Back to Life…

This past week’s motto was ‘Living on Dreams and Caffeine’ and it was one nutty week!


But now that studying is behind me, it’s time to get Back to Life!!!

What I’m Looking Forward To…

Day Drinking and Thai

That about sums up Saturday.


Exercise & Yoga

Kids yoga starts back soon.


A Little Pampering

I have a morning at the salt spa and a facial scheduled next weekend.



You know how you go from never hearing about something to having 3 people talk about it in 2 days?  That’s what happened with Serial.  I just needed a little help learning how to download podcasts.


Shopping & Returns

Super excited to use my 25% Athleta Friends and Family



Anything but a textbook!



Surprise! We had a wonderful belated party for my parents’ birthdays this morning.



Binge watch Scandal

I’m so behind…


OMG!  Wedding!

Need I say more?! There is much to do!


Green Beer and Soda Bread

Well actually just a Shamrock Shake : )




Hooray for sunny skies and melting snow!


March Madness

Indiana with a 10 spot. Woo hoo!


Catching Up with Cooper



It will feel amazing to wake up tomorrow and get back to my ‘normal’ routine!

What are you looking forward to this spring?

10 thoughts on “Back to Life…

  1. YAY!! Can’t believe your test is over!!! I can’t wait for you to listen to Serial!! You are going to be hooked! 🙂
    Sounds like you are going to have an amazing spring!!
    I am looking forward to starting my 12 week plan for my 70.3 tri! I am looking forward to warmer and longer days!! Lots of fun things!!!
    I want a green shake now!! 🙂

  2. Shamrock shakes totally beat green beer and soda bread! I’m not Irish so I definitely ere on the side of sweet shakes over things like corned beef and cabbage haha. I love March Madness! This time of year is electrifying!

  3. Awesome your finished your exam and all the studying that went with it! (I’m sure cooper is very happy, too!) Hope it went well!
    I’m so looking forward to lots of walks outside and then slowly getting back into fitness once I’m cleared for IT!

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