle this morning and have been singing to him all day. 

IMG_20150403_222629299 IMG_20150328_073444

IMG_20150329_093706897 IMG_20150404_154546222

Cooper has spent this past week getting into everything (much like a 2 year old toddler).  I don’t think there was a cabinet that he didn’t hang out in this week.  His new favorite is breaking into my pots and pans!

I’m hoping to have a Passover friendly meal plan set up for tomorrow and another day to clean, grocery shop, and do some wedding stuff before getting  back into the work week.


What was the highlight of your week?