Five for Friday XXXI

1. It’s a full moon, and you know that means a whole lot of crazy!



2. The BOY finished most of these bars and they were so awesome that he is still talking about them. I love a recipe that is surprisingly simple and gets this much attention.



3. Cooper has been everywhere this week…

IMG_20150301_204938604_HDR IMG_20150303_073529358

IMG_20150303_075717047 IMG_20150303_080553372

And getting into everything.  The last picture was just after he nibbled on my knee because I kicked him off my note cards while I was studying.  You can see why I know the people at my local Starbucks by name!


4. I get so annoyed…but then I see him all cuddled up napping with his toy and all is forgiven. Who knew I was such a softie?!



5.  Don’t judge me because I don’t know Roman Numerals and please don’t judge me because this is how I spent my Friday night!



Can you tell when it’s a full moon?

How was your Friday night?  Wine and studying anyone?

8 thoughts on “Five for Friday XXXI

  1. No judgement at all! That’s how I spent many Friday nights in grad school! Maybe not with notecards, but definitely with a huge stack of scientific papers to read through! My dogs have been extra bonkers with the full moon. Lots of barking at people in the street and fuzzy critters in the back yard!

    • Ha Ha! Between work and home, the full moon has hit it hard! Ah, I have way too many notecards. Grad school was so long ago I am re learning how to study : ) The wine helps!

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