Double Computer Bag Day

You know it’s a crazy day when you return home with two full computer bags weighing you down (amongst other things in your arms).   Which is exactly how yesterday ended. My day didn’t begin as planned…instead of snoozing my early morning alarm, I changed it to two hours later and fell back into a glorious sleep.


The rest of the day looked a little like this…work, after school yoga program at elementary school, work, library, home for dinner, wine, and a little paper work, crash into bed with Cooper.


This morning, I knew I couldn’t skip my work out (having already used the ‘I’m too tired’ excuse yesterday), so I was up and out the door before the sun was  present in the sky.  My big plan was to attend the 6am yoga class and then go home shower and work until around 11am when it was time to leave for our tasting.  Everything went mostly to plan, minus a few minutes of internet shopping and Instagram viewing during the allotted ‘study’ time.


Then, the BOY and I had the excitement of tasting possible wedding food and desert with our families.  They set up the table fancy like wedding day and we got to try…well that part is surprise…you’ll have to wait and see!

Spending Friday night (eating tasting leftovers) catching up on the DVR and prepping for tomorrow’s yoga classes (the last in this series).  What a much better way to end the day then lugging around double laptop bags : )


How did your week end?

6 thoughts on “Double Computer Bag Day

  1. We had a library full of Kindergarteners yesterday and someone described the sound as a buzz. It was chaos at times ;-).
    Friday nights I do a body pump class ( I start it off by walking the track to warm up). It’s a really fun class and group who all complain and groan appropriately for a Friday night. It usually sets me up for a good run Sat morning.

    • Have a great run today! I miss Saturday morning runs but this is my last day teaching yoga for while so they may be back soon : ) Kindergartners definitely have a BUZZ! Teaching them yoga is funny!

  2. That just makes me laugh. I can paint a picture in my mind. They. Are so flexible and clueless at the same time!!

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