Since We Last Spoke…

I got to catch up with my old coworkers at a continuing ed course and even bumped into a student of mine from 4 years ago.  Man, I am getting to me an old timer in this profession : )

The BOY and Cooper spent the day (while I was in class) building a fort.

IMAG0399 (1)

I am feeling almost back to my pre-cold self.

I’ve sent about 100 emails in an attempt to get my life back in order.

Indiana won their basketball game against Maryland!


I went to the dentist.  No cavities!

I taught three yoga classes.


I planned next week’s yoga classes.

I went back to the the library…it’s so hard for me to be here and not reading and checking  out every book.


I drank gingerbread tea.

It snowed (just  bit).


I met my mom and a friend at hot yoga.

Then did post yoga lunch with my friend at Protein Bar.

Followed by an almond milk berry smoothie.


I finally made it to Sunday!

4 thoughts on “Since We Last Spoke…

  1. Oh my gosh I’m going to the dentist this Friday for the first time in a long time and I’m so nervous I’m going to have cavities! It’s been a bit since I last went……..fingers crossed! That smoothie looks killer

    • It was soo easy and soo good. Thank goodness for frozen fruit stashed in the freezer : ) Good luck at the dentist. It’s always the pits when I have cavities which is more often than I should probably admit on this blog!

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