Mornings Called…They Want Their Workouts Back

I go through phases with my AM wake up call.  Sometimes, I am a snooze monster staying in bed until the last possible minute.  And then other times, I get myself into the groove of early bed times and early morning workouts.  I struggle to get into the routine but once I am there, I feel good and I like it!  Last week was transition week, and this week was GO week.  Since I spent Sunday morning at the salt cave, I didn’t get in a workout.  I was eager to get in some exercise Monday morning before my doctor’s appointment, and I’ve been craving a yoga class.  Especially since kids yoga begins this upcoming weekend!


I was already dressed and ready to go when I realized that the weather people were actually right, and we got some serious snow.  It was still snowing on my sloppy drive to the yoga studio, but I was rewarded with a fabulous wall yoga class.   The most exciting part was attempting this variation of side plank with our bottom foot on the wall.  I am not sure what I looked like (although I am confident it was not as graceful as this), but I LOVED the unique and awesome challenge!



Wall yoga is always a special treat, and my muscles were shaking by the time I relaxed into ‘feet up the wall’ pose.  Post yoga, I sipped on bubbly coconut water.  They were sampling it at Costco this past weekend, and I am a sucker for samples.


The rest of the morning was a snow filled mess!  But the highlight was a lunch date with my BFF.


Tuesday morning, I was reunited with the gym…specifically the indoor track.  I have been holding onto my gym membership because it has an indoor pool and track, both of which are necessary for tri training, but really spending more time (and money) at the yoga studio.  I told myself if I don’t go to the gym, I will have to give up my membership.  So off I went for a short run (see below) and a few minutes of ab work.


30 Minute Speed Workout

5 minute warm up

30 second sprint/ 90 second recovery

Repeat 10 times

5 minute cool down


Wednesday it was back to the yoga studio.  My schedule has changed a bit for the next two months.  Because I am working Saturdays (aka teaching kids yoga), I get to go in later a few mornings (this means 9am instead of 7am).  Which really means…Wednesday pre work hot yoga!  Then Thursday…it was back to the gym to try out one of their 6am strength classes.  


The truth is that I love the Tues/Thurs am strength class (and the people) at the yoga studio but if I am going to keep my gym membership, then I have to use it.  I am always skeptical of park district classes, but was pleasantly surprised with the efficient and challenging class and the friendly instructor.  With all of these super early workouts, you know I’ve been crashing in bed early…often with this guy!


After this week, Friday morning is all about sleeping in. I tried to convince the BOY to go swim sit in the hot tub with me after work, but he wasn’t so interested.  We both ended up working late tonight, so dinner was Portillo’s, wine, and basketball.  We had a surprise guest.  My future SIL stopped by and had a glass of wine with us which was fun!  Yes…that is the mint chocolate cake shake in the picture below.  If you haven’t tried it, I HIGHLY recommend it!


We stayed up WAY to late watching basketball and although my abs are a bit sore when I move, laugh, or breathe, overall it was a GREAT week.  I am not planning to maintain this schedule, but was happy to 1) get back into the routine of early morning wake ups and workouts. and 2) try out a few new classes.  Both of which will help with tri training in the weeks to come!


Are you a morning or afternoon exerciser?

Tell me your thoughts on the chocolate cake shake!

6 thoughts on “Mornings Called…They Want Their Workouts Back

  1. Morning workouts rock. They make you so happy all day long 🙂 also that’s awesome that your park district classes don’t disappoint! I know a lot of people’s do.

    Portillo’s milkshakes!! Be still my heart 🙂

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