Run It…Run It…

Test Over…Training Begins!

Well kind of : )  End of May is my first race of the year…the annual Soldier Field 10 Miler.  One of my favorite races because I usually run it just for fun, we finish in the awesome Bears stadium, and it is the kick of summer weekend!  After that, I am hoping to get myself signed up for a summer triathlon.  I was not able to do a tri last year, and so I came into this year with the thought that once the test was over, my next goals would be signing up for a tri and starting to train.  My bike needs a little work before the ‘season’, but my running shoes are good to go.


The weather is starting to warm and so Tuesday morning, I hit the path for a short 30 minute pre work run.  It was windy, but I was thrilled to be outside running for the first time in…who knows how long!


Then I was off to work in more green gear for St. Patty’s Day.  I had plans to get in another good cardio workout Thursday morning.  But, I stayed up WAY too late finishing off season 1 of the Blacklist to get up and workout.  Should I be embarrassed to admit that?!  If you watch the show, you would totally understand and not judge me : )  Thursday night was all about March Madness (as was Friday night + some wine).  But, this morning I had a running date with my friend that was totally worth dragging myself out of bed for.


What better way to celebrate spring?!  We had much to catch up on and a triathlon to plan for!


Confession: After my run I had a chunk of time before my facial, so I ate a snack in my car and listened to Serial.  I know I’m the last to the Serial party, but I am diving right in.


At noon, I had the most amazing facial with my favorite esthetician.  My mom was scheduled after me again so the three of us had tea and cookies in between our appointments.


When I got home, it was family nap time. 


On a totally different (and random) note, did you see Cooper’s look alike in the Lowes Glow in the Dark Cat Hat TV commercial?

It makes me laugh every time. Is it possible that March Madness has better commercials than the Superbowl?

We have an exciting Saturday night at home planned (most likely with more wine and basketball) and now that we have worked out some of the triathlon details, real training will begin REAL SOON!


How is your Saturday going?

Are you watching March Madness?

11 thoughts on “Run It…Run It…

  1. Congrats on being done with the test. You will feel like you have so much more time now ;-). It’s been so nice to get back outside. Yesterday was a beautiful day for a run!

  2. What a relief that must be to be done with your test! Congrats! And, YES to a tri this summer! Can’t wait to hear which one! 🙂 I rarely watch sports on TV, but I’m loving March Madness!

    • There is something about March Madness that sucks me in every year! I love it even when my teams are out : ) I found an intermediate distance tri and two friends to train with. It’s in a tiny city in central IL but I think will be a lot of fun! Can’t wait to tri!

  3. I still have not tried Serial but I can already tell from everyone’s feedback that I am going to LOVE it! I’m just waiting for a good time to start it. And what a cute family nap picture!

    • Thanks Amy! It was odd to catch the moment on film but really funny for all of us to crawl into bed. I just finished this morning…it was a nice change to listen to in the car for sure! You’ll have to let me know what you think! I can’t wait for season 2!

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