After the Storm, The Sun Shines


And we all go back to our usual routine…

Monday Morning: Sleep in, cuddle with kitten, sip lemon water, and meal plan for the week.


Make breakfast and throw in last load of laundry.

Clean off car and drive to the gym.

Sweat through 45 minutes of strength work, eat a snack, and head back to the barre for a 60 minute workout.


Eat snack number 2 on the way to Whole Foods for first of two grocery store trips.

Monday Afternoon: Lunch is leftover chili, followed by a luke warm shower (damn you pilot light), and trip number 2 to the grocery store…this time with the BOY.

Return home and throw dinner in the crockpot, debate on whether to study at home or at library.

BOY calls to have hot water heater fixed and we decide to study at home.


Brew up some iced tea and get comfortable at the kitchen table to study.

Get repeated kisses from Cooper followed by reminders that it is getting close to his dinner time.

Monday Evening: Still sitting at the table working through outlines with intermittent love from Cooper (who often likes to stop and sit on my book).


Checking on dinner and waiting for fix it man.  Bad news regarding the water heater leads to much sadness!

Dinner is ready and delicious, devoured while watching the newest Big Bang.

Before finally wrapping up my final outline of the night and settling in to unwind with my favorite evening Castle reruns…packing up lunches and gym bags (I hear they have warm water there) during commercials.

Eyes get heavy…time for bed.


Let the work week begin!



Meal Planning 2/02/15

Monday: Slow Cooker Chicken Parm Sandwiches

Tuesday: Steak and Salmon Night

Wednesday: Potato Bar Night

Thursday: Leftovers

Friday: TBD

4 thoughts on “After the Storm, The Sun Shines

  1. Cooper really likes to be in front the camera. He is so photogenic.
    I took a new class-piloxing. It was really fun and I have a friend who’s up for any crazy thing. It’s only on Monday am though so I won’t be able to take it unless I have one off.
    I shoveled out a path for Dogma and he decided it was an invite to play. Hard to play in the snow with a large strong dog who thinks ending up in a snow bank is the best fun!

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